Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Obama's using Benghazi to distract fro Benghazi

The right has been calling everything Obama does a distraction from the scandals. Indeed, rather than attacking Obamacare or the economy, the new GOP strategy seems to be scandalmongering.

The distraction narrative is how they attempt to discredit any Obama administration accomplishments. Benghazi and the IRS are the scandals of choice. So when some terrorist involved with the Benghazi attacks was captured, Freepers know they have to be extra strident, but don't have a lot to go on.

Pearls Before Swine finds the timing a convenient distraction from the VA and a Hillary Clinton interview:
How convenient—a milestone on the day when the IRS lost letters has been eclipsing the VA scandal and Hillary is being interviewed on FOX. It’s a laff-a-minute with this Administration.
TexasCajun thinks Obama is bringing up Benghazi to distract from all the real scandals, including Benghazi:
Timing is really suspect!

Just one of many I'm sure we keep tabs on.

Needed him now to distract from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Russia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Qatar, IRS, Benghazi, VA, Gitmo, US Invasion from Southern Border.
winner3000 thinks Obama is going to turn around and release this guy after only like 12 years.
What’s the point of capturing these people if he’s only going to turn around and release them like he did with the Taliban top 5 MVP’s?
Common Sense 101 assumes a clearly false liberal narrative, to better be smug about how clearly false it is.
Mastermind? Exactly why does a “spontaneous protest” require a mastermind?
Conservative Gato is loving the sarcasm, and is sure this stunt shows desperation.
Love all the sarcastic replies. It’s probably why he wasn’t brought in sooner because it would remind people that 0bama lied originally about Benghazi. They must be so desperate for a good bounce, they risked this but it appears it has backfired on them once again.
R_Kangel is sure this was all staged:
.... Obama is way too excited and giddy about this event. That’s one of many reasons I believed this is a staged event. In fact this guy was actually interviewed by CNN last year in a coffee shop in Benghazi. They have had eyeballs on him probably since the event itself. Yet they picked NOW ... when the Prez is being backed into just about every political corner that presents itself. What a great time for yet another diversion to get the press of his back.
caligatrux doesn't get why Obama didn't kill this guy to keep the truth quiet.
I'm pretty surprised he wasn't found dead. How do they keep him quiet now?
Dr. Bogus Pachysandra only trusts Egyptian torturers:
I wish the Egyptians had grabbed him. They don’t like Hill and O, and would probably get the truth outa him, whereas we’ll be fed lies.
dforest knows not to trust this guy:
They could have gotten this turd a long time ago. They held off until they needed a deflection from other problems they created. You watch, they will, in secret of course, offer this turd a deal if he says it was a video that caused Benghazi. This guy will get a get out of jail free pass in the next couple of years. He will get released on a Friday afternoon and we won’t hear about it until after the release. These Obama scum play the same games over and over. They do not care if they are lying because they know nobody will stop them.

Sorry if people are tired of hearing nobody will stop them, but it is a fact.


  1. "They held off until they needed a deflection from other problems they created."
    How is waiting two years to nab someone responsible for the Benghazi "scandal" politically advantageous in any way??

    1. You can point to it and say "Action is being taken. See, we are treating it serious." Bit like the VA scandal guy, Lois Lehner, and Sibelious getting forcibly canned. Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

      Sure, the timing could be coincidence. Takes time to hunt people down and I assume terrorists have as good a nose for a cop as your averagely successful drug dealer has.

      In other news - it's fucking hot here. The shower is something out of a porn nightclub, where you pull a chain and get most of the water in one burst. One shower for about 150 people, and the water tank is heated by the sun to very uncomfortable temperatures. The mechanics get a double shot of water, they are invariably covered in oil, dust and residue.

      If you leave a sealed bottle of water out it will eventually explode, which makes everyone out of range laugh. Though it is a dry country, there have been a few beer bottle injuries too - people will always smuggle in the three B's - booze, bacon and broads.

      There is a sign up sheet to go into the server truck - the only place with air conditioning. You get a 15 minute block to just lay on the floor and cool down to a relatively blissful 20 C.

      So far, so good. Three flights to pick up idiots who valued money over keeping breathing. Should charge them for their stupidity - my baby ain't cheap to fly. Shot at a few times, nothing major. We're working (officially) 18 hours on, 6 hours off, but can be rousted out of the bunks at any time if some of said idiots scream for help.

      In other words - having fun here! Internet connection is weird and monitored, but we can do it running through a bootleg proxy chain. At least that's what the tech guys tell me.

    2. "You can point to it and say "Action is being taken. See, we are treating it serious."
      Yeah, and if they had known about this guy for two years, they could have said the same thing - TWO YEARS ago - without having two years of dead-end politically motivated investigations. It's hard for me to see how that's any advantage, sitting on it for two years, if they already had him. I dunno. I just think that's really, really reaching for a conspiracy.

    3. With respect, there is "knowing" and there is "KNOWING."

      I don't rate it as much of a conspiracy - most of them you hear or read are ridiculously convoluted and this one is no different. I honestly think the guy were on the radar for a while and being checked out. Slipping into another nation and grabbing someone is not done lightly at the best of times. The timing is a co-incidence. They do happen with an appalling frequency.

      Remember - we are supposed to be the good guys here? Due process, etc, etc, and just shut up already and let us shoot them (as pretty much every active wants to scream at some point).

      Of course the Administration is going to spin it as effective and resolute leadership. Show me any one in the past century that has not. I can't think of one, and am reasonably well read.

    4. "Of course the Administration is going to spin it as effective and resolute leadership." Well, wouldn't you? As you said, show me one administration that has not announced its successes as such.

    5. Save it were not leadership. Two years - he should have been caught and sweated for what he knew within the month. I'm sitting with a bunch of guys that would have taken pleasure in that. Hell, I would have done it, though it is rarely what you might call pleasant.

      But, to borrow from the highly un - esteemed former SoS (she is really not popular around here, though Kerry is worse) - "What difference, at this point, does it make." His info is 2 years old. Hardly worth bothering him for it now, never mind slow boating him to the USA for trial.

      I'll never be a politician, but I do understand both tactics and strategy. I understand that the current executive branch has to spin it that way. Sometimes all you can do when you are in a corner and bleeding out is bluff.


    Amnesty for Romney supporters?

  3. Ozzy, this might be of interest:

    An unexpextedly reinstated freeper after 2 years.

    1. Unexpectedly. Anyway, should have read thru the comments. It IS interesting tho.

    2. And apparently Lazamataz has been banned.