Monday, June 30, 2014

Immigration paranoia forever!

Now this is interesting.

Freeper-types caterwauling has killed immigration reform during the remainder of Obama's term. But Freepers won't believe it - they can't let go of their fear. Like gun control before it, fighting against amnesty has become a permanent revolution.

rockinqsranch is not fooled:
I don’t believe it for one minute.
bfh333 - Bull squeeze!
Bull squeeze...

Amnesty will happen in the lame duck of 2014...

It is their last & best chance...
austinaero - Bull puckey!
Nahhh, bull puckey. King Obama will write a few more Exec Orders to further muddy up the situation. Valerie Jarrett isn’t going to let this die.
RKBA Democrat - Balderdash!
Balderdash. Their best and brightest hope is during the lame duck. Plan on it.
Bigg Red:
A bill? Valerie Jarrett don’t need no steenkin’ bill. Just go around congress and bring on the hordes of illegals. Two years from now, real Americans will be the minority.
Real Americans? You mean white Americans?

E. Pluribus Unum - America has already been imigrantized.
It doesn't matter any more.

Ubama conspired with Latin American leaders to overwhelm our southern border. He is bringing in thousands of illegals a day and dispersing them throughout the country.

These people are never going to leave. Anybody who suggests that they should will be demonized. SSDD.
FlingWingFlyer worries about La Raza violence.
I’ll bet Al Raza isn’t very happy to hear this. They were wanting a quick takeover BEFORE Barry left. Look for scorched earth this summer.
xzins - don't be lulled!
This is an effort to lull us to sleep.

The danger is the lame duck session. Boehner could easily forego the Hastert rule, line up 16 rinos and vote with democrats to send a comprehensive bill to the senate.

There is nothing I know of that can stop that other than some kind of procedural delay temporarily.
kabar knows the GOPe is working super hard.
Don’t believe the conventional wisdom. The GOPe is still working furiously behind the scenes to get something passed this year. They want more guest workers to satisfy the demands of their corporate paymasters.
kabar also lays out the evil of legal immigration.
And we continue to import 1.1 million LEGAL PERMANENT IMMIGRANTS ANNUALLY for the past 25 years. The status quo is a losing proposition for the GOP. Amnesty just hastens the process.


  1. You can't stop illegal immigration. I live on an island, FFS, and we still get plenty trafficked through. You can reduce it.

    Close the border a bit more. You have all sorts of military returning who haven't finished their hitches yet. Pay for them to stay on base, or get them to watch the border? Pretty no brainer.

    Any illegals you do catch - you give a courtesy flight to Mexico City. Then they are not your problem. Any land border has two sides and is the responsibility of both countries.

    Make legal immigration easier and cheaper. It's a bloody pain and costs thousands.

    For the so called DREAMERs - you can't blame a kid for the actions of their parents. Start them on the road to full citizenship after an honorable discharge or their 5th consecutive year of tax returns.

    Remove the concept of anchor babies. Your kid is your nationality, unless you are a legal immigrant (even if you have not yet completed all the hoops).

    It's not perfect, but it's more sense than either side is putting out now.

    1. Agreed, except for getting rid of the concept of anchor babies. To get rid of that, we'd have to repeal the 14th amendment which is where that concept comes from.

    2. We could use the FR favorite of natural born citizen. They do like their windmills. But lets skip that crap.

      Lets use a different test case - Take a woman, say from Somalia, traveling on a refugee permite de voyage. She's pregnant and gives birth on the Air France plane over international waters. What nationality is the baby? It was born in international airspace to a Somali woman traveling to the USA with paperwork to prove it on French sovereign territory (All aircraft are considered like embassies, as native ground of the flag nation). It can get confusing, fast.

      A simple hard and fast universal rule - you are your parent's nationality unless they are legally and actively changing nations - would clear up a lot of problems.

      The 14th were written when people were doing that and illegal immigration wasn't really a thing.

    3. "The 14th were written when people were doing that and illegal immigration wasn't really a thing."

      I hate this fucking tablet. No margin for a bad keystroke.

      The 14th were written when people were changing nationality and illegal immigration wasn't really a thing.

    4. It doesn't really matter why it was written. Thing is, we'll have to repeal it or get SCOTUS to say it doesn't say what it really says. Although, given today's decision, that might not be too difficult.

    5. Word mean what they mean. The problem is, the meanings change over a few generations.

      It's an odd problem. Look - I believe that every single person on the planet has the same rights (and duties) as codified in the Constitution or the UN Declaration of Human Rights. No geographical limits, no color limit, no sex or sexuality limit - it just is.

      Yet a country has the right to enforce it's borders and it's own laws. There are times I really wish I had worked smarter, not harder!

      On the usual front - I am a heavy Tom Petty fan:

    6. The thing is, there are unintended consequences of nearly everything. How were the drafters of the Second Amendment to know that people would think it meant Cletus and Bubba could have extended magazine guns with hollow point bullets? In this country, interpreting the Constitution is left up to the Supreme Court. So if they agree with you on the interpretation of the 14th Amendment, then the law changes. Until then, or until the 14th Amendment is repealed, there's nothing that can be done, as far as I know.

      Eh, Tom Petty isn't really my cup of tea. I found this a while back, though. It's a Eurobeat remix of a song from the 1980s My Little Pony series: The artist also remixed other FIM songs and has written his own songs:

    7. I really like America's birthright citizenship. It's inclusiveness is rare, has always been rare, and is part of our fabric.
      It has a price to pay, but honestly illegals are something propping our civilization up these days - they are the modern peasants, working for subsistence wages under the table.

      The way to solve the problem is to make sure everyone - documented or not - is working up to spec.

      But that's never going to happen, so any change will be at most cosmetic, if it happens.
      But it does provide some great political spectacle!

    8. "Make legal immigration easier and cheaper. It's a bloody pain and costs thousands." As far as I know, that's part of what immigration reform is all about. We have a mess going on here. Immigration reform is not amnesty. People would have to earn their way to stay here, and it would not be easy. They would have to be "above ground," pay taxes, work within the system, pay fines for having been here illegally, and then if they achieve all that, they get to stay. If I'm wrong, please correct me. The nativist assholes on FR would prefer to live in their fantasy world of rounding up everybody suspicious looking on boxcars, whether their 80 years old or three months old, and dropping them in the Sonora desert to die the death they deserve. Yeah, that plan isn't working. Let's bring people out of the shadows. At the very least, if we gave them a path to citizenship, it would give them something to lose and place them among law-abiding citizens, and would also punish the exploitative employers who brought them here (and keep bringing them here) in the first place.

    9. "whether THEY'RE"

    10. "As far as I know, that's part of what immigration reform is all about. We have a mess going on here. Immigration reform is not amnesty."

      It's an unholy mess. I know someone who had to fly to Australia to physically hand in a piece of paper. Why? She'd already been in the USA for nearly 3 years and could just as easily given it to her case worker (or whatever they are called now). Her husband had to take a week off work to care for their two kids. Not a pleasant thing for a younger couple, struggling to pay the bills.

      I agree that reform is NOT amnesty. The problem is the people in the shadows, and many of them are victims, not criminals. I mean, technically they are - they are in the USA illegally - but a lot of the time they are pawns to the people smugglers.

      Make it easier. Maybe follow the Canadian model? You get a confirmed job, get a green card and can enter the country. You get no benefits apart from heath care (which you are paying for) and education for your children (which you are also paying for).

      I honestly don't know the answers. The more you think about the problem, the worse it gets. But the crux of the matter is that the USA is, in the main, a nation of decent, caring people, and it is flat broke.

      My suggestion attempts to balance the two aspects - it's not perfect.

      I do have one other suggestion. Any illegal who commits a felony does their time and then is deported. That is current law, so enforce it. But tattoo them before they get deported. There are UV inks out there. Makes them easier to spot if they do re-enter. Harsh? Slightly, yep.

    11. I agree, it's a mess. But Republicans would rather sit in Congress with their thumbs up their asses, holding yet another useless hearing on Benghazi than actually do something about it. And then sue the president when he takes what limited action he can. What we're doing right here is more than Congress is doing.

    12. It's easy for us to decide what is right. We don't need to get elected! Plus we actually live in the real world, deal with real people and are (usually, and pleasantly surpriingly) tolerant enough to not just listen to each other, but think about what has been said with no worries about media or the inevitable wingnuts that both sides have. *shrug* What you gonna do?

      The problem is not that left and right disagree that something needs to be done - it isn't. It seems to me, right now that the Democrats want to bail out the basement, then fix the leak. The Repubs want to fix the leak first, then bail out the basement.

      What is really needed right now are more leaders on both side of the aisle like Reagan and Clinton. Charming pragmatists who could work across the aisle to get stuff actually done.

      And you know exactly what I think of Benghazi - not going to go there today :)

      When you playing next?

    13. the Democrats want to bail out the basement, then fix the leak. The Repubs want to fix the leak first, then bail out the basement.

      And big business has no interest in seeing the leak fixed or the basement bailed out at all.

      And you know exactly what I think of Benghazi

      All I'm saying is whatever your opinion on Benghazi, what more is yet another useless committee going to find when multiple other committees and investigations have failed to find any wrongdoing by the administration?

      When you playing next?

      Our next concert is scheduled for October 18th.

    14. Damn. I were hoping you had something going on for the weekend. It is the 4th and a good band is a good band. If you feel in the mood, play Taps about noon EST.

      Getting into big business and the political trolls (both parties) is one hell of a can of worms. That is a relationship that makes most of Caligula's look totally healthy,

      I'd be curious to see the numbers - who hires illegals and how big they are. Most of the really big businesses don't need unskilled workers, apart from agriculture and prostitution. Most of the numbers I have seen are guestimates from a few years ago.

    15. I haven't played in a band that does July 4th concerts since I played in the Lansing Concert Band, which my dad still plays in. Taps would sound kind of weird on a trombone.

      I'd like to know how much big business relies on illegal immigrants, too, but you know they'll never have to reveal that. They're the ones who have bought and paid for our government.