Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Potpouri

Sacajaweau on the Administration's assistance with the Taliban's operational minutia:
Did you know....

The Taliban opened an Office in Qatar last year.

Seems folks were having trouble contacting the Taliban.

Who in the Obama administration visited Qatar last.

What a set up. I'm inferring that the USA helped to set up this office.
Dr. Bogus Pachysandra heard about some Honduran illegals. Clearly, Obama flew them over here!
It’s over 2,000 miles from Honduras to Arizona. How are they getting here with Mexico’s tight Southern Border? Someone is paying the freight, and I think it’s us!
forgotten man is still really angry about the OJ trial.
When I hear that O.J. has died in prison, hopefully soon, I will be cheering and honking my horn just like the black people did when he was acquitted.
Maybe it's my good liberal upbringing, but I am continually surprised by the use of slut as a contentless insult for females, likeBigEdLB
Candy Crowley - Jabba the Slut
In my day, slut meant something!

newfreep wishes conservatives would yell about Communism more:
Monica Crowley just correctly stated “income equality” = communism in her debate with Kirsten Powers who attempted to mock Monica for speaking the truth.

I want to see more patriots on TV use the “C” word!!!
Democrat_media is standing up and writing brave things on the Internet!
this cretin OBama should resign, man up and take responsibility .but it doesn't cause it's a coward and a socialist monster

Barack Obama is the executive branch

where are our protests to call for this tyrant Obama’s resignation, from we the people ,from our so called conservative leaders like Rush, Levin, Savage , coulter , Palin etc? no where after a million scandals, the IRS , benghazi , VA etc etc.

I call for barack Obama’s resignation . who will join me in calling for this communist to step down NOW?
Logical me has an important announcement about how he's going to refer to Obama:
King Obama has just graduated to the added name “Terrorists" Hence he name is now communists black Muslim Terrorists because he is sympathetic to the terrorists.
TADSLOS invokes Cloward-Piven to blame Obama for all bad things worldwide:
Cloward-Piven doesn't have to be limited to domestic use. This is foreign policy cavitation by design. Team Obama are particularly skilled at it. Look at all the damage done by Obama abroad just over the past two years.


Obama is fast scrambling eggs on a global scale, in an attempt to re-shape the map the same way he's doing here domestically. Diplomacy doesn't matter, national security doesn't matter. What matters is changing America in his own image, laws and citizenry be damned. In fact, we should tag Obama's doctrine as the Cavitation Doctrine.
Man, when TheArizona founds out who deposed Saddam Hussein...
I’m beginning to think we need to make a Sadaam Hussein in test tube to restore order in Iraq and keep the Iranians in check.
heye2monn - you can only be conservative if you're also religious:
It’s very nice that George Will thinks positively of religion. A lot of people do. Big deal. Will writes some good columns but we need somebody who believes in God and will fight hard for life and marriage and the Bible.

Secularists like Will and Charles Krauthammer say they are “for religion” but then surrender on specific social issues - like gay marriage. Without God, you’re rootless.
Democrat_media - if you don't think the 1800s were awesome, you're a stupid socialist!
Back in the 19th century you couldn’t own property in some locales if you weren’t completely of the white race. That was a fact in Oregon.

My great-grandmother had always referred to herself as white, as did her whole family. They were listed on the census as white. She had been born in Tennessee.

Then her husband, who was from Massachusetts, divorced her in Ohio on the basis of her being colored (part Negro) and not white.

Go back to the 19th century? No.

you socialist, your 4 trillion $ per year government , rooms fulls of laws are NOT needed.

the individual is so small vs the gov so large and you socialists think that is fine: you have the IQ of plants
the anti-mahdi's God demands the Israelis get going on the genocide already:
I expect these boys will be found, dead or alive, and I also expect that Israel will exact a heavy toll in retribution.

You can see the tensions mounting, the springs, rubber bands, whatever metaphor you wish, and the Israelis will go “Roman” on Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, and it won’t be for “limited objectives” this time.

I think the Israelis have learned over the last almost 70 years that there are no limited objectives and that they can’t give back real estate to be left in peace.

They must understand by now that if the power balance were reversed there would be no Jew left living anywhere in Israel.

So, here’s to the Israelis—finally do what you were commanded to do by God and that you failed to obey. Kill everything, take no booty, slaughter all the animals, take no prisoners, wipe out the Baal worshippers forever (that would mean muslims who worship the same so-called “god” Allah, or as educated people would say, Satan).
DownInFlames is horrified at what he's reading about Obama on Free Republic:
Don’t forget, the Kenyan regime also tried to get 911 architect Khalid Sheik Mohammed freed. Remember the regimes fanatical insistence that KSM be tried in New York city as a US citizen with full constitutional rights? Because they knew damn well a Judge would have to throw out the case. This is a regime that has tried to free terrorists since day one, literally. His first day in office January 20th 2009, the very first thing he did was trying to close Gitmo. Above everything else, that was his #1 priority. What we got here is not a POTUS but and Islamic enemy agent, and Congress damn well knows it too but being the pussies they are they refuse to do anything about it.

Liz found a picture of Hillary Clinton smiling...very significant:
The mega-wealthy Clinton family have money pouring in from everywhere.

Hillary connivingly planned to campaign on "income inequality" .......running as a phony populist. Campaign strategists warned Hillary her "tone" is important.....(so she can better dupe the voters).

THANK YOU KELLY FILE Megyn ran a news clip of Hilly sing-songing "the cancer of inequality" a contrived sap-happy, chirpy voice, wearing a h-u-g-e phony grin.

Reminded me of the classic Willam Castle horror movie, "Mr Sardonicus," (whose face becomes frozen in a horrifying grin while robbing the coffin of his father's grave).

Hillary wears her perpetual 2016 game face.
huldah1776 has reached a conclusion about Obama and the VA:
so, not only a marxist Muslim, he is also a eugenicist willing to sacrifice the lives of those who need help for the greater good of the community he is organizing.
DManA is pretty happy Chelsea Clinton has grown up:
It’s about time we were able to make fun of this stupid little sh*t.
tomkat just strings together a bunch of racist slurs.
Thing is, with that communist muzi lawn jockey traitor in the WH, every day sounds like Friday.

Yet the mulatto bastard is still there, to our national disgrace and peril.


  1. I do enjoy when a freeper (like Democrat_media) gets all verbose and starts to pretend they're revolutionary statesmen.

    "Who of you will stand with me in hating Obama? Mount your scooters and rascals and let's ride!!!!"

    1. Ay - I am not exactly enamored with Obama right now. Or Kerry. I am on 12 hour notice to go get the fucking idiots that are still left in Iraq. I figure my wife may eventually speak to me again - in a couple of years.

      If it were up to me, they could bloody well walk out. Alas, it ain't up to me. I do rather resent the prospects of getting holes in me or my girl for their arrant hubris and stupidity though.

    2. Hope you don't get the call. Stay safe, brother.

    3. If you have time, let us know if you do have to ship out, EC. I daresay we've all become a bit attached to you around here.

    4. If I get chance, I will, though obviously not in much detail. It's a mess out there - far worse than any news outlet lets you see. Hoping the call doesn't come - but sort of hoping it does at the same time. I like flying.

      Been doing this for a long time - and the wife still has to re-pack my kit for me. It's her way of coping, I think. Still getting the silent treatment although she's feeding me my favorite dishes.


  2. Oh, wow. At first I thought that TheArizona was a Poe (based on that completely silly statement, even though Freepers are largely claiming that Bush was a liberal), but she seems to be a deeply disturbed individual: someone who admits that she's gay, yet thinks that homosexuality is evil. "Male homosexuals are unacceptable to associate with, female homosexuals are mostly bad but not as evil as gay men."

    As a homosexual myself the good sister is correct. A vast majority of homosexuals are not “born” that way. They are products of their environment. People should be more open minded and not be so quick to shut people up because they don’t like what they hear. It only proves how intolerant they really are, that includes homosexuals who are intolerant to deeply held beliefs by millions of people for thousands of years.

    Cool, so we should teach that women don't have souls, that the inferior races should be subjugated, and that Heliocentrism is Godless nonsense.

    Here is where she gives a statement of her views, which is outright lunacy. "Most people choose to be gay, I was actually born that way!"