Saturday, June 28, 2014

McDaniel's sour grapes

I keep vacillating about whether this new anti-GOP sentiment is going to be a thing, or whether it will have evaporated in the face of Obama's newest scandal by November.

But it is more of a thing than it has been in the past. Freepers are willing to go to their voter-fraud bunkers re: the Mississippi primary last week. I have not seen that for a primary before. Of course, part of it is that Tea Party candidate McDaniel is challenging the result and alleging fraud based on an unenforceable law. He's also claiming a delay to redact social security numbers on voter rolls means he's been BARRED from reviewing suspected FRAUDULENT VOTES!

But a lot of it is that Freeper's river of crazy has maxed out regarding liberals and is flooding it's own environs.

topher knows the only solution is for him to get everything he wants.
Drudge and FoxNews need to make this BREAKING NEWS.

I think the best thing Thad Cochran can do at this point is retire/resign and let McDaniel run as the GOP person.

It is the best thing for GOP unity.

And it will definitely P!$$ off Haley Barbour
Logical me blames Democrats for this GOP vs. Tea Party situation:
Another example that Democrats are communists and relish being a common criminal to get what they want.
Envisioning - "they" are performing fraud everywhere!
Really makes you wonder about Hussein's last election doesn't it??????

If this is what lengths they will got to for a state senator what were they willing to do for the ONE??????
NorthMountain found a thesaurus!
The execrable Thad Cochran has his poisonous fingerprints all over this.

NEVER vote for GOPe "RINOs". This is where such folly leads.

Thad Cochran delenda est.
KansasGirl is totally gonna not vote Republican this time, guys!
It is tyranny when you no longer have fair elections. The fact that the GOP wants to deny their own voters the selection of their candidate is all I need to know about the GOP. I’m done with them. It’s time for a 3rd party at the national level.
wardaddy: Mississippi - full of liberals.
Lafayette is Ole Miss locale

Lots a libs these days
MomwithHope counsels effort regardless of possible outcome:
If they have legal grounds to pursue this and have those votes thrown out they should take it to the max. Too much is a stake.
After years of Freepers demanding more restrictive voting requirements, Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America knows social security numbers are not to prevent fraud, they're to allow fraud!
The Secretary of State is a Cochran supporter. I can see redacting SSN, but not address. I further have to wonder why SSN is printed in the poll book in the first place. That seems to be risking ID theft. What is the function of SSN in the poll book?

Going in as a citizen has the same issue - the SoS is trying to prevent ID theft, and ordering no access to the poll books until they can be redacted of SSN and address information.

SSN ensures no access to poll books by Republicans trying to identify fraudulent votes.
a fool in paradise knows exactly what happened, and also has buzzwords!
Those “uninformed voters” know they voted once, but there was
“walking around money” being passed around to get them to the polls this time. Too hard to pass up the easy money.

Criminal conspiracy. Crimes. Fraud. Theft.
RandallFlagg is pithy, though light on specifics:
This BS must end.
I-ambush wants to imprison all the "illegal" voters.
I think if you are caught and proven as an illegal voter your voting privileges should be either removed or suspended for the next election.

How about removing their walking around priveleges?
cherokee1 wants reeducation camps.
WRONG: we don’t have room for dumbass uninformed voters. Illegal voting cannot be excused and needs to be prosecuted. Illegal voters at a minimum should get to attend a re-education camp.
Viennacon wants some violence:
SeaHawkFanv recalls some nice electoral violence of yesteryear
Need to get a few hundred armed citizens in order to chnge the minds of the election officials.

The Battle of Athens: The sequel.
It's not violence, but according to RitaOK and Newsmax:
May be up already on FR, but DRUDGE has a newsmax story up above in the headlines that about 50 militia have formed a human chain blockade at Laredo. If not up, needs to be. I can’t post articles. Thx, Rita


  1. If anyone has a crate of leftover SoreLoserman bumper stickers from 2000, I'd like to donate them to Free Republic.

  2. jsanders2001 Galtin' Roark all over the place about how he's singlehandedly supporting 'those' people.
    > Looks like she certainly had money for lots of food and a few tattoos on that bodacious body.

    I’d be curious to know how much she puts taxpayers on the hook for annually but that’d be racist... for me to want to know given that I work my fingers to the bone 50 - 60 hours a week to support her so she can sit on her fat a$$ and watch TV while collectng freebies for her and her chill’uns

    14 posted on 6/29/2014 8:04:16 AM by jsanders2001

    1. I guess racism gets votes, I guess it's that simple. The GOP has been whipping that mule since I was kid in the 1960's. Johnny Cash went to the White House and Nixon asked him to play a song called "Welfare Cadillac" (this is a true story). Cash said no.

      But good for the GOP. They found a tool that works for them. Racism.

    2. I've liked Johnny Cash my whole life, but now I like hin 1000x even more. I was too young to know about his meeting with Nixon, so I looked it up. Respect.

  3. I guess they're willing to forgive Rush Limbaugh for "Operation Chaos" now, right?

    1. You'd be wrong. It's only dirty when Sarah Palin says it's dirty. Frankly, they just like hearing Sarah Palin say the word "dirty," because they're constantly throbbing for her.

  4. Freepers discussing poverty in America -

    "Plus, it is illegal to turn them down for a car loan that they are never going to pay back.
    That's why you see so many of them driving around in A BRAND NEW CAR! (A little Price-is-Right lingo there.)"

    E. Pluribus Unum

    "We see some “hard poverty” out here in the rural area I live in, where some people still have outhouses, no air conditioners, and hunt for food. You don’t hear a lot of them with the same complaints as the inner city poor.

    The inner city grab bag of entitlements passes for poverty in the city would probably be as foreign to them as Martians landing in their front yard."

    by judicial meanz

    "I live in a rural area-we see outhouses and sometimes even no running water here, too. Most people out here don’t have some stuff listed-like dishwashers, central air/heat-and plenty of us call a place home that city folks call basic shelter. Any extra money gets spent on necessities, then on accommodations/food for the income-producing livestock. Locally produced veggies, meat, chicken, eggs-and hunting is common. Not too many fat people out here, either-people work, and don’t whine like the city 'poor'..."

    by Texan5

    1. Yeah, that's great. People in cities can't have livestock and outhouses. It's not allowed. Kinda like Cliven Bundy can have livestock running all over public land out west and then disparage people who are warehoused in cities for not having lots of "free" water and land to make a living.

  5. Jesus Christ, the Freepers are beating the shit out of the Pope.

    Pope says communists are closet Christians

    1. Fairly new to FR? Catholic bashing and especially Pope bashing is an old sport there. Not quite as encouraged as Mormon bashing, but tolerated by the PTB.

    2. EC, our favorite fiction writer! How are things at the Bat Cave?

  6. What the crap? Freeper calls other Freeper's family retards. spotlight on Viennacon time?

    Post 19