Monday, June 16, 2014

Las Vegas Police Shooters

Man, this one catches Freepers center-mass.

It was bound to happen some time. Two police shooters in Las Vegas seem to be sovereign citizen-types, white and libertarian and all Gaddsen Flag. So they're increasingly irrational drive to make every single killer ever a liberal of some sort goes from stretching to breaking the rules of reality.

jsanders2001 jumps straight to false flag"
Probably are anti-gunners and shot the officers to further the cause...
Ray76 - Neo-Nazi socialist meth-heads
Neo-Nazi socialist meth-heads....

Look for this story to get buried.
Swastikas were involved, though possibly as a statement about the police. muir_redwoods knows this means socialism:
I’m not calling the neo-nazis socialists; I’m calling the socialists nazis.
12th_Monkey thinks the existence of multiple news stories at once is a conspiracy:
Illegals pouring over the border, 5 killers released from gitmo and now a shooting killing cops where the bodies were covered by a flag seen at Tea Part rallies.....

SMARTY knows this is an Occupy thing, because kids these days are losers:
There’s a whole sub-culture of these disaffected, OWS type losers whose life style is encouraged and subsidized by decades of unworkable, BS Liberal policies.

They are ignorant and insubordinate creeps who don’t know or care about anything except, ‘what I want’/’what I feel’!

The only humans on earth who make decisions based on the ‘what I want’/’what I feel’ criteria are infants, the mentally challenged and drunks…all of whom have perfectly understandable excuses for their misperceptions or subsequent criminal conduct.

The crowd of losers, cultivated over decades by Liberal idiocy, seems to always get a pass on their psychopathic and anti-social behavior.

Liberals NEVER run out of excuses for what these misfits do.
tcrlaf is sure these were so conservative they were Democrats:
They were LaRouche Democrats....

Because it says DEMOCRAT after their name, the local Indiana Media has branded them “nut cases”, rather than mention the word “DEMOCRAT”.

After all, who needs the Democrat nutjobs coming after YOU for ddaring to make them look bad, right? Just ask Susan Atkinson’s bosses about this.
GOPJ is sure there is a Democratic murder-spree going on or something:
Some in the MSM are jumping on it... others are starting to realize Democrats are going after political enemies. Period. Attempting to tar all with the same brush. The 'cherry picking' is sickening.

Prisons and jails are filled with democrats and people who believe democrat ideas. The Chicago slaughter is being carried out by self identified democrat organized gang bangers...similar slaughters by organized democrat gang bangers are happening around the country.

The press knows they have to be careful with this issue. Much to their credit, even the New York Times won't stoop this low... Obama and his filthy advisers.... million times worse than Nixon are not fooling most of the liberal press.

Obama's shills think their actions are OK because they keep their energy high and the delusions intact - that 'cool and smart' trumps decent and ethical. They're wrong.

History will show them in the same light as Nixon's filth...
Nixon? But he was framed!

Sarah Barracuda - Revolution is a liberal term.
I think the media isn’t jumping on this story much because they know NO ONE on the right uses the word “Revolution” that is a leftist term. I have never heard one Republican ever, not on this forum or anywhere else use the word “Revolution” that is a term used by Communists who want to overthrow the Capitalist society..and the left despises Wal-Mart and hates cops so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out these two killers were Occuturds
GraceG is pretty sure most neo-Nazis are secret Obama false flags:
Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if over 1/2 the Neo-Nazi’s out there were actually government agents who are trying to infiltrate the Neo Nazis to talk them and manipulate them into doing things....

And it wouldn’t surprise me of the government was trying to manipulate these racist idiots into performing acts of violence in order to be used against the tea party in a media war against true god fearing decent patriots.


  1. Just goes to show ya ...
    freepers love to "talk" about taking up guns and starting the second civil war and hanging liberals from lamp posts.

    But as soon as some right wingers actually perform a terrorist act, they get all scared and frightened.

    Just like the open-carry doofs in Texas going around Taco Bell and Target with their AR-15s, they just like to "pose".

  2. Cop Killer was a Pothead


  3. The "agents" trying to manipulate the right into these acts all work at Fox News and right-wing hate radio.

    Also, no one on the right uses the word "Revolution"? I beg to differ.

    1. "The 'agents' trying to manipulate the right into these acts all work at Fox News and right-wing hate radio."

      See there, things like that? That's why we love you, euph.

  4. >The "agents" trying to manipulate the right into these acts all work at Fox News and right-wing hate radio.

    When did they encourage anyone to shoot anyone? Never! IS Al Gore responsible for the UNabomber or AL Sharpton for the Crown Heights Riots or the fire at FReddie's fashion Mart.

    How about Obama with 'punish your enemies' hit back twice as hard' The bully said he'll 'act alone' if he doesn't get his way. He's turned Libya Egypt and Syria into war zones and released thousands of criminal illegals into Arizona. Obama is a bully and a thug and thoroughly corrupt, but let's blame FOX. Unbelievable stupid you are.

    1. Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit "A". Someone so obviously entrenched in the right-wing bubble no facts can get through. Someone so angry that they lash out at a president who, if he had an "R" after his name would be labeled a RINO at worst. This is the perfect example of someone manipulated by Fox News and right-wing hate radio.

    2. I'll agree with you that political rhetoric on either side has not been responsible for the shooters - they're all crazy and would have found some cause or another.

      But the hilarity if Freepers, who spend a lot of time yelling about the race war that isn't being reported on, threats to purge liberals come the inevitable revolt, and assurances there will be shooting when Obama comes for their guns, then turning around and claiming their rhetoric is totally cool and restrained.

      As for Obama's rhetoric, it's not extraordinary political rhetoric (neither was Palin's targets, BTW).

      And his expansion of executive power sucks but is hardly inciting violence. A bully and thug? Yeah, because politics is full of fragile little flowers.

      Finally, assuming Obama created violence in the Middle East is your most laughable comment yet.

  5. Go on tell what I'm full of $hit

    1. Thanks for your effort, though I'll admit I'm not going to click through everything.

      So you're saying the Middle East would be more peaceful were it not for Obama's policies.
      Except those are also Bush's policies. And Clinton's before him.

      And it's really not clear that a less hands-on alternate policies would have a better effect. See 9-11.

  6. Today North Africa, tomorrow the Middle East

    Just remeber you reap what you sow. I don't have to tell you where I read that, do I?

    1. I'd also add this is getting pretty far afield from the idea that liberal rhetoric is responsible for spree shootings.

  7. I notice euphgeek couldn't refute my points. That's what happens when you take your cue from the DailyCuss.

    1. Unsolicited link spam ignored.

      And no need to refute anything you said when you illustrated my point so beautifully.