Monday, June 23, 2014

Hillary Clinton on FOX

euphgeek found this little thread.

As part of her book tour, Hillary Clinton went on FOX News. She did pretty well. Know how I know that? Freepers got nothing but rage:

Viennacon wants to make his position clear:
For the record: I hate her
Well before the interview, re_nortex noted that Greta is a Scientologist, and therefore super liberal:
Greta always shows contempt for conservatives and routinely has RINOs on her program that she is always chummy with.

Not surprising since Van Susteren is a member of a bizarre, Christ-denying cult. Her "leader" is (or more accurately was) an evil charlatan, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. She and her husband are major financial contributors to this satanic cult.
GRRRRR makes a subtle fat joke:
Don’t you just want to PINCH those cute pudgy pink cheeks of Hilliary?
nascarnation went to a weird place...
Every time I see that wide-eyed smiling poster of her I can’t help but picture someone unexpectedly having turned up the speed on her vibrator.

They don’t call per partner “Huma” for nothin....
ConservativeInPA seems nice:
The ugly bitch wants to try a terrorist in US courts. f’n traitor bitch.
txhurl knows FOX News is in the tank for Hillary:
Looks like Ailes wants her for prez.

I can.t believe Baer is entertaining this bitch.
haircutter is sure she got the questions first:
Her answers too canned, to rehearsed, to prepped.

face lift, neck tuck, and eyes stretched. just trying to make her look ahhh presidential???

fake and phony..

let Trey Gowdy question her...

this is too pro.
surrey agrees - FOX gave her the questions.
No way she agreed to this interview without the questions ahead of time . Just no way. She’s way too prepared.
She is lying her fat butt off.
Blue Highway really likes this fantasy:
Greta calls in sick, and Judge Pirro shows up with a smile.

That would have been great. Hillary would have freaked out for sure.
Don't know much about Pirro, but a bit of Googling shows that she ran against Hillary for Senate, and now is their go-to Benghazi-ologist.

tuffydoodle - everyone hates Bill Clinton these days!
Everytime she says “my husband” as in, “my husband did this” or “my husband agrees” I want to say, “your husband cheated on you, did nasty things with a cigar to an intern and he lied to the American people. Nobody gives a shit what your husband says or did.”
Bluestocking found a damning blip in the statistics:
Hillary went on Greta’s show to sell her book. Yet, amazingly, in the period during and after the interview, the book fell from fourth to fifth place on the Amazon bestsellers list.

Greta’s millions of viewers seem to have staged a mass Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions operation against Hillary after listening to her discuss her awful book.
surrey is sure she's fat.
Really? A size 8? She’s as wide as I’ve ever seen her. That caboose has to be a 16 at least.
TigersEye doesn't care about her appearance.
I don’t care if she is fat or not she’s an enemy.
TigersEye cares a lot about her appearance.
Is she wearing a used rag mop on her head?


  1. Yeah, she definitely would have freaked out if Judge Pirro showed up. It can be pretty uncomfortable for the host to misplace one of her cards and stay silent for 30 seconds.

  2. Hillary was probably frothing at the gash

  3. For your consideration ...
    may I recommend equalator as a freeper to be watched?

    He is the new anila (who disappeared at the beginning of March), posting almost daily black-on-white crimes as examples of the "knockout game".

    If you need a nice concise collection of freeper racism, look up "equalator" articles and the associated replies.

  4. I can't say this enough. If she runs in 2016, FR is going to be AMAZING.

    1. And even more so if she wins! I can just smell the return of Hildabeast Thursdays on this blog.

  5. She is hella ugly. Freepers have a point there. What happened to her face! ugh, total ballsack

    1. It's called "aging". It happens to everyone. But she's not running for Miss America, so her looks don't even matter.

  6. She's 66 years old. What the hell do you expect?

    The only thing better is when they rip on Nancy Pelosi, who is freaking amazing looking for a 74 year old.

    1. That's a joke right? Piglosi is a hideous hag. Looks like the Botox was confused with sulfuric acid. I bet you thought Helen Thomas was your wet dream. lol

    2. It figures that RWNJs focus on someone's looks when they can't defeat their arguments.

      And I also think that Nancy Pelosi looks amazing for 74.

    3. Lol, sounds like you need to buy a wedding ring. haha

    4. This must be more of that vaunted "Conservatives are mature and rational, whereas libs are emotional and attack people personally" I always read about on Free Republic.