Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Potpourri

IMR 4350 has a vintage conspiracy for you folks!
Hillary’s trying to hide behind the “Black Shield” of Obama.

Maybe someone should ask Hillary if Obama was also the one who concocted the “spontaneous” lie with the 1st WTC bombing in 1993.
In case you missed it, IMR 4350 was an early spotlight of mine. Dude seems actually, clinically delusional.

VerySadAmerican laments how the other side are all badasses who don't play by the rules.
Yep. Too many “gentlemen legislators” on the good side. The bad side has nothing but smart ass punks.
CyberAnt has figures out how to make Obama and Hillary worthy foes yet also stupid.
... she is cunning, but not smart. EXACTLY!!! And, so is Obama.
IndispensableDestiny has a plan:
Do you want to stop the surge of children being sent from Central America? Start posting in their online news comments that the kids will be offered for adoption by homosexual and lesbian couples.

That should cause a furor.
FlingWingFlyer heard about another beating in this country of millions. Can't wait to shoot him a negro!
This is the kind of crap that is rapidly making me feel that I no longer want to leave the house unarmed. This piece of sewer scum is going to get off because he has “mental problems” and “was off his meds.” If anyone tries that gang bull**** with me, I’m going to make sure they won’t ever need their “meds” again. I’d advise other Americans to start considering this also. The Obama regime is winding down. It’s time Americans start taking their country back.
butterdezillion is back, and as crazy as ever!
But would Obama dare to do that before the American populace has been disarmed?

When push comes to shove, the ability to take over a country depends on whether the country (meaning its people) are willing and able to fight back. Is Obama ready to go there?

I don’t think he’d arrest Congress. I think he’d blow up an EMP. If he could get the US military to go along with it... He might have to do it through Iran or North Korea...

The only way out of that is to have Obama arrested as a foreign enemy combatant before he can actually blow up the country he’s taken hostage.

Any patriotic Secret Service folks? Who could actually do that?
butterdezillion is against a government shutdown, because she knows someone who it effects:
Then the appropriations bills don’t get approved and Washington shuts down completely. What’s the downside of that?

The downside is that the executive will make sure that my parents don’t get a social security check, veterans get no healthcare, and deployed soldiers get no pay and no way to get back home to their families.

This has happened before. As long as Obama can do whatever lawless crap he wants, he can punish the vulnerable. He’s literally got the nation taken hostage.
Himyar's "situational awareness" sounds like being afraid all the time.
It’s called “situational awareness”. I’m always armed (except on Fed property)with my head on a swivel. If I even get a little concerned, my hand goes in my purse. My daddy told me “never leave any live enemies on the field”. The General was so cool.
Gaffer does not like that George Will didn't hate Obama quick enough.
I don’t need a bow-tied elitist who makes his living pumping out words and blathering pseudo-intelligently on Sunday TV now about a lawless President?

Where has George been? Where was he the first four years of Obama? Where was he up until now? Waiting until the last two years to jump on a bandwagon that so so many of us have pulled for YEARS!. All those years when George, and Charles and all of the rest of the token conservatives on Sunday TV sat there talking about Obama as Legitimate President, Obama as some sort of Well-meaning, but misguided CINC, and every other vein of conversation that just reeked of appeasement, equivocation and submission.
dagogo redux is pretty sure Congress hasn't impeached Obama because they're terrified of him:
I’m afraid that any serious Congressional move to impeach Obama or remove a key underling like Holder will result in Obama arresting or closing down Congress. Obama, after all, has all the departments and agencies with guns and men trained to use them: all Congress has is microphones (that can be turned off), and a bunch of impotent staffers

And I think Congress knows - if they know history - that this is how it would come down if they tried decisive action, and that is one reason they are afraid to try. They know the outcome with men who are tyrants at heart, and the know the outcome of the opposition in Chicago politics.
InterceptPoint explains that the IRS scandal is just to distract from Benghazi:
1. Assume that the American public and certainly the MSM can only do one scandal at a time.

2. Name a scandal that won't touch Hillary: IRS.

3. Name a scandal that could end Hillary's career: Benghazi.

4. Time to get the focus off of Benghazi and onto something else, anything else, for the "good of the party".

5. Watch the MSM and a few key Dems to see if this holds any water.
Jane Long wishes she lived in Colonial times. Because that was a great time for women!
LOL....I had a dream last night that we (family, I guess) were all getting ready to go watch the public floggings. It was a big deal. We were back in Colonial times....
RaveOn is the bitter guy in his neighborhood
I’m the only one on my street with a flagpole, where I proudly fly a Gadsden flag under a 13 star Betsy Ross flag. Plus I have a half dozen anti-Obama bumper stickers on the tailgate of my truck. I love watching in the rear view mirror when people pull up to take pictures!

Of course that’s probably why I wasn’t invited to the neighborhood block party today, even though they felt entitled to block off the whole street. But since I wasn’t invited, they shouldn’t be too surprised if the police show up for a noise or alcohol complaint.

Last time they had a block party it was on the anniversary of 9/11 and right in front of the house of a couple who lost their only child in the WTC attack. Stay classy!
miserare makes fun of Hillary's weight haw haw!
Hey...cut Hillary some slack...she’s evolving...she now donates NEW underwear to charity, and doesn’t even itemize it on her taxes anymore..

Now that her underwear is size 4xxxx, who buys it? Chris Christie?
july4thfreedomfoundation has now decided the latest two mass shooters were actually liberals:
Where are the Occuturds?

A couple of them recently shot two police officers in Las Vegas. And a conceal carry citizen in a WalMart store in that city.

When it was revealed that the shooters were occupy types, that’s when the media lost interest in the story.
Tough guy Viennacon knows Occupy Wall Street has been hired by Obama to smash stores up:
Some of them are now being trained by FEMA as an Obama ‘civil police force’. Got a mom & pop shop? these f&&& will be there to smash it and redistribute your wealth. However in the event they try it on a fellow Freeper i am willing to come down there and ‘handle’ them, and im sure many will join me.
Excuse_My_Bellicosity's sample bias has assured him Obama has been politically toxic since 2010.
Just before the 2010 and 2012 elections, no DemonRat wanted Zero anywhere near their campaign. When Zero offered, it was always, "No, that's okay...ummm...go call Senator XYZ, he needs more help than I do." Even the lapdog media was reporting it quite regularly and it was getting quite awkward for Zero to keep getting rebuffed.

They know he's a screwhead, they're just keeping quiet. But every so often, one of the Congressional DemonRats slips at a townhall meeting and says, "I know O is screwing up in biblical proportions, do you think I'd do something if I could?!?!"
Trapped Behind Enemy Lines does not believe in corporate profit margins:
Maybe, hopefully, one day people will eventually figure out that taxes on corporations are actually hidden sales taxes which end up hitting the little guy the hardest.
PapaNew is just waiting for President Jesus.
The whole Administrative State is unconstitutional and needs to be summarily dismantled. It will take God's miracle to do that.

That miracle may very well be Jesus' own personal return and assumption of all governmental power, don't know.
fella doesn't trust the numbers. He'll tell you when's long enough:
Immigration should be stopped until out of work Americans (not the fake administration numbers) have jobs.
Sacajaweau thinks it's pretty wrong that atheists get rights.
But the big thing is allowing an atheist to speak. Since it is NOT a religion....kick it to the curb. I believe it's a 2 minute monologue. Just so wrong.
moovova knows why everyone goes to Catholic schools - no blacks!
The students at that school, for the most part, are not there for the religious aspect. They are there because the PARENTS don’t want their precious darlings mingling with the “gangstas” and “free & reduced lunch” kids found in public schools.
jonascord has decided to attack Obama and Clinton's golf games:
Does anyone actually know if he is any good at chasing a little white ball? I know Clintoon liked to cheat. Based on his demonstrated athletic skills, I'd be surprised if he can get on the green in 20...
98ZJ USMC has some pseudoscience for ya!
The Abiotic Theory of Oil. That theory has a lot of sensible evidence behind it. We are a carbon ball surrounded by various gasses held into an atmosphere. The ridiculous notion that ALL the world's petroleum was created by fossil degeneration processes is ludicrous. If that was the only case, oil would exists every where there has been flora and fauna.
forgotten man's love of small government has some limits.
I would not want people feeding homeless people in my neighbor hood. I am if favor of helping the needy, but not this way. In my area we have plenty of non profits that feed the homeless in clean dining rooms. Feeding the homeless in parks is like feeding feral cats and pigeons. It is a mess and unsanitary.
Graewoulf - gets superlative and Hitlerian about Obama.
Obama is a designated loser.

No Military conflict in the World can be won with Obama involved in ANY way.

Hitler had the same problem as Obama does of trying to micro-manage what he cannot understand.

Hitler at least tried to win militarily, whereas Obama tries to avoid Military Victories at all costs.


  1. I've noticed a definite uptick in Viennacon's kooky crazy lately.

    1. Could have sworn Viennacon had a spotlight, but can't seem to find it.

  2. Clearly, what is needed here is a hero:

    "The only way out of that is to have Obama arrested as a foreign enemy combatant before he can actually blow up the country he’s taken hostage.

    Any patriotic Secret Service folks? Who could actually do that?"

    Where oh where can a hero be found?

    1. This is actually butter's new shiny object. No matter how many Freepers tell her that the military can't detain a sitting president, she keeps beating that dead horse because she read that it was possible on some kooky UFO website.

    2. Old Butter has really gone off the deep end. She keeps talking about how Obama is an 'enemy combatant' who should be detained and sent to Gitmo, and how Obama had a nuke sent from Nevada and had planned to detonate it on the East Coast.