Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Potpourri

Very gay this week.< br/>
Jack Hydrazine needed no info on the Las Vegas shooters to conclude:
Either Leftists or Muzzies.
Democrat_media is the Freepest Freep:
George Will is right. YES,disband American government, move back to the 19th century

SkyPilot - It is time.
Tar and Feather. It is time.
Gaffer knows only gay porn has the truth:
I see that TV show with the two queers and their adopted daughter and I seen untold manipulation and diversion from the real perversion that is homosexuality.

They show a peck on the cheek and lovey-dovey humanist affection between two people, but they do not show the physical and mental perversion that forms the basis of all their ‘morality’.

God never intended it, Hollywood won’t show the truth - you can only find that via gay porn - and liberals and Democrats only support it because it is a means to degenerate us all. Truly evil people
Gaffer clearly practices what he preaches:
If one were to show little school children what these freaks actually do in what their teachers tell them “privacy of their bedrooms,” I’d say many of them would be traumatized.

Children aren’t told about mouth gags, buggering, butt plugs, gerbils, mice, glass objects or any of the strange objects they use. Neither are they shown or told about all the terrible indiscriminate behavior they are accustomed to like ‘glory holes’, bathroom stall foot action, and the like.

These people are SICK. Mentally deficient and a danger to our children. The last thing I’d allow if it were up to me is a homosexual being allowed to raise an innocent child.
Gen.Blather on the terror of sensitivity training:
I’ve been at two Fortune 500 companies now and both had sensitivity training camps. One HR guy slipped up and called it reeducation. One company had a died-in-the-wool communist from Latin America heading up the program. And, HR could “sentence” you to attend.
bert still hates New York:
NEW York must be purged from the Republic

They have ceased to be America
IMR 4350 has a rather broad definition of Nazi:
Hilary and 0bama are both communists.

Actually Hillary is more of a Nazi.

She’s smart enough to know communism is going to fail regardless of who tries it.

She’s not smart enough to know Nazism will also fail regardless of who tries it because she believes when business and govt are joined at the hip as with Nazism, businesses will do what is necessary to keep the govt working.

Bill and Hillary are big followers of Robert Reich and his “new” economics theory he developed in college.

From what I’ve read Reich’s “new” economics theory was just Nazism tweaked.
kevao cannot allow a CNN anchor crying over the VA killing veterans to be human:
Brooke Baldwin’s tears were over the damage this is doing to her Dear Leader.
ctdonath2 on the peacefulness of well-armed, rich Tea Party folks:
Forsyth County is among the richest in the country, though you wouldn’t guess driving thru (upscale-but-humble housing adds up). Big Tea Party presence. If the cops hadn’t dispatched the guy, methinks bystanders would have.
wardaddy loves his wife...because she's hot and agrees with him:
20 years same woman....100% only her

I sure never thought I could do appetite prior was rakish to say the least

But its no challenge at all..not just cause God said so..I would hope anyone could have such a relationship with a member of the opposite sex..

It does help having same cultural outlook....religion...and similar backgrounds

And that the woman knows how to stay appealing...I know that sounds shallow but Wifey...even at 50 next birthday is still a girl to me in many ways

She cares about her appearance and zest....its hard to explain...southern girls if from a good family kind of get indoctrinated that way

Not tacky girly....its a different mom at 70.....still had a woman’s feminine aura
miss marmelstein laments all the free time lawyers, judges, and gays have:
The problem is that conservatives are worker bees - always at work, work, work. Or, if they’re like my husband - running around desperately looking for work because the Obama economy sucks. There simply is no time for decent people to continually fight against lawyers, judges, and the gay agenda.
Dad, I’m gay.

Time for a DNA test.
Junk Silver explains why liberals love Islam:
Islam is far more conservative and they would have to eliminate it also.

I don’t see that happening. If anything today’s socialists seem as eager to ally themselves with Islamicists as Hitler was.

Unlike Christianity Islam fits quite comfortably into a controlling totalitarian state
MrB on the real goal behind gay rights:
They won’t target Islam, because the surface issues they use (”gay rights”) are not the real issue.

The real issue/goal is the criminalization of Christianity.

They won’t address Islam until after this goal is fully implemented. At that point, they’ll probably abandon the gays as no longer useful and embrace Islam.
rarestia tries to imagine where the USA is headed:
I wonder how far Rome descended into this sort of madness as it fell? Were there pride parades and “flash orgies” in the middle of streets and plazas? Were children encouraged to just start making out with their teachers or was there universal acceptance of animal sex? I’m genuinely curious.
I want the USA back straightsplains to gays what they're feeling:
People who go around with “pride” banners are really ashamed of themselves.
mountn man on the modern Brady Bunch:
Not because as they probably assumed that Carol had 3 kids from 3 different guys, non of whose identities are known, as Carol was a bar slut, who eschewed relationships, for quick hook ups, on a nightly basis, often preferring bi sexual orgies, as would be the case if the show was created today.....
ilovesarah2012 has the Comment of the Week!
Lord, just send the plagues. We are begging for them.


  1. In what world are leftists, gays, Islamists, two gun nuts too nutty for the Cliven Bundy ranch snake flag crowd, and devotees of a 20th-century German Catholic mass murderer all on the same page?

  2. How in the world does Junk Silver come to that conclusion? It's baffling.

  3. The cognitive dissonance is strong, strong with these.

    1. And THIS - this here's the topper. This one wins the Gold Medal for Mental Gymnastics for the foreseeable future.
      "This kind of left wing screed is intended to inspire violence against the right by convincing left wing nut jobs that they face a threat."
      Freepers...even when people act out the very things they fantasize about in their daily "Civil War II" reveries, they find a way to assign it to their perceived political opponents. Just -- priceless.

    2. Excellent work anonymousB.

  4. Note to Gaffer :
    Little children don't want to think about gay guys having sex for the same reasons they don't want to think about their parents (and other str8 adults they know) having sex ... 99% of the time its really not all that "sexy" and can be fairly disgusting depending upon the participants.

    There's a reason why porn and house painting is generally best left to professionals ... there's too much work involved for the rest of us to do it right every time.

    However, I do invite Gaffer to go to his next local school board public meeting, his next Republican Party "townhall", or write a letter to the editor of his local newspaper, and actually push for showing gay pornography to children under his real name.

    Yes, Gaffer ... do that and tell us how it works out for you.

    1. I second that motion, and I hope to hear Gaffer report back to us how it turned out.

    2. I like Gaffer's theory that Hollywood (i.e., degenerate liberals) is censoring the harsh reality of gay sex to prevent people from realizing how disgusting it is, while the porn industry (i.e., degenerate liberals) is cramming gay porn down our throats in order to make us accept it. I guess it's possible, but it seems kind of convoluted and self-contradictory.

      Plus, if Hollywood did show assfucking, all these guys would be complaining about that (in the rare moments when they weren't jacking off to it).

      The fact that none of these arguments make any sense, and that FReepers aren't freaking out about the many, many straight couples who enjoy anal sex, once again confirms my view that in this case, "conservatism" is just a convenient alibi for thinking about hot 'n' heavy buttsex all the live-long day.

  5. I found some truth in gay porn, but I rather think that Gaffer is going to approve. Lol.

    1. Wow, that was mangled. I don't think he'll approve.

  6. Jack Hydrazine needed no info on the Las Vegas shooters to conclude:

    Either Leftists or Muzzies.

    It's funny how leftists are effeminate sissies who hate and fear tough, masculine things like football and ATVs and guns, and yet they're also presumptively guilty of all mass shootings that can't be blamed directly on Muslims.

    It's funny, too, how often these statist anti-gun gun-crazed sissies seem to end up attacking the "big government" they supposedly love. Whereas the Civil War II crowd, with its circle-jerk assassination fantasies is the last place we're supposed to look for violent anti-government radicals, even -- or especially! -- when a mass killer spouts their rhetoric verbatim.

    How people like Beck and Hannity and Alex Jones sleep at night, I have no idea. It sure makes me wish I believed in karma, though.

    Cognitive dissonance is putting it way too mildly.

    1. Damn, I am impressed. Freeper Madness has been getting good lately. Way to go folks!

  7. Freepers on UFOs. My favorite comment is from who_would_fardels_bear who posits: " Maybe the reason so many people have shifted so quickly on gay marriage is because a lot more people are being abducted and probed than we thought and they've gotten used to getting reamed."

  8. "In a series of undercover audits, Live Action investigators documented Planned Parenthood counselors and nurses advising our investigators, who the Planned Parenthood staffers thought were minors, on how to practice torture sex."

    The mind boggles.