Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been"

"The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed then it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been"
---President Obama.

Freepers eagerly ignore statistics to point out what a craphole the world is.

TADSLOS takes a random sampling of cities:
Meanwhile, in the streets of Baghdad, Kabul and Chicago....
gingerbread has nothing left to burn, so he has set the world on fire:
I do wish that this very stupid president would get out of his basement and see the world that is collapsing around us. The MIDDLE EAST is on fire, AFRICA is on fire, the FAR EAST is on fire, our southern neighbors are on fire, the countries bordering Russia is on fire. The only place that is not on fire is this country, and this LIAR IN CHIEF will make sure that before he leaves office, this country will also be on fire.
headstamp 2 has a pretty high quality typo:
This man is insane, absolutely insane. There isn’t a SINGLE area of the world or this country that this MOPRON hasn’t screwed up. Either deliberately or through his own incompetence. The list is endless.

He needs to be in a straitjacket.
defconw knows only crazy people recognize global progress:
I think he should be forced to take a drug test. That or he is seriously mentally ill.

I have been thinking, I just wonder what percentage of Democrats have STD's and whether or not this contributes to this insane way of looking at the world?
Red Badger worries that many beyond Obama are indulging in optimism:
Liberals really do live in fantasy land.
He believes this malarkey.
His minions believe this crap as well..............
The horrror, ilgipper - Obama has made the children optimistic!
Wow. This guy is a grade A idiot.

He’s fooled an entire generation or two of people into a fantasy version of the world. It’s going to take quite a lot work to undo this.
Jabba the Nutt explains that Obama is just equating America with violence:
In his own eyes, Obama is a great success. In his view, America is the cause of the problems in the world. You remove America from influence in the world and voila, you end up with a world more peaceful than it ever has been.

What 99% of Americans see as a failed foreign policy, Obama sees as a success. He won't stop and he won't turn it around. Obama sees himself on a success tract. Do expect him to change, why would he, he's succeeding.
ponz7 also goes with the Obama is crazy/on drugs thesis:
Seriously, he needs a complete physical and mental examination and drug testing as well. This is no joke—if he actually believes what he said, he is delusional and incapable of continuing in office.
MeshugeMikey - Obama is addicted to hope!
HOPIUM® is one hell of a drug.

his addiction..knows NO BOUNDS!!
riri knows the race war is coming:
Wow. Does anyone really believe this?

The world is teeing up for the biggest race war in history. The sides are teeing up and battle lines are being drawn.

But ofcourse, he wants this.
exit82 thinks Clint Eastwood's chair bit is still awesome:
The Emperor shows his nakedness once again.

Clint Eastwood’s empty chair was never more apt.
lostboy61 cedes the world, but blames Obama for local police militarization:
The world is less violent but the U.S. under Obobo is more violent. Can’t you see it as the cops get more APC and kill more people for no reason. Baby’s are blown up and people are killed in no knock raids.
a fool in paradise - Stalin was always going on about how awesome the world was:
He does this all so glibly doesn’t he, with no guilt whatsoever.

Stalinists lie. ALWAYS.

It's one of the things that soured George Orwell on Socialism. The outright dishonesty of it all.
Jack Hammer knows Washington DC is a warzone:
Apparently he hasn’t taken a look out the White House windows lately.
Vigilanteman explains that Obama's Muslimness means less violent is secret code for more Muslim.
Muslims believe that the closer we get to Dar es Salaam (the condition, not the city in coastal Tanzania), the closer we are to their version of utopia on earth.

Dar es Salaam's literal Arabic translation is "The Abode of Peace," a condition they believe will be achieved when the whole world is Muslim or, at least, divided into the two classes of Muslim masters and Dhimmi slaves or payers of tribute.

When viewed in this context, BO's statement actually makes sense.

The problem, of course, is that the other groups which he favors (Marxists, Feminazis, the Pink Mafia, La Raza, Black Panthers, etc.) believe exactly the same thing, only they would be the group in charge.


  1. The world's single greatest killer is heart disease with 7.4M people succumbing to it in 2012. That means the thing most people in the world have to worry about is consumption! Death by murder/war and etc. doesn't even register comparatively. The closest is road accidents and that kills a little over 1M people a year.

    Freepers are just paranoid old people.

    1. Suicide accounts for 1.58% of all worldwide deaths and death by violence accounts for a little less than 1%. So Freepers only have to worry about themselves killing....themselves...which is likely given their mental circumstances.

    2. Way to miss the point entirely. Bravo.

    3. Point not missed at all as identified by my post in response to the links of Freeper comments. I think you're just being a dick. I see some of your responses below.

  2. I love when Freepers go buckwild on Glenn Beck!!

    1. I can't believe these people blow each other over what magnificent Christians they are, when all that means to them is that they be consistent in hating everyone else on the globe for polluting it with their non-white, non-Christian-ness. What a bunch of sickening hypocrites. Especially CatherineofAragon -- what a smug cunt.

  3. The world is less violent than it has ever been"

    I shall be sure to put that on the three coffins we are shipping back tonight. It may be a small comfort to the families.

    1. Pics or it didn't happen.

    2. Appeal to emotion is a logical fallacy for a reason.

    3. Go fuck yourself with a rusty file.

    4. You should all accept, nay, adopt my opinion about things because I am a lion tamer for Ringling Brothers. Furthermore, you should just take me word for it, I am a lion tamer for Ringling Brothers. If you question my claims, you can go fuck yourself.

    5. EC, just because the world is less violent doesn't mean there is no violence. I don't think Obama was trying to minimize the value of human life, but to point out that there is reason for optimism. That over time, humanity has improved. Certainly there's room for more improvement, but when isn't there?

      And just ignore Anonymous. He's just trying to troll you.

    6. euph, I am not trying to troll anybody. EC is full of shit. All he has to do is prove he is what he says he is. Until he does, he is just another internet poser.

      I called bullshit, he ran away. He's a poser.

    7. We don't get to invade other countries and then complain that violence results.

      That being said, I'm sorry for the families of the three dead (as well as the uncounted Iraqis who are getting executed on a regular basis). If it was reported, I sure didn't hear about any three coffins coming home this week.

    8. @Anonymous 7:18, So how do you propose EC prove he is what he says he is? Pictures can be faked, as I'm sure you know. Maybe instead of running away, he took my advice and is ignoring your stupid ass. You are a troll, plain and simple.

    9. Oh, euph, I am sorry to have burst your bubble this way. Really.

      How about Facebook? Hi, I'm Spec 4 Ernie Castro and I really am a soldier and you can go fuck yourself with a rusty file, Anon. How about that?

      That will never happen, will it? LOL.

      I am truly sorry your feelings are hurt. If you want to believe we have a super secret Rambo of our very own, please go right ahead. Remember, though, there is not one iota of proof.

      It's kind of like the Easter Bunny. Believe it if you like. It's no skin off my back.

    10. Oh, Anon, as if anything you could do could possibly hurt my feelings. Sure, a Facebook post. That proves everything, right? Because everything you read on Facebook is obviously true? Man, talk about believing in the Easter Bunny. I'll concede that title to you.

    11. There is absolutely no reason to believe that what EC says is true. Believe it if you like.

    12. Gee, thanks for giving me permission to believe what I want. I don't care if he's lying his ass off about everything he's ever said about his personal life. It has nothing to do with the argument he presented, namely that people are still getting killed in this less violent world. Which I was able to respond to without calling him a liar, you'll notice.

  4. So, which picture do you want, oh brave person hiding behind the anon name?

    The guy missing half his chest? Talk about instant weight reduction. He lost about 20 kilos in a fraction of a second.

    The woman who bled out for two hours without making a single sound? She actually looks rather peaceful. Think a twilight vampire without the sparkles or the, you know, being alive and able to move and talk inconvenience. Your ideal girlfriend, in other words.

    Or the guy who ate his gun barrel? His picture would not be neck up. There isn't much left there.

    Read back, shut up, and be internet BS artist on someone else.

    I rarely give opinion, even here. It's usually a waste of time. But you do not disrespect mine. Ever. So go fuck yourself, Insert the file sideways.

    1. Yada, yada, yada.

      No proof. Just bullshit.


    2. Seriously, dude, you can't go around the anonymous internet claiming to be a lion tamer without someone questioning your claims.

      It's Tits or Get the Fuck Out. Prove that you are what you claim you are.

    3. EC was the woman sarah bryant?

    4. 007, it that you?

    5. EC, welcome to the world of those who can and do, those who could and did, and those who can't and wouldn't. Meh.

  5. Question: is "EC" EnglishCon from Trueblueliberty and other sites? Seems like the same typing profile.

    That is lulzy as all hell if it is.

  6. Old men shake fists at clouds.