Friday, June 20, 2014

Spotlight Friday: Ouderkirk

A refugee from a divorce, and bitter about everything. Remember cripplecreek's obsession with Detroit? Same thing, but upstate NY. And he's just about as extreme on any given point of view as any Freeper, whether that be race or Islam or women. From name-calling to Civil War 2, no one can out-Freep him.

It's hard to find what makes him stand out. Maybe the bitter despair; maybe his tendency to call out 'sodomy' out of the blue.

His unreasonable child support:
he has already been broken

There in a nutshell is the thinking.

That we are just plain broke, because of unreasonable child support is another thing that is not mentioned.

So I appreciate the idea that one woman is telling another to dae divorced men, she neglects to mention that many of us barely have two nickels to rub together.
His ex-wife made his children hate him:
The every other weekend is at her discretion or easily undone by daily alienation of your children to where they don't want to come. Forget little league, scouts, christmas concerts, recitals or any of that.

Say goodbye to 65% of your take home pay as well
All of upstate and western NY now looks like Detroit.
All of upstate and western NY now looks like Detroit.

I’ve lived in Buffalo for the first 10, Syracuse for 30 and Rochester for the last 10. Every little town now looks like a mini-Detroit. Once thriving little “bergs” are hopeless wastelands for the welfare classes, full of fat, ugly, white women and their little brown offspring. Even the trailer parks are now emptying out. There is literally nothing left of Upstate and Western New York.

Tupper/Saranac/Placid...still have the tourists but Old Forge, and many of the less familiar places are dead.
I went to summer camp by Old Forge! I don't remember it being super lively back in the 1990s either...

It's self evident where life begins, though he's willing to negotiate:
I would imagine that life begins when the egg is fertilized.

I might even be willing to say that it begins as late as the first cell division. But once that division occurs, then we are talking about a life.

Seems self evident.
Those liberals want Civil War 2 so bad!
Every day is is a new affront to what is “right” form Obastard and the media....I have reached the point where I am ready for the “hot war” the left is itching for.

This bastard is a deserter, and a traitor. Hang him.
The death penalty only kills liberals:
The whole point for the left is that they want to eliminate capital punishment.

Further, they want to give convicted felons the “right to vote” , from their prison cells if possible.

It is all about execution at least notifies the world that this potential democRAT voter is no longer available.
Obama made him racist:
You know, I never considered race to be an issue in the past, but this piece of crap has demonstrated that was folly.

I simply no longer have any use for minorities. I won’t talk with them unless it is required, will no longer befriend them, certainly will not trust them ever again.
He takes to racist bullcrap really well, though:
It just makes me wonder what kind of dirt the RATS have on John Boehner.This is what is daughter married and you wonder why he's basically a democRAT and won't challenge Obastard

From "This is what is daughter married" to "black son-in-law makes you a democrat" this may be the worst of Ouderkirk. Other Freepers on that thread are also somewhat taken aback.

What the crap is he talking about?
I’m sure Bath House Barry wants to get a “piece” from him

Since Barry is now openly gay.
Obamas Kick Off Long Weekend In Southland
Should read:

Obamas Kick Off Long Weekend Of Sodomy.
Bigotry is silly, except against liberals!
One can argue that the Jews have been at the root of almost anything that has gone wrong in the world.

Now, just because one can cherry pick the evidence doesn’t make it fact.

On gets sooooo tired of it....the Jews, whitey, et. al. are the root of all evil in the world.

When the reality is it is the left-tards who are the root of all the world’s ills.
Obama inherited savage African Mau-Mau blood, but also birtherism.
We all understand he and the wookie are america hating, whitey hating, islamocommunists in the MauMau tradition of his alledged grandfather.
Obama is also Muslim and therefore evil:
Obastard is a muslim...plain and simple. He can feign ignorance or incompetence to hide his outright collaboration with our sworn enemies

Bush and Cheney knew exactly what they were doing and many of us agreed with the decision to invade. (I still believe that it was the right thing to do). However, the only fault with their prosecution of the war was the softness of the victory. We did not go in and occupy with the strength we did in Japan. The total victory, complete re-arrangment of their culture.

Islam is not the same as Shintoism. It is the incarnation of evil, Allah is the devil as we understand it and there is no negotiating with them. It must be destroyed completely. Every aspect of it must be destroyed, lest they destroy us. And they intend to destroy every aspect of our western civilization. It is going to be WWIII and it is going to be worse than WWII by several orders of magnitude.
Its not that all Muslims are bad, its just that they must all convert or die...
I don’t dispute that they are not all bad guys, but islam is certainly a bad theology and it must be destroyed. If that involves killing them, so be it. But they must be forced to abandon that cult of death.
America's gun laws are so restrictive!
I am ashamed of US gun laws. I am ashamed that they are as restrictive as they are, as widespread as they are, is embarrassing.
Sodomy in Seattle
cultured majesty that is Grey's Anatomy.

I call it.... Sodomy in Seattle.
Michelle Obama - criminal, or something
This would be the same Moochelle Obama that voluntarily surrendered her law license? That Moochie, who would have been disbarred along with her marxist (husband in name only) mean that Moochie?
Earth Day is communist- just check the date!
The collective bargaining by government workers was given to us by then Gov. Gaylord Nelson(D).

Earth Day 1970 was brought to you by Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WIS).

Earth Day 1970 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin.... Conincidence? Not a chance.

Filthy F’ing communists every last one of them.
Send blacks back to mother Africa:
I am all for them.

I offer these stipulations; 1)that they must renounce their U.S. citizenship and 2)return to mother africa, to the country of their choice.
The Congressional Black Caucus is the real racists!
Time to call them what they are ...THE KLAN WITH A TAN
Obama tortured the Benghazi mastermind, which makes him unreliable:
Wonder how many times they zapped him with a cattle prod to get the right answer.
I regularly visit upstate NY. The fault, dear Ouderkirk, lies not in upstate NY but in yourself.
I don’t recognize my country any longer....The places I knew are falling down, dilapidated and empty. The rural counties in NY are literally depressing to drive through these days. A pleasant drive in the country is now a reminder of what the democRATS do when they get power.


  1. To borrow a phrase from failed Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Ouderkirk should "self deport".

    1. Where could he be happy?

    2. Someone should ask him that!

  2. Can't disagree with any of his comments.

    1. Even my favorite - that Boehner is a liberal because his daughter married....THIS?

      Or that Obama made you hate minorities?

      Or that Obama is 'openly gay?'

      What about that Grey's Anatomy is all about sodomy? It's not a good show, but heterosexual pairing is kind of it's thing, I hear.

    2. Lets be honest, even most white liberals would not be happy with that pairing if it was their daughter. I mean, I've heard of dreadlocks... but shitlocks?

      Obama may have caused him to dislike minorities. That's possible.

      Obama is pretty non-stop on 'da gays'

      Not sure about Grey's Anatomy. Perhaps you have a point on that one. I don't watch it.

    3. Not sure how having a hippy-looking son-in-law makes you a liberal...

      Anyone blaming Obama for hating minorities is looking for an excuse to hate minorities.

      Supporting the gays does not make you gay.

      On the recommendation of some friends, I watched the first 6 episodes of Grey's Anatomy....You made the right choice.

    4. Well good. You two should run away together. How about Afghanistan? You two can join the Taliban and when you see ladies in the street who are doing things you find unseemly YOU CAN HIT THEM WITH A STICK!

      Really, I hope you two are very happy together. Bon voyage!

    5. hmmm, it would appear if one supports Nazis, they might be a Nazi. Or if one supports communists, they might just be a communist. He did go to bath-houses in Chicago.

      Attacking this guy is not very tolerant of you.

    6. So when the Supreme Court said Nazis could march in Skokie that means they're all Nazis?

      Or anyone who thought McCarthy went too far is a Commie?

    7. Didn't McCarthy eventually get vindicated by the evidence. Alger Hiss was a communist.

    8. McCarthyism and blacklists were about more than Hiss.

      Other than Ann Coulter, no one believes McCarthy's claims of Commies behind every tree.

    9. So there were not communist allies of the USSR operating in America? What about Frank Marshal Davies?

    10. Communists existing is not the same as Communists everywhere.

  3. Joe McCarthy's problem is the same common problem many politicians fall into ... it is a variation of the "Peter Principle".

    He fell in love with his own (originally) good press.
    He was originally justified in his allegations of many communist sympathizing operatives within the State Department, as well as several cases of communist spying. Some real spies were uncovered (as well as, primarily, men who were otherwise loyal Americans but homosexual).

    However, as time went on, to maintain his "celebrity", he had to keep casting his commie-net wider and wider ... in short, he became drunk with power, as well as falling deeper and deeper into actual drunkenness and alcoholism.

    In time, his allegations became more and more incredible, as well as his alcohol problems becoming more and more public, until he basically imploded both politically and personally.

    We see this with politicians on the left and the right, as well as others in the political world.
    Ann Coulter, for example, has become a ridiculous parody of herself, as has Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich.
    Sarah Palin is heading there, as is Alan West.

    1. Nail smacked squarely on the head, as usual.

      Remember hearing "the road to hell is paved with good intentions?" Course you do, and McCarthy is pretty much the poster boy for it. He started with a valid concern - bear in mind that back in the 50's America was not exactly a superpower. and they were cold fighting a well organized foe, squeaking ahead by virtue of technology and not much more.