Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Potpourri

I'm in NY with my folks for the week, so posting may be a bit light. I've scheduled at least one post per day from my buffer of timeless Freep posts, though!

Tax-chick really doesn't want gay couples adopting:
“It is often argued that a child would be better cared for by a same-sex couple rather than in an orphanage or an institution.

Even if these were the only choices, it would still be better for a child to be in a properly-run institution than exposed to perversion.

However, this is a false dichotomy. In societies in which adoption is a normal occurrence and organized foster-parent programs exist, normal families are available for the majority of children. It is the government which imposes false barriers, such as racial matching or excessive economic demands.

It is better for a child to live in relative poverty - sharing a room with several siblings, like at my house - in a normal family, than to have every economic advantage but lack a married mother and father.
gaijin doesn't feel American anymore:
There is no longer a very keen sense of What It Is to be an American.

Our borders are out of control and many, many times the people guarding are borders are the very most casual type of “American” —merely their passport color changed and in some cases they scowl and speak only halting English.

The job is just a meal ticket, like very much these days.

It’s the same with our religion —you simply attend, sometimes sing, and over time you get the basic message that ALL choices and behavior are essentially OK.

But very many people do not believe that —they think some things Are Not Okay and they end up seeking out some entity that externally affirms that internal feeling.

For some it’s environmentalism, for others it’s UFO’s, and for a few it’s freaking Islam.

Again, shame on him, but the greater question is WHY are our own people and many in Europe turning to this kind of cr*p…?

We don’t have the confidence of our convictions because WE DO NOT HAVE ANY CONVICTIONS.

Some things are not ok, and very many people are not Americans, and they should be treated politely, but they should be treated as non-Americans.
Fee thinks Obama is a punishment from God for liking gayness, and it's only gonna get worse
God decides who our leaders are. We may have been given an Obama at the worst time to have an Obama. Has God forsaken us? Well we forsaken God by accepting sodomy and licentious behavior. 9/11 was our first shaking, financial implosion in 2008 is our second. Has our nation changed. Now more states now embrace sodomy. Even GOP establishment accepts this. Well 2015 is soon upon us or seven years from our second shaking. God will shake this nation again. Each shaking will be worst then the last till this nation either repents or destroyed.
maine-iac7 on Obama's pure evil:
I remember the un-photoshopped photo - the pure evil of the man shows here and it's truly spine chilling.

Do you ever remember "W" or Reagan with such a look. And it isn't from outrage over things like Benghazi or the VA scandal .

If I remember, he was campaigning at a union campaign stop and frothing about US.

He looks like his massacring dictator cousin, Odinga and/or the poster child for the run of the mill tin pot dictator.

But the mask is off
knarf on Obama's coming military takeover:
There was never any doubt in the minds of millions, and more have become enlightened, but the question is no longer valid.

The question now is, "When will he/they implement this attack on the citizenry ?"

Many of us are out here, armed and prepared, but they won't come after us individually out here ... they like the urban conclave as a fortress wall and hiding spot.

If they do come after us, it will be individual news reports never reported ... no one will know.
DYngbld's son quit the Boy Scouts for being too gay:
My son was well on his way to Eagle, and gave it up when they allowed gay scouts he could see the writing on the wall, and wasn't going to spend the hard work only to give it up, when the BSA further folded and allowed his safety to be jeopardized. He also wants to now how a scout can be morally straight and be gay, it did not compute in his mind.

I am proud of him for his convictions, I wish there was something else he could have gotten involved in. He loved being a boy scout.
the anti-mahdi isn't a professional, but he does use big words:
I am a layman, not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, and to be frank, I think there is about an inch of information from both fields mixed in with several miles of bullshit.

But with that disclaimer, I do think Obama is a classic narcissist and a sociopath (they are pretty much twins in the end).

Predictively, based on what is to be gleaned from the literature, and what has been noted by others in the field, the kenyan may be heading for a personality split, wherein his ability to act like he gives a care for anyone but himself will be obliterated by narcissistic rage when he finally realizes that no one believes in him, that most people understand him to be shallow and opportunistic and a serial, pathological liar.
xrmusn - vigilante justice will end carjacking, with no collateral damage at all!
The solution is a billboard campaign with the police chief and the mayor smiling, saying:

“It’s Legal to Shoot Carjackers!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

With an accompanying billboard sponsored by a Coalition of Lawyers offering ‘free’ services to the HijackeD - if charged.

Spread both campaigns to Home Invasion and Street Muggings and you would see crime drop dramatically.

I realize the lawyers would not be all that pleased having to offer free services BUT if they did, they would be ‘watch dogging’ the police when it comes to charging ‘victims’ for defending themselves.
samtheman prefers to end carjacking with a reign of terror:
Snipers on rooftops would help. Though I guess some vehicle damage would result.
P-Marlowe thinks the VA's real job is killing veterans so illegals can get money:
The VA’s primary purpose these days appears to be to reduce the cost of government by eliminating a lot of military pensions.

This way that frees up a lot of money to use for medical care and education of illegal aliens.

Veterans appear to be at the lowest rung on the priority list. Illegal aliens are America’s First Class Citizens. Working American Citizens are second class citizens and veterans are down the line as third or forth class citizens.
SoFloFreeper has an interesting view of Roman tax collection:
Jesus called Matthew to be his disciple. He didn’t endorse his illegal actions as a tax collector.
re_nortex has a solution to Obama's feminization of America:
The feminization of the American male is a core principle of the obama/holder cabal. The sodomites in the current administration push the homosexual agenda at every opportunity. The policies of the current corrupt regime will end when Governor Sarah Palin takes the oath of office in January 2016.

Go Sarah go! Take America back to its Biblical foundation!
rustyboots is ready to shoot anyone looking Mexican with tattoos:
We live in Texas and I guess if I get into an argument with a Hispanic person and it gets bad..well, if I win guess I will just pick up my brass and walk away as fast as I can. The more tats they have the sooner I suspect I will shoot. No need for the law to get involved because some of them just might take that sign to heart and drop my name and address to the wrong people. Guess it is a version of shoot, shovel, and shut up.
The Feds will sure as hell say I violated his rights.

Take care all, times are getting INTERESTING.
headstamp 2 knows in the 1950s we totally would have hunted down the Mexican drug cartels:
Oh for it to be the 1950’s again. These murdering bastards would be hunted down like the dogs that they are.
Mouton wants to nuke Mexico:
Time to play Cowboys and Druglords. We're gonna need artillery.

The artillery I would employ would be the nuclear type.
Enterprise on the Santa Barbara shooter:
Doubt that he was a member of the NRA. He hated females so he would probably tend Democrat.
Diogenesis thinks Obama was in on the Nigerian girls being kidnapped:
The Impostor KNEW the girls would be taken.

The NSA and Eschelon monitor everything
but only the US taxpayer is the target.
cotton1706 is one of a number of Freepers who is planning to vote Democrat in Kentucky against McConnell.
The argument’s been made any number of times before. McConnell is an underminer and an insidious schemer. If he was a back-bencher with his voting record, I would support him. But he VOTES conservative and then UNDERMINES conservatives at every turn. And he’ll be “leader.”

My goal is to make the US Senate a more conservative body. And yes the US Senate will be more conservative with a democrat sitting in his seat.


  1. The policies of the current corrupt regime will end when Governor Sarah Palin takes the oath of office in January 2016.

    Yes, Sarah will be taking the oath of office before anyone has been chosen in the primaries and before Obama's term is over. She's JUST! THAT! GOOD!

    He hated females so he would probably tend Democrat.

    Remind me again, what Free Republic's stance on repealing the nineteenth amendment is?

  2. So, Ozy, you're with your gay lover in NY? Don't let the chance slip by! You're in a fag marriage state after all.

    1. Heck, if he waits 10 years, he'll be able to do it in Mississippi or Oklahoma, too!