Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Pix

Remember the mature foreign policy of Bush?
Silly black people, why would you think the GOP doesn't like you?
Obama consorted with 70s beard guys!
Can't say as I've heard anyone actually blame Bush, unsurprisingly. 
Benghazi. Still.
Haha. This would end the GOP.
What does weird-teeth guy add? Well, it got my attention.
Even black military guys hate Obama, according to this photoshop!


  1. Slightly OT, but has anyone noticed that the Freepers are now digging up articles claiming that Cat people (probably particularly Catladies) have higher IQ?

    1. LOL!!

      They will resort to anything to make themselves feel superior.

      Oliviaforever is amazing!!
      A post about an incident that most Freepers thought was black on white crime turns out to be about a black officer being shot and killed by whites!!

    2. What a bunch of dicks.

  2. I thought "Why impeach him? He only has two years left on his second term!"

    And then I remembered 1998.