Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Potpourri

JLAGRAYFOX: argument through bile.
Like I said...i cannot stand Mitch McConnell...he sank Ted Cruz & Mike Lee when both men were dead right about failed Obamacare. but....having said that....i cannot even stand to hear “traitor” Obama open up his “Pajama Boy” mouth. The very sight of him disgusts me!!! I can never forgive his “Benghazi” abandonment of our four public servants...left to die in terror and pain...and, now the VA gig of killing our military veterans by Obama panel choice!!! IMHO....Obama and the entire Democrat Party must be defeated politically...right now!!! McConnell...we can easily take down later.
onedoug has it all systemized, yet makes no sense:

Subheading: nazis

It worked for hillary.
longtermmemmory has the whole secret liberal org-chart worked out:
Howard Dean is the political officer overseeing MSNBC. He is the rebuttal propagandist despite the fact he is an utter failure in business.
FamiliarFace - when anyone says homosexual they think of buttsex.
They want to be called gay so that the brain doesn’t process that they engage in actual sexual behavior. When we use the word “homosexual” the brain gets the message. That’s why they try to change the language regarding their sexual deviancy. They want you to think they only hold hands or kiss (not French). They want others to think that they are innocent non-sinners.
PapaNew knows what to blame for gay marriage:
Why The Gays Are Winning

The unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act emboldening even more unconstitutional federal interference later.
Finny's mother said we're all gonna go back to puritans soon!
My wise, wise ol' ma, well-read and schooled in human nature, warned a long time ago that when the pendulum swings back from the horrific era of promiscuity that has visited the last few generations of Americans, it will make the Victorians look loose.

I expect she's right, as she pretty much always is, dammit.

There's nothing new under the sun. No matter the technology or "social media" or texting or anything else, human nature is fixed, and so are God's laws. Just like gravity, there whether we like them or not.
Finny again, saying God is gonna be on her side in Civil War 2!
We can only pray that God will cause the hearts of this people to return to Him.

Yes, but we can also recognize and throw-off a government force that officially thwarts one's ability to adhere to the Judeo-Christian standard and indeed coerces individuals to fund its opposite.

Government is a force that serves to coerce people away from God. The Founders called for limited government. They used government conservatively, sparingly.

The reality is that in every election, Democrats systematically gin votes by GOTV drives, bussing homeless folks to the polls, harvesting elderly from homes to vote, etc., etc., not to mention multiple voting, fraudulent voting, illegals voting -- it happens every election. Read the news.

On the ground, however, real Americans are disgusted and distressed. Nearly two in three, not quite I don't think, but close, 2 in 3, are sick of liberalism, sick of amorality, sick of government, and sick of a biased media. The news media is held in huge contempt by Americans.

I think God would be pleased, will be pleased, when the majority is able to throw off an anti-God force put into place by a fraudulent minority, assisted by an illusion-spinning media. Obama-style liberals are probably, in real numbers on the ground, a little more than one of every three Americans.
On the ground, everyone's a freeper.

jsanders2001 wants carnage, but would rather God do it.
Wormwood is coming and when it does the faggots are going to be screaming like sissies...
Rome2000 joins in the bloodthirst, but is a bit more secular about his bitterness.
Die screaming faggot communists, you can try to steal our cash via the electoral process, but in the end you will have to do it the old fashioned way, at gunpoint.


Good luck with that.
Shery - signs of doom are everywhere:
America is under judgment now, and has been for some time. 9/11, Katrina, and a whole host of other things (tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, etc.) are all part of it, but I see no one repenting. Just screaming for government help. So, government has become our god, and the One True God, Yahweh, is letting us try to make our peace with it. He is allowing sin to have its full sway, which invariably leads to every form of debauchery, men lying with men and women with women, doing those things that are unnatural and abominable in God’s eyes, as several texts in Scripture explain. It is the end stages of a society and our complete downfall is shortly to come.

Even believers have come under the impression that just getting the right people in office is the solution. Yes, we do need honest, God-fearing people in office. That is CERTAIN! But they are just humans, too, and capable of falling into the same temptations when power is invested in them, unless they are undergirded with prayer and held accountable.

If America truly wants to get out of this mess we are in, we must repent and turn from our sins and sexual deviancies, worship God in Truth and in Spirit, and endeavor to live godly lives. I pray for this, actually, but I don’t see it happening until God brings China or Russia or both (along with NK, Iran, etc.) to our shores and our military cannot (or will not) protect us. The Bible is replete with stories of God’s warnings. It was not written just for the Jews, but for the whole world. We have enjoyed His abundant provisions, but we have become puffed-up, thinking we don’t need God. We feel we have reached a level of sophistication that makes God irrelevant, and laugh at Him as if He doesn’t exist. The signs of our doom are everywhere.
ElectionInspector is one of many Freepers to think this way.
... I’m not in Kentucky, but I want to see backstabber *itch go down to the Dem. At least we know how she will vote and she may surprise on some issues.... but that’s ‘cuz I hate RINO One Worlders....
TruthInThoughtWordAndDeed mocks SETI.
Cuz this time, we weely, weely want there to be aliens. So pweez, pwetty pweez, give us more money.
MrB finds the fact that scientists aren't trying to get metaphysical to be proof science is fake:
The Theory of Evolution specifically excludes anything to do with the origin of life (whether through creation, or abiogenesis).

It’s pretty convenient that way, is it not?

Not having to address THE fatal flaw in a theory by defining it as being outside the theory...
JLAGRAYFOX is feeling impotent, and needs to sign something:
Jim......will any American or American organization put forth a “country wide” petition calling for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama? This VA scandal is matter how you look at it!!! Obama should not only be impeached...he should spend the rest of his useless life in prison!!! We need a petition like the “Obamacare” petition of last year’s sponsored by United States Senators!!! I believe millions of Americans would sign it!!!
GOPJ on the finicky superiority of Asians:
The superior races are Asians. Best grades in US colleges. Highest incomes of any racial group. Least crimes compared to other races.

True as long as they're living in the United States. Left on their own they create some of the worst cultures in the world... thuggy becomes an understatement. For example - can you name ONE country worse than North Korea? (In our time - any place in the world)
mmichaels1970 accidentally protested against the Vietnam War in college.
I remember back in my college days we once started shouting out the window at some guys in the dorm across the street. Good-natured trash-talk.

It devolved into a group of us and them meeting in the middle of the street. That, in turn, grew into a crowd and we decided we could have a heck of a lot of fun if we marched the crowd up-town.

After about an hour of gathering steam and screaming about this and that, a few lib-kids decided to step up and make our good time into some sort of activist protest about something or other.

I can't remember what the heck they decided we were supposed to be protesting. We were simply there because it was fun.
Vendome heard Obama was sending troops to help the Nigerian girls. So guess which position he takes...
Bring back our troops.

Sorry girls. Yer on your own...
lee martell is one of a number of Freepers to use that NH sheriff who called Obama a nigger to call people niggers without saying it:
The former sheriff is right, of course. Obama does indeed met and exceed the criteria of being thusly labeled. As does Holder, the one who ignores enforcement of laws against people who belong to his race, and considers this as rightful justice.
AppyPappy has surveyed the gays:
Every gay couple I know, married or not, sees adultery as a given.

They want marriage for acceptance and the benefits.


  1. "liberals—>progressives—>communists—>islamists

    Subheading: nazis"

    This makes so little sense that I would actually have to meet the person who made this argument to get more information before I'd be able to determine how utterly stupid they are.

    1. I think we know enough without meeting them...

  2. I love being alive to witness the implosion of the Republican Party.

    Freepers don't realize how very few "conservatives" need to vote third party or not vote at all for "RINO"s to hand the Democrats victories across the nation.

    Thanks again, Ozy, for the collection of wrinkle-bag weeping, and Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Wrinkle bags?

      You too, will be wrinkled one day. :P

    2. Botox, baby!

      But, more to the point, I do love the aged old fucks of FR impotently crying because no one pays them heed anymore.
      The emotion they pour out on line are a reflection of their own lives, looking at their own rapidly approaching mortality with nothing to show for it.

      Yes, I should feel pity for the wrinkled old shit bags of FR ... but I don't!

    3. Having seen the results of botox - I'll keep my well earned wrinkles, thanks. I prefer my face to have more movement than Keanu Reeves does!

      Nor do I pity them. The louder ones, and the ones who keep getting mentioned here, make me more sad than anything else. It seems like they stopped growing and learning at about 20, slapped a coat of quick drying cement on their opinions and called it good.

      That is not conservatism. That is fear of change. Being conservative has it's value - something new and shiny comes along, it is worth it to have people who say "hold on" and compare it to things that worked in the past.

    4. Being conservative has it's value - something new and shiny comes along, it is worth it to have people who say "hold on" and compare it to things that worked in the past.

      That's exactly how I feel. Having a healthy debate is good for the country before you determine which way (or if) to go forward. Unfortunately, conservatism in this country has come to mean no taxes for the rich and everyone must follow the Bible to the letter, no matter how much it contradicts itself.

  3. "America is under judgment now, and has been for some time. 9/11, Katrina, and a whole host of other things (tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, etc.)"

    I live in New Orleans. I can tell you that if God "judged" New Orleans with Katrina, then he's done a horrible job judging. He missed some of the more "ungodly" areas, like the Marigny and the French Quarter and hit the areas with a lot of his own churches: Lakeview and St. Tammany.

    1. Freepers refuse to believe that man is helping cause the climate to change, despite mountains of evidence, but they believe that boys kissing and insufficient piety are causing hurricanes and tornadoes, without a shred of evidence.