Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Potpourri

Stormdog on FDR's playbook:
I think Obama is only thinking about how many terms FDR got from his world war.

That wouldn’t surprise me. I suspect he’s been using FDR’s playbook to purposely prolong the depression.
Mark17 thinks the Founding Fathers were all Hulk Hogan.
Founding Fathers would be tossing more than Tea into the Ocean

I am sure they would have body slammed a few people by now, or worse. Probably worse.
Peter ODonnell has pretty low standards:
I don’t care if Bundy said he wanted to see the constitution turned back to 1789, at least he knows there is one.
dowcaet is sure all non-Freepers are Democratic infiltrators:
I’m convinced McCain is a Democrat who infiltrated the ranks as part of a scheme to destroy the Republican Party from the inside. That goes as well with Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and the vast majority of them in congress. How can they be this stupid to see how much damage these liberal policies are doing to the country and do nothing about it? Yeah, it’s an inside job and those of us who’ve supported the GOP have been had.
C210N on the rational partsanship of the Oathkeepers:
What if military men announced they would only accept orders from REPUBLICANS..?

What would be the reaction...?

We essentially have that scenario now, with Oathkeepers observing that most republicans try to follow the Constitution, while most 'Rats try to circumvent the Constitution. knows why no one listens to Alan Keyes:
Mr. Keyes will be ignored because he’s left the plantation.
Ted Grant has a solution to dating younger black women:
He could have avoided all this by just using call girls, or at the very least finding an attractive, more mature black woman. Tommy Sotomayor warns constantly of what a hood rat is capable of, and this reads like a hood rat setting out to destroy a man with vengeance in her eye,
I gotta check out a Freeper thread on prostitution, because many of them seem rather experienced.

wetgundog seems nice:
John McCain, please DIE.

-A Vietnam Veteran
Cruz_West_Paul2016's strawmen lack all perspective:
a 6 mile wide asteroid could be racing to earth at 250MPH(well thats what Obama Supporters think), and its the summer of 2016,what do u think the rats will run on? Save the earth,or vote against the GOP because they are all racists?
cuban leaf - "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread."
This country was founded on individual rights, not group rights. One is not “poor” or “minority”. Rather, one is an individual that either can or can’t prove he is a citizen. And the inability to do so may, in fact, cause one to be poor, but that doesn’t mean one should therefore not have to do the same thing any other person has to do to be able to vote.

This is absolutely a dispicable decision. Voting in this state is a waste of time and effort.
InABunkerUnderSF - America has endured over 80 years of fascism
Fascism: A form of socialism that seeks to advance the dialectic through state control of the means of production by regulation of the producers as opposed to equity ownership by the state.

America has been a fascist state since 1933. FDR was an admirer of Mussolini up until his invasion of France in 1940. Most of the "New Deal" programs that we live under today are fascist in origin.

America has endured over 80 years of fascism. Few of our leaders have even recognized the reality and none have dared to attack the core programs. Our largest "private sector" enterprises work symbiotically with the state. They are after all, too big to fail. Fascists also enjoy nearly complete of the means of propaganda and can use it to manipulate public opinion and crush any opposition that emerges.

Obama may want to be a more pure Marxist but for the purpose of wielding power, fascism works just fine for him.
WilliamofCarmichael is really proud of his analogy:
It's amazing how civilization is like physiology.

Internet source: "An autoimmune disorder . . . occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue."

Except it's not a mistake in our civilization. It is the result of letting the New Left Marxist-Alinsky radicals, infiltrate and indoctrinate. We now have two Americas.

There's the aberrant autoimmune-like behavior of the Obama Administration's aged Marxist-Alinsky campus radicals' and their ideological issue's war against the rest of society.


  1. I'm actually with wetgundog in that sentiment.

    McCain never met a war he didn't like. The military is not there to make HIS nightmares better. I respect his service and what he went through - it's no excuse to put others through the same damn thing.

  2. Jim Robbington IIIMay 5, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    What if military men announced they would only accept orders from REPUBLICANS..?
    What would be the reaction...?

    I think the military would split into two and ultimately crumble.
    Military person are trained the follow the chain-of-command. Like it or not, the President is Commander-in-Chief. If "the military" was willing to break the chain-of-command what's to stop soldiers from deserting when ordered to do something they don't like? Not everyone in the military is a republican or believes in the republican "principles". I would argue most aren't pro-war or pro-killing either.

    Are Freepers actually pro-military coup?

    1. You raise an interesting point.

      The US military in all it's branches swears to uphold the Constitution. It's an incredibly moving ceremony. Seen it a few times now, and it always makes me smile. Happy way, not sarcastic way.

      But it means that technically, if a CinC is viewed to be a threat to the Constitution, the military is obliged to remove them. Pretty much the only country in the world where that is coded into law.


    3. @EC

      Time delay at best. The Supreme Court defines what the constitution means and the Justices are appointed by the Executive. The upper house theoretically has to countersign the appointment (there are ways around that), but even taking that aside the Military are swearing allegiance to the appointees of the Executive+Legislature.

      When two branches of government can conspire to appoint the members of the third then there is no balance of power. If that third branch defines the meaning of the constitution then ...well need to spell it out.

      "I Pledge Allegiance to the Constitution of the...."

      ...I don't need to hear the rest. Might as well say "Leader" - in German. It means allegiance to the authority of the Supreme Court and that means allegiance to the Executive with the the Legislature as a potentially optional extra. The only thing I feel "moving" is the slightly queasy sensation thinking about it.

    4. Ozy: That link no longer exists. :(
      Anonymous 9:52 -- co-equal branches of government. I know it's not perfect, but you're not completely accurate. The Executive appoints the judges, but they still have to be confirmed. There's no "conspiracy." It's not rock-paper-scissors, after all. You have a better idea?

    5. @Anon 9:52 - It is moving. Very much so. You are watching what are basically overgrown kids recite an oath. Not by rote, like the pledge you did in class. In full seriousness. That sets in about the time they hit the words United States. You can actually see it sink in as they give their word. It is rather humbling to watch.
      It has been my privilege to see 5 intakes sworn in formally (I were on secondment for training). Every last one of them has acted the same. After the oath, they are quiet. Thinking about the magnitude of what they just promised. It's about the only time the drill instructors don't chase their asses out of the room!

      Over here, we swear loyalty and fealty to the Crown. Not the government, not a bit of paper, but the person sat on the throne. Makes it more personal.

      I admire those who take and keep the oath.

    6. If the soldiers rebel, who's going to pay them? These people live in military housing, shop at the PX, their families carry military ID and when they vacation, they do it at military resorts. Huge U.S. military bases like Fort Bragg are basically taxpayer-funded cities. Retirement, medical, education, all provided through the national government. No welfare mom sucks on the government teat nearly as hard as a serviceman and his dependents.

      I'm not saying that We The People aren't getting value for our money. We've probably got the most dangerous military in the history of the world. But there's no point in acting like it's something separate from the State. That oath is sworn by one batch of government employees to another. They'll defend one another when the chips are down.

    7. You get value for money, certainly. Not saying all the time - I got a bit of disdain for POGS and the brass, but the ones one the front line - how much is a human life worth?

      I'll give you one example from personal experience. You need the usual fist full of salt - it's an anecdote on the internet.

      Guy I know has been in and out of hospital for years now. He were what we call a heavy sniper. .50 caliber, depleted Uranium rounds. Those things will go through an armored car like a hot knife through warm butter. And the full mags were strapped tight to his body. Cancer was pretty much inevitable.
      He didn't chose that. The state did on his behalf. So what does the state owe him?

  3. If it dosen't involve state ownership of the means of production, it's not fucking socialism, you fucking retards*. Facism is not a form of socialism, no more than it is a form of capitalism. Either the Freepers really believe socialism means the same as totalitarianism, or perhaps the existence of any form of state.

    Fundamentaly, these idiots do not agree with democracy.

    *this is the most useful definition, but variations exist, nsuch as state organised cooperatives (cooperatives are really good, btw). America is not a socialist country, only a small minority of the means of production are in state hands. That privatley held corporations are powerful is a clue. The military industrial complex and things like that are something other than socialism, but still bad, if you cam concieve of such an idea.

  4. a rare moment of clarity re alan keyes: "Black leader says Bundy remarks not racist"

    nifster: As much as I like Alan, he is hardly a ‘Black leader’

    norm lenhart: Well he’s black, ran for office, served an ambassidorial role and speaks publicly on issues. That is a leader. May not be the biggest or best but he is more a black leader than Kanye West who the media often calls a ‘leader’ Or JayZ. Or Sharpton.

    zionist conspirator: Unfortunately, Mr. Keyes is not a “Black leader” in the sense of having cachet in the Black community. As a conservative he is considered an “uncle tom.”

    xzins: So, then, Clarence Thomas is not a black leader?

    Nor is Alan West?


    zionist conspirator: Sigh. They are leaders who are Black. "Black leader" implies leadership within the Black community, which no conservative Black has (unfortunately).

    This isn't worth arguing about.

    1. "This isn't worth arguing about." Lol. Yeah, saying that to a Freephole is pointless. I imagine the argument continued long after that.

  5. I just want to know when Mussolini invaded France. I must have missed that day in history class.

    1. He invaded southern France and French North Africa as soon as it was clear that France was about to surrender, possibly the day Paris fell, if I remember corectly. This was so he could be on what looked like the winning side and get some spoils from the surrender.