Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free Republic talks about Freeper's racism

An Anon found this, and it's pretty impressive.

In an article about an intentional hit-and-run that killed a woman and a two-year-old in Baltimore, Freepers have to take a brief respite from their mostly racist snark when two Freepers go full on racist.

The now Banned Doc Savage, who is straight out of Stormfront, including the antisemitism, writes (via the cashed version)
Blacks killing blacks. And the downside is?????
To which also banned Freeper jrg, who did get a spotlight, replies:
Blacks killing blacks. And the downside is?????

Fewer pavement apes to view in the free range zoo?

Freepers want strangers to die all the time, but in this case they didn't even speak out about the NRA or Common Core or anything! Absent such a sin, some Freepers take time out from making "car control" jokes to take a long hard, brief, shallow look at Free Republic's policies about racism.

When do we get liberated? calls the commenters out:
get a life, get out of the past. I hate ghetto culture, but to not care about 2 lives, especially a 2 yr olds, because of skin color is lamentable in the 21st century
Above My Pay Grade doesn't want to be associated with these types:
So you think the murder of a 2 year old child is “good thing”. Please don’t give the real Conservatives here a bad name with your racist hatred.
defconw is all about Free Speech without consequence:
I don't agree with what was said. BUT! Enough of this PC nonsense. Free Speech, even if it's not very nice. It's sounds like the GOP-e in here today.
BitWielder1 tries to turn this around to how liberals are evil:
As for the racist comments on this thread, I want to go on the record that I don't want to see blacks murdered.
That's the difference in mindset between Libs and Conservatives:
Libs want whites to fail, Conservatives want Blacks to succeed, a-holes of all stripes want to kill random members of other groups.
Jarhead9297 is worried about Free Republic imposing speech limitations. He signed up February 2014, and needless to say, a bunch of Freepers are now watching the retread troll:
That is fine and good but we are then no different then any other sites that imposes free speech limitations. He has a right to say stupid things and I believe we can police them out on our own. I’ll also correct you in one area. Yes Jim who I highly respect owns and manages the vehicle by which we can exprtour free speech however it is OUR DONATIONS that make that happen. Let’s not get confused by that.
Both the commenters are from 1998. treetopsandroofs assumes Clinton plants:
Comments are gone now, but I often check join dates of the worst posters at FR, and 1998, 2000 and 2008 seem to be especially well-represented.

Last gasp of the Great Clinton lovers, the freaks spawned by the scorched-earth War on America because a Republican won, and the no-way-I’m-voting-for-a-Morman crowd.
OneVike explains that liberals are making Freepers say racist things
Wow, Doc?

That is quite interesting. I must admit I did not always agree with him, but never before read anything racist from him.

I think people need to start stepping back and think twice before they hit enter.

Times are such that there are those who are doing things to force some into coming off racist. Not individuals here on FR, but individuals of the MSM, politics, and even in sports.

What we need to do is realize what the left is trying to do.

Make us so angry we will say or do things we normally would not do or even agree with if we were not pushed to the wall by their evil tactics or language.

Sometimes, it is best to step back and become a lurker instead of always joining the discussion, especially if the discussion angers you beyond control.
JimRed responds to Jim Robinson's ambiguous edict:
The rule on FR is no racism. Take it or leave it.

We will take it; thank you for having us.

A lot of outsiders will call us racist no matter what, because we tend to speak the truth and any unpleasant or uncomplimentary truth spoken about any minority or other "protected status" group is verboten!
PapaBear3625 worries that it's hard to tell what counts as racism these days:
it's getting hard to know where the line is. One sees comments like "Typical Amish" and that doesn't get the zot. One sees threads on black crime, with comments expressing unhappiness about the level of black crime, and that doesn't get the zot. One can even post about the observably lower level of intellectual achievements of the black community (lower SAT scores, no hard-science Nobel prizes, etc), and not get the zot.
sitetest posits that you need facts, though bullshit also works:
I think management takes a pretty lenient line on the issue. Discussion of actual facts, actual research, actual data, is generally going to pass muster. It is merely an observation that there are group racial differences in the measurement of IQ. It is merely reciting state and federal crime statistics to note that blacks commit violent crimes at a higher rate than non-blacks.

But these two posters weren't presenting facts or arguing therefrom. The first poster devalued the lives of two human beings based on their skin color. That's just good old fashion racism. The second poster chimed in with a term (that I'd frankly never seen before) that put black people on par with lower primates. Again, just pure racism. No attempt to construct a logical argument to make a point, just a show of racial animus.

Sometimes, things can be close to the line. These two weren't anywhere near it.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.
don-o also leans on citing some sort of data before racism:
I am not a fan of the "Amish" meme - by now it's been done to death.

For me the line is crossed when one leaves off pointing out factual data and descends to advocate or approve of harm coming upon a specific group simply because they are a part of that group. And yes, I would include call for the obliteration of all Muslims in that. (I have to fight with myself very hard on that one.

Yesterday, we had a thread in which approval was expressed for aborting black babies. That was quickly dealt with as over the line.
Big of him to be against killing all Muslims. Also, sorry I missed that abortion thread.

Foundahardheadedwoman shows how racism on Free Republic is done.
I see a couple of things that I believe cause much of this type of action. One is heavy drug use, it rewires the brain permanently making impulse control harder if not impossible for the afflicted. A prime example is our esteemed president who while supposedly going after a dangerous terrorist, kills an American 16 year old. Any remorse coming from the White House, any condemnation that amounted to anything from any branch of government that has the power to do anything about it. Not enough to notice.

I also think that we ignore the fact that blacks in Africa kill each other and also target and kill other races so often that it is not even newsworthy. In Rwanda blacks of one tribe hacked to death blacks of another with machetes and farm tools, in the hundreds of thousands. Blacks in South Africa killed white farmers and raped and killed their wives. These are facts not racist BS and we ignore them at our own peril.

Read a little of ‘White girl bleed alot’, and see the reality of today’s world.

I don’t see myself as a racist, I tend to judge people by their actions, and have met an know people of all races that are good people and do their best to live good lives. But there are among us in all races the hard hearted and the murderous, that one race seems to display these traits more often than others is just the reality.
Then Lazamataz demonstrates that really it was the death aspect. Racial insults are okay!
The most heinous whirlwind of uncontrollable anger can be found in obese ghetto-oriented black chicks. They are the angriest of the racial group.


  1. I think Lazmataz must have had his heart broken by an overweight black woman. This isn't the first time I've seen him make snarky comments about them.

  2. The above cited thread is the exception rather than the rule.
    If it wasn't "called out", the racial comments would have degenerated even further.

    The racism on FR is almost universal. If jrg would have used "Amish", "ferals", "thugs", etc, instead of "pavement apes", he would still be there.

    I don't there is a freeper who hasn't made at least a veiled racist comment many times in their history.

  3. big lips wide nosed euphgeekMay 29, 2014 at 11:43 PM

    Yay niggers!

  4. Doc savage is straight out of stormfront;brevity=full;options=no-change

    1. F.W.A.: Straight Outta Stormfront

      It's a country and classic rock album

  5. Even a thread about spelling bees veers into racist jokes and whining about Caucasians being underrepresented.

    1. I saw some of it last night. Seeing a lot of kids with Indian backgrounds I thought, "hmm, what would a FReeper think?"

    2. Jim Robbington IIIMay 30, 2014 at 3:57 PM

      Underrepresented Caucasians? Me thinks Freepers would be alright with affirmative action if it benefited wholesome, conservative white folk.


      As I've said before, this site has tainted me. I "WWaFT" almost every news article I read nowadays.

    3. Hahahah.....I do the same thing!!! I run to FR to see what they are saying and then come here to see if Ozy has a post on it.