Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Obama has a throne

Freepers fall for the above photoshop.

2harddrive thinks that throne looks familiar:
It looks like a tribal throne. African? What did ancient Kenyan thrones look like?
ctdonath2 sees what this means:
I’m sure they think it’s no small praise to their messiah.
Jane Long has gone Internet detective:
What is on his lap? A crown??? I blew it up but the resolution is not too great

Yes, it looks like a crown, to me. Like I said...delusional...and sick.
Tonytitan thinks something's fishy about the photo...
Everyone in the room is focused on the speaker and totally ignoring all of the items. Why release a photo where no one is paying any attention to these attention-getting props?
4rcane knows what this means!
Yea, this is coming from the Whitehouse not some comedy channel. They think of him a king
ctdonath2 realizes it's a joke, but also it is totally true:
Yeah. It’s the White House that’s having fun with Photoshop.

One’s notion of fun can speak volumes.
BykrBayb also goes with the "terrifying joke" attempt.
Yes, Obama presented this photo last night, thinking he is funny. It’s a clear view into his depraved mind. I don’t find that to be very relaxing.
petitfour goes a long way for his joke:
Not very funny for the president of the united states to joke around using photoshop. I mean, how many believable photoshops have they put out??? Oh wait. They fake things regularly starting with birth certificates.


  1. I don't know if you've done a spotlight on Democrat_media yet, but this guy is hilarious. A freeper says he got a Nissan Leaf because the tax credits made it a no-brainer. This guy's reaction: "you are a democrat/liberal/socialist shilling for YOUR God , government/socialism"

    1. Wow, he is amazing!

      I also want to do that leaf article, so I may hold off a week or two, but he's gotta go to the top of the stack.

      Damn, what an asshole!

  2. I'm beginning to think a lot of Obama's jokes and jabs are aimed directly at Free Republic!

    1. I wouldn't be a bit surprised. There's nothing like offering satire to people who don't know what satire is. It's an infinite loop of funny.

    2. Call me crazy but I've been wondering about that too!!! Heck I don't agree with his policies at all but I just have to smirk when he says or does something that gets the old hoots all riled up. It's actually good politics. No moderate would want to be lumped in with those nuts.

  3. That thread is amazing. I think I felt some of Democrat_media's spittle as I was reading. Here's a direct link (to the thread not the spit): A FReeper got a Leaf.

  4. I'd have thought there would be a King Joffrey comparison or something. Guess not many freepers watch Game of Thrones.

    1. I think the moment they saw doggie style, they decided as a group it was EEEE-VILLLL.

  5. Brace yourselves - derp is coming.