Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pope calls Muslims 'brothers' at Dome of the Rock

From the horrid, to the ridiculous.
Man, this pope with his tolerance, humility, and egalitarianism is really throwing Freepers for a loop - especially the crazy theocrats, who yearn for a return to the 13th century!

Genoa doesn't cotton to Muslims' different words for things:
Allah isn’t God and Moslems aren’t our “brothers.”
Yep! the Pope is drinking the Kool-Aid!
Jewbacca has lost faith in the Pope:
He appears to be a socialist (with all the leftist garbage that goes with that) first and a Catholic second.
Gamecock may need to brush up on his Genesis.
Real brothers don’t chop the heads off their siblings.
Gamecock also feels persecuted by this Pope:
So based on this Muzzies are the dear brothers and we Prods are slime.
Fantasywriter knows the numbers really matter. Also, not all Christians count.
How do you break down your ‘Christian carnage’ stats? About how many tens of millions do you credit to Catholics, & how many to non-Catholics?
Olog-hai thinks the Church is heading for trouble:
This is a great way to create more schisms in Christianity.
F15Eagle can always be counted on to have some extreme theology:
For those who don’t know, the Dome of the Rock has quotes from the Koran including “Allah has no son”.

That one, is actually correct.

Satan has no son. He’ll bring a counterfeit ‘messiah’ in the form of the Antichrist. But he has no son.

The God of Israel, OTOH, has a son named Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Those who reject his Deity and His Lordship are not my brothers. They may join us.

But we will not join them. I will not.

If that offends, good. Happy to offend.
redleghunter knows Mosques can give you the Islam!
The only dealings any Christian should have in or near a mosque is to preach the Gospel AS WE WERE COMMANDED TO DO.
elcid1970 wonders why we don't have Crusades anymore.
What we really need is another Pope Urban II. The Pontiff who launched the First Crusade.

Rome wasn’t always this kumbaya about Islam.
libstripper also reaches back into history for the attitudes he wants:
He needs to learn about the Holy League and the Battle of Lepanto in the sixteenth century then go on to read about Vienna in the seventeenth century. Also a bit of learning about the Islamic conquest of Constantinople might do him some good. Then let him yammer about how Mudslimes have changed.

I still have an Anon-suggested post about the Pope's economic policy in the queue too!


  1. I knew I were going to like His Holiness.

    And no, Gamecock: All are brothers. You might want to crack open that bible, blow the moths out of it, and read what our Lord said about loving thy neighbor as thyself. Either you are a really selective Christian or you hate yourself.

    1. I find it funny how FReepers that have usernames with SEC or southern ACC mascot names are, well, very FReeperish.

      S! E! C!
      S! E! C!
      S! E! C!

  2. "For those who don’t know, the Dome of the Rock has quotes from the Koran including “Allah has no son”."

    Actually, it says "Oh God, bless Your Messenger and Your servant Jesus..." among other things about Jesus and Mary.

    Not only is the guy wrong, it's actually very sympathetic to Christianity.

    1. It's typical of the anti-Muslim crowd. CSB: I remember talking to a guy at the gym in his 30-40s saying something the likes of Muslims supporting violence. I pointed out that most don't like the violence, but then he said "well, their official church hasn't said anything."

      The coolest guy I've ever met is a Muslim. Some of the biggest arseholes I know are Christians. It's like your faith doesn't correlate to your personality and/or actions!