Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Potpourri Part II

Viennacon on the evil of all Mexicans:
Democrips want murderers and rapists on the streets. These are the ‘dreamers’. They dream of raping and killing your children while Obama and co smile approvingly.

If you protest, you’re a racist.
itssme is smugly terrified - a neat trick - of Chicago:
Oh what a hell hole we live in, here in Chicago and surrounding areas. I listen to the Chicago police calls on radio nightly to slip myself into slumber, and it is disgusting. My old neighborhood, Bridgeport, now has a commie/socialist/Marxist meeting hall called The Unity Center, one of many in various cities in the US.
I read the police blog online, written by an anonymous detective and read by thousands, to learn what is really happening to the city, the truth, not the lies that are being reported in the media.

And I think of the commie/socialist/marxist/revolutionary rats nest that is deeply ensconced in the city of Chicago. Bars in Bridgeport that were at one time owned by immigrants and children of immigrants from Europe, and that are now owned by folks who favor the socialist/communist/marxist/revolutionary ideology, and call their establishments coffee houses, where “leftist ideology can be discussed.”

The city is not safe to live in...I wouldn't go there for any reason, unless I truly had can get killed by a stray bullet, or by a battery, mugging, or whatever method of destruction these feral thugs are capable of.
Tolerance Sucks Rocks brings us the humor of 1950:

miserare seems kinky:
I would like to step on J-Lo’s face.

She is a moron.
alloysteel - Woodrow Wilson, therefore Hillary has brain damage:
There was history within the Democrat party of concealing diminished mental capacity among highly placed functionaries, and treating these luminaries with great deference, allowing “spokespersons” to represent what they would have said were they able to stand up and utter a comprehensible or coherent statement.

One prime example was Woodrow Wilson, he of Great War fame, who “kept us out of the war”. On September 25, 1919, and again on September 25, 1919, he suffered a series of strokes that left him almost totally incapacitated, confined to bed and communicating with the outside world through his second wife, Edith Galt Wilson. Or at least, what she was communicating was attributed to the great and wizardly mind of Wilson. He was essentially a vegetable for several months. Even after February, 1920, when his true condition became known, his appearances were few and perfunctory, and despite all his previous urging for the “Fourteen Points” and “The League of Nations”, neither of these plans ever made any lasting effect on the world, as he was not available to be their advocate.

Enter Herself, Madame Benghazi, the Cold & Joyless. Has she, or has she not, already suffered a stroke, creating a serious reflection upon her capacity to serve in any capacity? Her outburst at the Benghazi hearing in response to Senator Ron Johnson’s question about why the narrative about a spontaneous demonstration over the Prophet Muhammed video was not corrected was, “With all due respect, the fact is, we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decide to kill some Americans, what difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”
Michigan Bowhunter choice his favorite B-ball player carefully:
Since Larry Bird, the NBA has been non existent.
Blue Highway, don't invest as a Freeper, that won't end well...
Twitter IS a joke. That reminds me to short their stock until the low teens. Thanks!
RitaOK mixed up the GOP with Freepers again:
Influential Republicans:

1. Trey Gowdy 2. Ted Cruz 3. Scott Walker 4. Mike Lee

5. Jeff Sessions 6. Most Any Freeper 7. Rand Paul

8. That reporter that covered the Gundy stand off

9. Rush Limbaugh 10. Mark Levine
Slambat thinks all liberals are crazy:
Its not injury or ill health. It’s a genetic disorder.
It’s liberalism. You ever wonder why liberalism never
makes any sense at all. No matter how you look at it, it
just doesn’t make any sense. Well that’s a sign you are
normal. However if you have a throwback of recessive genetics
that causes Liberal Disorder Syndrome or LDS then it all
makes sense. But only to a sick LDS mind.
I can see how Stalin had all his opposition branded insane and locked up

x_plus_one on Hillary's secret life:
She has double vision without the glasses and gets dizzy. Her fall was an accident when she flew to Teheran for some kind of meeting. Someone blew up the airplane and it crashed? Hitlary is damaged goods, is emotionally liable and has a known animus against the USA, democracy, non-homosexuals and the miltary. Didn't she expect the military in the white house to carry her luggage wherever she and bill went? Even the Russians know about Hillary - and they know she is a threat to their existence since she and Bill are neck deep in cash dollars from all sorts of Islamic and fundamentalist sources.

It would be a blessing from Heaven to have the Russian dossier on Hitlary released before the election.
Rome2000 continues to hate non-Freepers voting:
The Right in this country should be actively working to DISENFRANCHISE THE PARASITE CLASS and prevent voter fraud by any means necessary.

Therefore every asinine idea proposed by the CPUSA to promote even more voter fraud should be countered by proposals to restrict the franchise amongst felons, those receiving federal welfare benefits, those who fail to file income tax forms, register for the selective service etc.
Aria isn't racist...that being said
I am SICK to Death of this race crap!

That being said - I choose to live where I feel safe and I won’t be moving to Chicago ever....or east L.A. or Oakland....
Soul of the South wonders if Democrats are going to let the GOP win the Presidency right before America collapses:
Could it be the Republicans are walking into a trap? Imagine they go ahead and nominate Jeb Bush to run against the presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. By May 2016 the Democrat and Republican primary races should be settle with Jeb and Hillary at the top. Hillary steps down in mid to late May for medical reasons and basks in the public concern about her well being. The Democrats then scramble and the power brokers settle on Biden who is nominated as the people’s candidate in the “open” convention. Bush is nominated in the Republican convention as expected. Bush goes on to run a decent moderate campaign. A few Biden gaffes, Obama/Biden fatigue, and enough conservatives showing up to keep Biden from being elected are enough to cause Bush to win a narrow victory. In February 2017, a month after the inauguration, Soros working with the Russians and Chinese precipitates a run on the US banking system. The Keynesian monetary levers Bush and the Fed attempt to use don’t work and the banking system collapses plunging the US and the world into a deep economic depression. Bush and the Republican Party are blamed by the media and the people for a generation. The Democrats win overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate in 2018 and use those majorities to block any free market based initiatives to stimulate the economy. In 2020 a bankrupt nation goes to the polls and elects a no apologies Marxist Democrat as President. From that point on demographics control future elections, ensuring one party rule.
P-Marlowe on the death of real men:
Professional Sports and the combat military were the last vestiges of examples of real men. But real men are politically incorrect today. Now these last vestiges are being replaced by limp wristed fairies and ugly ass dykes.

Pretty soon the NFL will be co-ed flag football where if anybody grabs a player anywhere close to a private part they will be suspended and sent to sexual harassment re-education camp or just sued for battery and sexual harassment.
kearnyirish2 - those of dusky hues are kill America by not liking malls!
Here in NJ we had a “stillborn” mall; the Xanadu mall in the Meadowlands (next to Giants Stadium) was completed years ago and never opened due to lack of shoppers. The retailers that were signed on all opted for the minimum space they could occupy, and it never opened its doors. It is a big ugly thing, complete with indoor ski slope; very eerie when you stand outside it.

A couple of years after it was finished without opening, officials admitted it was built for foreign tourists to NYC. In the meantime, every Saturday the “replacement Americans” (mainly Hispanic & Asian) flock to the Meadowlands flea market in the adjoining parking lot to buy tools and household goods from the Americans that no longer use them - all transactions in cash, of course. Right on about the Third World road!
Gen.Blather tells the story of a persecuted white genius:
I’ve known several white people who moved to a new school district from houses they sold at a loss. Their children were being assaulted by blacks, sometimes daily. One, has a son who is not only white but a genius. The boy had to be escorted by a teacher to and from the bus stop and had to sit near the driver to prevent attacks. The son recently graduated top of his class in a much larger but primarily white school.

I pity parents who have to deal with today’s schools.
CincyRichieRich has had it with Hollywood's secret Marxist messages only she can see!
I hope I’m not the only one with this opinion; I really hate parting with my hard earned $ to pay this mostly dumb as a door knocker Marxist actors, directors and producers for their “save the planet” movies. Spiderman...the new one, had no fewer than 7 Marxist planted strong messages and images...the Che Guevera(sp?)-like poster in the star’s bedroom, the corporate demon boss, the assault rifle hitting the bad guy on his head in slow mo...the bad buy is bald (skinhead imagery)...the list goes on. Screw H-wood.

Bring me part III...Who is John Galt?


  1. You ever wonder why liberalism never makes any sense at all. No matter how you look at it, it just doesn’t make any sense.

    It just does not make sense! Ladies and gentlemen of the supposed jury, if Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit!


  2. Hmmm...Wikipedia says the Xanadu Mall didn't open because the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers screwed up the construction financing... not due to a lack of shoppers.

    1. The thing that struck me was, "the mall didn't open due to lack of shoppers"... how would they know how many shoppers there were if it didn't open?

    2. Also, naming your mall "Xanadu" is kind of asking for it, a la citizen Kane.
      Maybe the architect's name was ozymandias?

    3. "If you build it, they will come" - Eight Legged Freaks

  3. itssme is hilarious ... all his favorite old booze bars have been gentrified into evil "coffeehouses" in an upcoming and newly hip neighborhood.
    I bet some of them even have people playing "folk music" at nights !
    Oh the horrors !!!!!!!

  4. Ozy...perhaps a post of Freepers actually making sense would be fun. We can start a pool how long those people will be shouted down or zotted.
    To: 2ndDivisionVet

    From the article:

    "The briefing materials, obtained by The Washington Times through the Freedom of Information Act, make clear that the problems existed well before Mr. Obama took office, dating back at least to the Bush administration. But the materials raise questions about what actions the department took since 2009 to remedy the problems."

    Just as it is legitimate to ask Barry-O what he has done since 2009 to address the problem raised, one cannot ignore the obvious question, "Since the outgoing Bush Administration warned the incoming President, what did THEY do about it."

    To brush that aside is intellectually dishonest.

    13 posted on ‎5‎/‎19‎/‎2014‎ ‎12‎:‎07‎:‎09‎ ‎PM by Rebel_Ace (Tags?!? Tags?!? We don' neeeed no stinkin' Tags!) their zeal to make Obama look bad they end up making Bush looking just as bad. Some just ignore the Bush connection and others just go back to Bush was no real conservative.

    1. In 1999, JimRob hated Bush until basically election night when he suddenly decided to support him and banned everyone who disagreed. under "The Election of 2000:"

      FR blasted George W. Bush to the point where conservatives dropped the site like rats from a sinking ship. Former friends Lucianne Goldberg and Matt Drudge were among the people running for the hills. Before this time FR is drawing 50,000 individual visits per day, but after the fighting visits were down by over half.

      The Observer notes: Robinson “famously blasted George W. Bush’s presidential candidacy back in 2000, before a dramatic late-campaign about-face that saw him emerge as one of the GOP ticket’s biggest supporters.”

      JimRob then bans anyone who posts against Bush, including many regulars who didn’t get the memo.

  5. Freepers are ALWAYS in favor of business owners being able to ban or approve anything they want, because freedom - except when it comes to guns. Then, it's mandatory to eat at a table next to some surly asshole with a firearm, or they'll take their business elsewhere.

    1. Freepers want to be the surly asshole with a firearm.

  6. "Police commissioner resigns in wake of Obama slur":

    SoothingDave: Amazing that the moderators are OK with FR being the place where the old coot calling people “nigger” is the victim.

    what's amazing is the size of dave's blinders ...

    1. Tea party gets trounced in primaries, claim victory anyway.
      "Die screaming faggot communists, you can try to steal our cash via the electoral process, but in the end you will have to do it the old fashioned way, at gunpoint."
      It's good that Rome2000 isn't bitter, at least.

  7. Common core will make you gay! Against your will! Fortunately, Chainmail had the nads to stave it off. In Hollywood, no less. I'm almost peeing myself.

    1. I'm guessing it was this guy?
      Oh, Florida.

  8. Freepers offering their "knowledge" on race and at the same time complaining about "pseudoscience" is adorable.
    "Wade’s book is a game-changer, except for the fact that we don’t do real science any more. We just focus on pseudo-science which reinforces all the stuff we already “know”. The stuff that challenges our PC assumptions tends to wind up in the remainder bin."