Thursday, May 8, 2014

Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America

Freepers mixing up correlation and causation again. And then they begin musing about race in America...

Hardastarboard found a theme, allowing for some exceptions:
By my count, 6 out of 25, or more than 20 percent, are in Illinois. That's sort of a common thread.

You can pretty well guess which political party the mayors of most if not all of these cities are from.

Oh, and it's all Bush's fault because he and the Republicans wouldn't fund social programs that would have stopped this.
central_va continues to take this Chris Rock bit seriously:
If you want to find the worst ares in a any metropolitan area, find Martin Luther King Blvd and take it.
ilovesarah2012 finds all the correlations she wants to:
Six of the top 25 are in Illinois. The only common connection I can see is a concentration of a certain ethnicity whom it isn’t polite to mention.

That’s what I was thinking. And democrats.
ilovesarah2012 lives in fear of malls.
Speaking of shopping areas, malls now have Code of Conduct signs. We didn’t have those when I was growing up. We knew how to behave. Malls have now become hangouts for gangs and criminals. I avoid the malls.
Texas Fossil, apropos of nothing.
The ComDem Party is a criminal organization made up of members with a incurable mental disorders.
But Rome2000 hears Texas Fossil's call!
A racist marxist party led by anti-white bigots, communists, and degenerate sex perverts.

They should be resisted with extreme prejudice.
Don't worry - extreme prejudice means yelling on the Internet.

bert explains how he's not racist, he's just against all black people in cities.
There is confusion between being racist and describing a sub culture.

Being a culturist and discussing subcultures is not being racist. It seems pretty obvious that in the cited neighborhoods there is a criminal subculture that is a portion of a larger community that taken together is a minority of the American population.

The black urban subculture is inherently criminal all across the country.
Holy crap, did bert misunderstand "The Wire."
My thinking is heavily influenced by watching, studying in fact, the TV series called “ The Wire”. It is set in Baltimore and the characters depict the various subcultures of black Baltimore residents ranging from a black mayor and police commissioner through various police ranks, union members and officers, drug dealer leaders , street corner dealers and various old ladies in church hats caught up in the maelstrom.

Sometimes the lines are blurred as a drug dealer ages and gets to the top of the heap or as an old street soldier gets out of prison and realizes the old drug street life is now a bad choice of life style.
driftless2 wants to eliminate "The black underclass."
The Black Underclass. Even many black people are aware of the Chris Rock . Until something is done to this ever expanding menace, the future of the country looks grim. The Black Underclass increases every year driving out respectable blacks and whites. No elites from either side of the political spectrum have the guts to say what has to be done...the BU must be eliminated.

p.s. I just read a story of a woman from Chicago who was shot to death after returning from an anti-violence rally. What are the chances it was not a young, black male who pulled the trigger?
How to eliminate the BU? driftless2 isn't for segregation...but its segregation.
I don't want to go back to the days of segregation, but if the powers that be don't start dealing with this cancerous segment of the American population, some very bad reactions might happen. I don't think law-abiding Americans want to keep putting up with this craziness much longer.
Zenjitsuman counsels ethnic cleansing.
I would say each neighborhood needs to be leveled and the residence dispersed over a broad area to break up the criminal element.

Like Cancer its sometimes necessary to remove the bad growth
GBA feels Cliven Bundy has been proven correct - black people were better off as slaves than the hellhole of some of them being on welfare:
Cliven Bundy didn't say it very well, but I think he was talking about the results from trading the old legal slavery for the new legal slavery and my guess is that most of these 25 are the result of that trade.

Some would say these are where the road of good intentions has lead, to an unexpected, unanticipated and unintended consequence.

However, after reading history, from the many comments of LBJ to the many progressives before him and their use of human psychology against those they wish to control, these are the exact results they had intended, including the slavish way certain ethnicities vote for the demonrat party.

Give them some credit. This wasn't unintended or accidental. This is all by design.
Baynative wishes dangerous counted liberalsm.
The list given reflects on violence and physical danger. I’d add that places like Seattle, San Francisco, Miami metro, and other solidly liberal voting block districts are just as dangerous to our future.


  1. central_va continues to take this Chris Rock bit seriously:

    If you want to find the worst ares in a any metropolitan area, find Martin Luther King Blvd and take it.
    Central Va is right. MLKB are high crime areas..Ozymandiaus walk your little white girl ass down one of them and see what happens.

    1. Haha, I live in SE DC.
      High crime rates are still pretty damn low crime rates these days.

    2. Like a moth to a flame, anon1 comes in to defend the racists.

    3. Only speaking the truth..I have been on 3 MLKB and would not walk on any of them after dark..and neither would you. Reality hurts doesn't it?

    4. Not really, I just knew you'd be here to defend the racists.

    5. The comedian Chris Rock famously advised, 'If a friend calls you on the telephone and says they're lost on Martin Luther King Boulevard and they want to know what they should do, the best response is ‘Run!’
      So Euph is Chris Rock racist? That is his actual comment. Just pointing out the facts..

    6. anon1, do you know how jokes work? Sometimes people say what they don't really think for humorous purposes.

      By contrast, you are cleaving to an offhand anecdotal observation as a Serious Truth.

      Only one of you has something they are trying really hard to prove

    7. George Carlin once said, "I'll be honest with you, I don't stop for [red traffic lights] any more." Do you really think he routinely ran red lights?

    8. Sometimes people say what they don't really think for humorous purposes.

      Accept in this case

      Chris Rock on video..and the comment is even worse

      Poor little liberals can't even accept the truth..Like I said I have been on 3 different MLKB and would not be caught on any of them after dark

    9. You keep smugly insisting that your fear of MLK boulevards is universal.

      First, you are basing your argument on personal anecdote. Weak.

      Second, you seem to think Chris Rock was - for this one statement - being sincere. Weak.

      Third, I think your love of this joke is attempting to prove that we should fear inner city black majority areas. As I said above, I live in one. Am I more likely to get robbed than someone who lives in a suburb? Yes, but the odds are still pretty low - I've been living her coming up on 2 years, and not had a problem.

    10. What part of South eastern DC do you live in?? North or south of the river?

    11. As an interesting note, the best two sushi restaurants on my home town are on MLK Jr Blvd in my home town, right across the street from one another.


      The plural of anecdote is not data, etc

    12. I live by Potomac Ave Metro.
      Ya want to get a drink sometime?

    13. I live by Potomac Ave Metro.
      Based upon the google images and other info it appears to be a sorta artsy/gentrification area..not what I would call a ghetto.. house pics look ok..I can show you some real ghettos.

      Any area with a restaurant called the "The Pretzel Factory" can't be too

    14. Haha, nope, not a ghetto, though I've not seen that Pretzel Factory.

      But full of working class black people. Scaaary.

    15. But full of working class black people. Scaaary.
      I love working class black people..

    16. If you talk this way around them, I'm betting that they don't love you.

    17. Its time to stop blaming the Negro for acting like subhuman pieces of degenerate dogshit

      These MFs didn't swim over here from Africa, they were brought over by a bunch of greedy WASPS and then set free to terrorize future generations of Americans

      Great fucking idea WASPS

  2. mandingo euphgeekMay 8, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    Yay niggers!

    1. Yay racists hiding behind pseudonyms!

    2. 0/10 from trolling effort. See me after class.

  3. Oh, I see! It's not "being a racist" anymore, it's "being a culturist." Euphemisms make it all seem better.