Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saturday Pix

Obama photographed with Negroes - could this be his Katrina?
White Outreach, dressed in blackface.
Maybe more drama will stop Hillary!
You did a bad job with this photoshop, and you should feel bad.
Looking at Biden, I gotta admit I was amused.
This time, for sure!
Has there ever been a more loathsome conspiracy theory?
It's rough trying to hate Michelle for protesting those kidnapped girls in Nigeria, but Freepers can do it!
Freepers have moved from Red Dawn craziness to Death Wish craziness.


  1. Man, we're almost halfway through May and the freepathon is still crawling along at less than 50%! Sure, jimmy will "dump in the monthlies" soon but I'll bet he's feeling pretty darn desperate out in Fresno.

    1. If mesta machine's blog is to be believed, it sounds like the moderators have been killing off their donors (figuratively) one by one for the past decade. All that's left, apparently, are nutters with no money.

    2. MestMachine's most recent entry is a repost of a post from freeper BadJoe from over a decade ago.

      It really is a great summation of JimRob's ultimate cowardice ... his selfish fear of giving up any control whatsoever.

      FreeRepublic really did die with the election of George W Bush ... the body has just been decomposing in public since 2001.

      "Nutters with no money" is an apt description of the current state of FR.