Friday, May 23, 2014

Spotlight Friday: Cuban Leaf

I got a request for this self-proclaimed "radical libertarian" a while ago, but there was always someone else more crazy. Well, this is his day (sorry, cripplecreek, you gotta bring more crazy next week!). He's actually bought a cabin in Kentucky to wait for when Obama destroys America. He is a lot more open about his life than other Freepers, and his life is a combination of ordinary pleasant, and Freeper madness.

His Kentucky cabin:
Yes, Obama has definitely moved up the timeline. I will admit, however, that I bought my small farm in KY two weeks before the 2008 election partly as a “bug out” location (from Seattle) and I thought McCain was going to win.

Moved there in 2011 and absolutely love it. Western civilization may go down the tubes, but we’re having the time of our life up on our plateau. We’ve seen it as a “God thing” ever since we made the decision to buy it. It was the best choice whether things crash or not.
Just waitin' for America to fall:
I do not believe this country will survive the Obama presidency. I bought my small farm in central KY two weeks before the 2008 election, moved there in summer of 2011 from my home of 45 years, Seattle (where I had a good six figure income) and the history that unfolds before my eyes convinces me more than ever that it was the correct move.

We are living in a version of Dr. Zivago, without the love story. Our politicians are not the problem. The electorate is the problem.
He's voting for the Democrat in Kentucky:
I do. I won’t. For the second time in my life I will vote for a democrat.

The first time, btw, was in the early 70’s for Dixie Lee Ray as Washington state governor. She was one of the last of the conservative democrats up there. I liked her because she called out the anti-nuclear-power folks with actual reason and logic.
How to argue on the Internet:
One of my favorite comments to some of these guys is “That argument may have worked against a bunch of underclassmen that were ignorant on the issue, but in the adult world you need to use REAL arguments that can actually be supported by evidence.”

I only use that with the arrogantly ignorant, though.
Making liberals furious is a legit argument.
They use talking points. I was arguing homosexual marriage with a 19 year old mouthy liberal on facebook a few weeks ago. She shouts down her opponents, but in my case I made her look, literally, like a fool. How?

I explained my experience and research with the homosexual community in Seattle beginning in the late 1970’s, my following GRID (which became AIDS) and its history and impact on the homosexual culture, my reading the articles in the homosexual magazines in Seattle in the 80’s and 90’s, my relationships with many homosexuals there, a couple of which were actually friends. I then used that as background for my diatribe regarding the poison which is called “same sex marriage”.

Her response? I’m “ignorant”.

At that point I accused her of three things:
1. She’s projecting.
2. The absurdity of her comment exposes her lack of any arguments and dependency on talking points and bullying her debate opponents.
3. She is a textbook case of arrogant ignorance and may want to read up on the “behind closed doors” homosexual experience and get back to me.

Ignorant. Pretty funny.
He's been a smug asshole online for quite a while:
the progressives that I converse with on the internet have a real hard time with me because I call their silly notions what they are, with evidence to back it up. They like to call me names, at which point it’s fun to show them how silly they look.

Rinse and repeat. I’ve been doing it regularly since around 2005.
Before he was an asshole, he was a bike hippy in Seattle. Probably still smug, though.
When I lived in Seattle, I bicycle commuteed from about 1991 and 2005. My commute varied from 16 mile round trip to 80. I stopped doing it because cell phones and texting made it just too dangerous.
His family is conservative, but their religion is wrong:
My parents live south of there. Two of my daughters and my brother live in condo’s downtown. My third lives in a condo in Bellevue. I enjoy discussing politics with them. They are all conservative but liberal when it comes to Christianity. :-(
He wants a lot more fire and brimstone in his religion, as is normal for Freepers.
We are in agreement. To be clear I was basically implying that the left is Satan’s “useful idiots”.
Also, he sees God in everything:
I stopped believing in coincidences when I became a Christian in 1981. Time has tested the validity of that change of perspective and rewarded me handsomely.
Soon...RED DAWN, but versus Obama!
History repeats, but never exactly the same. The Jews were notoriously passive. In the US, the conservatives are the citizens with most of the guns and the training and will to use them.

It would NOT be pretty.

The daughter.
One of my daughters was “flirting” with it when in high school. I mean to the point where we were concerned about certain friends that would sleep over and she actually lived with her basketball coach and lesbian lover for a few months after running away (long story. She came back and apologized).

But at no time did I ever even entertain the idea of “living with it” and treating it as normal.

She ended up being straight and even had a college room mate (lesbian) that had a crush on her but my daughter would not have any part of it. I bring it up to point out that a LOT of her friends were lesbians in college and set up the next sentence:

She and I were talking about the “it gets better” movement. She said, “No, it doesn’t.”

If she was to have told me she was marrying a woman, I would have said that she is my daughter and I love her, but I will not support any sin in her life in any way shape or form. This would include homosexual relationship or even the relationship she has now (lives with boyfriend).
His ex wife
Even with my first wife, I was never a “hitter”. But “physical force” could be pretty broadly defined to include the action of husbands AND wives in most marriages at one time or another, especially in their younger years.

My ex pushed me so hard in the chest once tht she fell backwards on her butt. If that had been on camera and I had pressed misdemeaner domestic abuse charges and she was convicted, she could never own a gun.

But maybe this involves more serious physical force.
Are we Nazis yet? Vintage October 2013:
Oh, and the crash of Obamacare is just beginning. This is going to be a VERY interestin six months. Kinda like the first six months of this year were - only more so.

I feel a little like an anti-Hitler German in Berlin in early 1945. I relish at my fearless leader’s collapse, but then I see the Russian troops coming and, well, I guess you have to see the silver lining and long term.


  1. So he argues with teens on Facebook to feel intellectually superior while likely losing most of the arguments and convincing himself he won. What a guy.

    1. And while misusing apostrophes: My parents live south of there. Two of my daughters and my brother live in condo’s downtown.

  2. It's been my observation that those freepers who are the most "open"about their lives are the ones who are making most of it up or engaging in a little editing of actual events.

    Cuban leaf is more likely the "namecaller"on most discussion boards, and most often loses arguments to 19yos.

  3. Seems like he lost that argument to the teen girl.
    And his daughter is totally switch-hitting.

    1. Freepers who somehow create homosexual kids never seems to make it into their "Homosexual Agenda" discussions.

  4. "I feel a little like an anti-Hitler German in Berlin in early 1945"

    If he feels like a minority, he's wrong - weren't most Germans in that time that weren't actual goddamn Nazis hate Hitler?

  5. "My parents live south of there. Two of my daughters and my brother live in condo’s downtown."

    He has the audacity to call people ignorant when he can't understand the proper usage of the apostrophe?!

    1. If you had a six-figure income in a place as nice as Seattle, WA, why the hell would you ever move to Kentucky? I get it that it's cheaper, but he said he lived their for 40+ years. He must have liked something about it.

  6. Oh no you did-int!! CrippleCreek's mental illness is gold, Cuban Leaf is a piper in comparison. LOL