Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Too gay for the NFL

Poor Freepers. They're just beginning to internalize gay marriage to the point that each new decision gives rise only to grumbling, when they have to deal with another masculine front being polluted by gayness. And for the always visual Freepers the worst part is that when Michael Sam was drafted, he KISSED A BOY! And then, Obama called Sam, so Freepers could haul out the Obama is gay meme, which always makes them feel a bit better even as it makes them look ridiculous. wetgundog puts gay and gay together:
Obama gave him a congradulatory BJ.
Vaquero - cork soaker?
zer0 paying lip service to this fag, before he pays lip service to him....

win win for the cork soaker in chief...
Tax-chick knwos ain't nothing more disgusting than a Presidential phone call:
Eeeeeew. This is grotesque on so many levels ...
Rummyfan is sure Sam can't actually be good at football:
Two-forty-nine out of two-fifty-six. Methinks the league exercised a little pressure to get him selected. What team would willingly put this guy in their locker room? At best he’s practice squad material.
where's_the_Outrage? just hopes his teammates are homophobes:
He is going to have a very difficult time. Regardless of how talented he is, he needs his other 10 teammates.

The question can become, will his teammates play their hearts out supporting him, or can they help make him look bad?

He should have kept his mouth shut instead of making the draft about him.
yefragetuwrabrumuy also relies on the attitudes of the 1980s being operative today:
I have a sneaking suspicion that at first he is going to be on the disabled list a lot, then when other players are threatened to not hurt him, they will just avoid him, and run the plays on the other side of the formation.

In the final analysis, they will use “chicken logic”, that someone who is different for any reason is not a team player. And percolating that idea through their hyper-aggressive brains is going to result in something bad.
Texicanus join in the fond memories of smear the queer.
If real men who practised the art of of defensive mayhem were still playing in the old NFL, I would pay good money to watch them play “hide the pigskin” with this dude. It would add a new dimension to the game.
Yeah, Football has gotten less violent over time...

Erik Latranyi is sure this is all some sort of pro-gay propaganda conspiracy:
Let’s face facts.....Michael Sam is not an extremely talented player. He may have never been drafter, but he has an edge....a nation obsessed with everything except the content of his character.

Second, CNN and other liberal media put this out to make Obama look compassionate and conservatives as bigoted. You know a talking head will ask if Boehner or any GOP leader congratulated Michael Sam, implying homophobia....even if those GOP leaders sent out the politically correct statement.
Mouton proves projection is a real thing:
It insenses me that this POS does nothing but spend time worrying about fags, minorities, illegal aliens and every other bunch of out of the main stream elements of our society while the entire country is falling down on so many fronts. As some commentator said last week, he should spend less time owrrying about the NBA and more time worrying about Putin.
What the crap, Candor7?
Obama: “My tender lips are sweeter than Honey!”

( Wolverton Mountain is now Broke Back Mountain)

(The Hood: “ What it like, white boy, havin’ an in yo face black qeeyah fo’ pressydent?”)
I do love it when Freepers up their resentment by making up some infuriating minority that taunts them.

surrey's grandson was scarred:
He not only broke down in the arms of his skinny, white boyfriend, they were openly kissing. My 11 year old grandson was watching this and I honestly thought he was going to get sick.
SoFloFreeper wants someone to tell him who to boycott 'till God gets around to seeing what America has done to football and smites us:
I hope someone will let me know what corporations are the biggest spenders on NFL advertising, so I will, if the need or desire for a product or service arises, GO TO THE COMPETITORS.

I really have not watched more than one or two games since the Rush Limbaugh debacle with the NFL, so I cannot say “I will boycott watching the games”...I already have done so.

We have become so feminized (is that the word?) as a society it is disgusting. NO wonder the terrorists laugh at our weakness...no wonder Russia moves without fear of reprisal...no wonder our civilian leaders in defense are more concerned with embracing homosexuals than with protecting the nation...no wonder our borders are broken every day without fear.

America has turned her back on the Almighty, the little example in this “GAME” of football is just one example.

Judgement will ensue.
angcat is super angry Obama isn't paying attention to his pet issue:
Bluebird Singing sees evidence of Obama being a puppet:
This is the stuff President Jarrett keeps obama’s little mind busy with while ‘the powers that be’ engineer the destruction of America.

It’s obvious obama is glued to sports tv in between his teleprompter appearances. Consider the time he devoted to his brackets. Then, consider Sept. 11, 2012.
dfwgator - everyone knows gayness makes you bad at football:
Imagine how a player must feel knowing a fag was drafted ahead of them.
Oliviaforever continues to be amazing:
I am unable to clearly find America in End-Times Bible Prophecy.

Having been the most significant nation on Earth the previous 200+ years.

And that scares me more than a little bit. At a minimum, it appears we’ve be rendered rather insignificant at that point.

Perhaps we are seeing why (shudder).

It very well could be that a homosexual being picked in the last round of the NFL Draft could be a last straw.
Does Ouderkirk know what openly gay means?
I’m sure Bath House Barry wants to get a “piece” from him

Since Barry is now openly gay.


  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that at first he is going to be on the disabled list a lot,

    There is no DL in the NFL

    Let’s face facts.....Michael Sam is not an extremely talented player.

    Things are going to get very draftniky here...


    In short, he might work out as a DE. For now, he's reminiscent of Tim Tebow in that he makes headlines for social issues...both excelled in college...Tebow didn't make the transition to a pro-style QB and Sam has an uphill battle as a DE/OLB.

    I really have not watched more than one or two games since the Rush Limbaugh debacle with the NFL

    Ah yes, when he basically threw his coworkers under the bus for putting words in their mouths.

    Then, consider Sept. 11, 2012.


    Imagine how a player must feel knowing a fag was drafted ahead of them.

    "Well, he's the SEC DPOY and I'm not, so, ehh."

  2. OK...which poster on Freeper Madness is really Oliviaforever??
    Hahaha....you are right Ozy...she/he is amazing!!

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