Friday, May 23, 2014

A police state.

After going back and forth, it looks likes curtain for Butterdezillion, and her inability to understand the difference between possible and probable.

But she comes out as the victim here. After she criticized the moderators for putting her latest pet theory (about the assassination/fake death of someone tangentially involved with Obama's birth certificate) in "chat" and not "news," she followed up by questioning the Freepathons.

She was only suspended, but when she was back, certain Freepers smelled blood in the water.

These extremists tend towards bullying, and this is the culture you get - a place where running to the authorities to get someone kicked out is a hobby for a substantial minority.

You know, like the USSR, or Nazi Germany, or Pol Pot, Mao, etc. etc. The irony makes your teeth hurt.

butterdezillion starts out by lamenting Free Republic's culture, which is already a bad move.
Free Republic no longer seems to be a place where people can talk about non-approved subjects without having a lot of crap thrown in their faces. There are a lot of good people here but you probably won’t hear from them because a conspicuous band of buddies is already here stinking up the thread. If the stink won’t shut people up the gagging will start. I just don’t want you to be surprised when it happens. As long as the good people of FR are fine with it, this is the pattern everyone can expect. Very similar to how Obama’s regime has silenced the voices they don’t want anybody to hear.

Sad, because Free Republic has the best set-up and some of the best people, and could be a place of real resistance to this regime’s lawless conspiracies - many of which obots and “concern trolls” here once called “kook” until some in the MSM were able to report on some of the evidence. Stuff like rxsid mentioned - Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS-gate, NSA-gate, etc. All conspiracies, and all real.
LucyT then pulls this out:
Free Republic no longer seems to be a place where people can talk about non-approved subjects without having a lot of crap thrown in their faces.

Apparently you think Free Republic is a place where you are admired for your comment saying you want to spit on the Military.

You have no idea how many people were offended by your comment, and you've never had the decency to apologize.

Get off your high horse and stop criticizing people that don't agree with you.
LucyT explains that calling for a military coup just isn't what Free Republic stands for:
Whoa now, where did THAT come from??

As I recall, butter wanted the Military to “do something” about Obama, and the Military weren’t performing to *her* satisfaction. Then when she discovered things weren’t going her way, she wanted to spit on them.

Apparently butter didn’t, and still doesn’t realize she was calling for an overthrow of the United States Government, also known as a coup d’├ętat, and reminiscent of banana republics.
Greenperson wishes he'd seen the offending quote. Ah, well.
Well, since BDZ’s comment explaining the above is now deleted, no one will see what she actually meant.

I don’t know what to say to that; I wish I’d have seen it before it was deleted for whatever reason.
Fred Nerks sees what's going on:
She tried to explain but that wasn’t good enough. They won’t rest until they get rid of her.
fatima has a record that she won't post:
It just means that the conversations are dead rather than lively, because people don’t feel they can speak candidly. Sort of the same effect as the PC stuff all around us everywhere else, only it’s crept in here too. It makes the place less than it could be. If a person didn’t understand the process and dynamics they could get pretty discouraged, which is generally the purpose for the techniques that the regime uses to oppress people.

Some of us had hoped it would be different here. Had thought for a while that it WAS different here.

Guess that means no.Am I an Animal-no.Do I have a record of your insulting posts to Our Jim Yes.
humblegunner, naturally.
I thought anyone criticizing butters was supposed to be an enemy agent?

Now I haz a confused.
Wow, Fred Nerks seems both empathetic and wise!
OK, I’m outa here. When you are being set up butter, it’s a good idea to take their toys away. They are playing with you, and you continue to respond. You give them sport. You are being baited. Turn your back. Walk away.
Fred Nerks then narrowly escapes the zot:
If you people have a serious problem with the way I run FR, why the hell don’t you just go start your own damned site. No one’s stopping you.

Sorry you took it personally. Most of what I wrote concerned itself with the behaviour of some members for which you cannot be held responsible. But you might consider reigning in the favoured attack-dog. He’s out of hand and rabid.
BZ doesn't walk away. so, in comes Jim Robinson
I just need to know what’s allowable so I know whether it’s worth spending my time here.

It’s probably not worth your time then. Goodbye.


  1. So now it's not kosher to call for the military to "uphold their oaths to the Constitution" and overthrow the Obama regime?

    1. Apparently you can expect them to stage a coup against Obama, you just can't experience anything resembling anger when they don't. You have to think like a Stepford wife.

    2. I just had a thought about what the FR "army" would look like. Lots of old people with huge guns. I wonder if the whole of FR would last out the weekend.

  2. Butterdezillion was (is) a kook, but not an asshole.
    To get into Jimcompoop's favor, one must be both a kook and an asshole.
    This is why DJFatCoW, LoosiePoops, and humbledummy get away with all the shit they do.

    1. Usually giving JimRob (a lot of) money helps too

    2. Here's something interesting. Jim claimed $1000 from one of the us military commands. The only thing is, this was a check and checks have to be signed. Anyone have the power to sign $1000 to the crackpot on behalf of a military command?

  3. I think this is just part of a larger purge by FR against birthers. It appears that birthers have served their purpose, accomplished nothing, and need to be eliminated since Ted Cruz is now the messiah.

    1. As soon as someone "whiter" appears on the horizon they will dump Cruz.

    2. Doesn't even need that. All he needs is to say one wrong word. Think Rubio.

      Was having a discussion about RINOs with a few mates - most of them conservative/Republican. Only thing we could agree on is that anyone who does not mirror your positions down to the tiniest detail is a RINO, according to most of the far right.

    3. As someone who is frequently labeled "liberal," can I just say that purity tests piss off people like me on the left just as much as being called RINO must piss off people on the right? Liberaler-than-thou folks have always irritated me.

  4. Jimcompoop is getting ready to end the 'thon on a failure ...
    Dear FRiends: Please help us wrap up this FReepathon within the next week or so.

    He knows that even with the faking he's done so far, the 60% of goal he claims won't make it to 100% by the end of the month. Even with the remaining monthlies rolled in (probably later today), he's going to have to call it closed by June nowhere near to goal.

    1. I'd like to see this be the last begathon ever. There may be one or two more stops to pull out:).

      Jim now seems to have let the Nazists and the Pius-catholics into doing begging for him.

    2. And he's all out of legs.

    3. But he does have to the end of June. The first was jan-feb-mar, this is apr-may-june. He claims 78% now, but they have used up the monthlies.

    4. Yes, he does officially have until the end of June for this quarter ...
      but he wont let it go that long.

      His paid 'thon boosters pretty much have the agreement it will be two-months on, and one-month off. DJ and onyx did some heavy complaining last quarter when Jimcompoop let it go into March for a few days before faking it closed.

      Pretty much every reported donation from now until the end of May will be fake, as were at least a few thousand dollars worth of reported donations up until this point.

    5. Lol. A little more of the murky history of FR:

  5. The way they back off when Jim Robinson gets involved is entertaining if not sad. It's like watching All In The Family where Jim Rob is Archie Bunker and the offending posters are like Edith. Lol.

  6. More like he's OJ and they're Nicole.

  7. Freepers struggling with their remaining brain cells to understand the difference between the national debt and the deficit, and US history.