Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

txrefugee is sure duels would keep Republicans in power.
Back in the good old days when duels were fought, slime like these Democrats would have been shot at dawn. That kept politics and the gene pool cleaner than it is today.
Sacajaweau is sure Hillary Clinton is gonna pull a 'Dave.':
Hillary....You were absolutely certain you had the nomination the last time...and your own party skunked you.

I believe you are playing the party right now...and you're out to sc*** the party. No's just a matter who gets who first. Quick....faint....and it will be all over and the Dems will have to bring their candidate out of the closet....just like they did with Obama.
Robert357 prefers show trials to justice:
When Republicans take the House and the Senate there will be time for some very interesting ethics show trails in both chambers of Congress.
kearnyirish2 is sure everyone in America knows we're in a depression:
We’re in Depression II, IMHO. Some folks just haven’t realized it yet.

At this point everyone but government workers realize it. Dems are still in the game because their media has convinced people that it would be worse under white male Republican leadership. It is the only way the Dems can stay in business - lies.
Pilgrim's Progress has the next lot for a bang-up movie.
I know that there was a contingent of the White House secret service that was sent off to guard some lesserling. I keep getting this horrible feeling that something terrible happened during their absence.

I would not be totally shocked to find out that the White House has been wired with explosives which will be detonated during the next presidency . . . and 0bama will have their blood on his hands.

Truly do I hope that this is just some mindless crazy unfounded conspiracy theory . . . but honestly can we put anything past this man?
PLD - America's doom has been postponed once again!
The Clinton's will finish the job of destroying America if Obama doesn't finish..All these communist are from the same mold..They are all lying pieces of trash..
newfreep thinks not pissing of Muslims mean Obama loves Osama Bin Laden:
I’ve never read any criticism of obamatollah for ordering full koranimal rights to OBL - the leader of the 9-11 attacks on America.

What leader “honors” such an evil enemy?

Only a “leader” that sees OBL as his spiritual leader. That is treason.
Forward the Light Brigade explains that Hillary is too ugly to be President:
Hillary will never be President—I don’t think she will run—why?
1. She is too old and looks like an aging, mean, maiden aunt. Who wants to look at that for 4 years on TV?
2. Her record at Sec. of State has few (if any) accomplishments to trot out? Her reset with Russia was a failure on many levels.
3. Benghazai—I bet she cooked up the Video to cover her tracks. This going to look bad.
4. The Monica thing going to make her look like a woman who thinks of her career rather than a real marriage.
5. Rumors of her Lesbianism will not help her in the South.
6. Then there is Vince Foster—remember him?
7. Lastly—she is too close to Obama.
shibumi sees signs Boehner is a secret alcoholic:
From a lot of personal observations and experiences I can say that he has all the "tells" of an alcoholic.

He is also slightly past the age when cirrhosis rears it's ugly head and there are numerous other complications to consider.

Remember Ted Kennedy's last years? That's what he has to look forward to as hepatic encephalopathy takes its toll.

Putting aside that he's a total sellout to the Libs, it would be best for all concerned if he got out of the public eye. Now.
Nuc 1.1 thinks Hillary is the curse of God:
The only way Hillary will inherit the White house will be because God has turned his back on America.

I respectfully suggest it is we who have turned their back on God.
LyinLibs continues to think Obama is going down any day now:
Translation: Soros chose Obama’s successor and it’s not Boehner.

As heat dials up on NWO (via Benghazi) Hussein will be removed.

Arpaio revelations triggering Hussein’s removal as usurper is too damaging to NWO, so they’ll usher Hussein out because of ‘scandal, scandal.’

When Arpaio fraud announcements hit, Biden will be toast too. Next in line is Boehner but sounds like he took the money and he’s headed to the beach.
aquila48 does not like the Pope:
Can popes be impeached?
Free Vulcan seems to be projecting a tad:
Clift is that classic 60’s liberal boomer that thinks her 60’s experience makes her a member of the supersmart elite that is entitled to rule for life and beyond.

Now that’s she’s fading into the sunset, she’s irrelevant but hasn’t figured it out yet, so she goes around spouting vapid liberal conspiracy crap like this, thinking her pontifications will be the last word.

Stupid old bat.


  1. sc***? "Screw" is censored? Or did he just censor himself?

    1. Freepers think that spelling screw as sc*** or saying "eff" off is Christianly correct swearing.

    2. "eff off" doesn't offend many. "Screw" offends even less. FREEPERS!

  2. Freepers think that 1776 America was very similar to Game of Thrones.

    1. They *love* Game of Thrones. And also "Breaking Bad". You watch what kind of TV series people get caught up in, and you'll see some very curious things.

    2. I have to admit someone in 'Freeperville mentioned Portlandia. I decided to take a look on Netflix and fell in love with it.

  3. This could be fun.

    Title of opinion piece:"Christians have become the new Jews"