Friday, May 16, 2014

Spotlight Friday: Lurking Libertarian

I thought we could use a palate cleanser after humblegunner and Dead Corpse, plus, I think I feel a midweek Oliviaforever post coming in.

Anyhow, here we have a Freeper since 1998, a lawyer living in Southern California, seems pretty normal.

He is a party pooper, spending most of his time correcting Freepers when their enthusiasm moves them beyond the law, or sometimes facts. Not quite so tireless as Strategerist, he is still a trooper.

The judges you don't agree with? Reagan appointees.
These were not “liberal” judges. Of the three judges on the panel, two (Flaum and Manion) were appointed to the Court of Appeals by Ronald Reagan, and the author of the opinion was appointed a trial judge by Reagan and then elevated to the Court of Appeals by George H.W. Bush. All three are considered “conservative” judges by lawyers who practice in the 7th Circuit.
Olog-hai is undeterred:
Of course they’re liberals. RINO = liberal. Considered “conservative” by whom, other RINOs?
Upholding State laws does not make a court activist:
The states need to amend the Constitution so that the states can fire activist justices.

The ruling here (the one in the lower courts that SCOTUS didn't review) upheld a New Jersey state law.

What the NBA does to Donald Sterling has nothing to do with the Constitution:
Getting caught making an unacceptable remark needs constitutional review, not this 2/3 crap.

What part of the Constitution protects someone against the rules of a private club that he voluntarily joined?
And Sterling? Not a Democrat.
Donald Sterling is a Democrat.

According to the L.A. County Registrar of Voters, he is a registered Republican.
How the Census works
The Census Bureau made it clear they're counting everyone, not just citizens.

Exactly as the Constitution requires. Under section 2 of the 14th Amendment, only "citizens of the United States" can vote for memebers of Congress, but Representatives are apportioned based on "the whole number of persons in each State."
banning Black Mass at Harvard:
Allowing a Satanic Black Mass at America’s most prestigious university is a sin that offends God deeply and begs the question: are we still one nation under God?

Which other religions should be banned at Harvard? Islam? Scientology? Hinduism? Buddhism? Mormonism? Judaism?
To which right way right says:
I’m curious as to why the Muslims would want to name a mosque after Jesus, who rejected Allah and Islam (see Matthew 4:1-11).

Islam claims Jesus as one of their prophets, along with a number of figures from the Hebrew Bible (Noah, Abraham, Solomon, some others).
California has not been taken over by Hispanics:
Los Angles, San Antonio and Miami will never have anything but a Hispanic Mayor.

Los Angeles had exactly one Hispanic Mayor in modern times (Villaraigosa). His replacement is not Hispanic (actually, Garcetti claims to be 1/4 Hispanic, 1/4 Italian and 1/2 Jewish, but his electoral base is not Hispanics.)
Liberals don't like drones:
If it were Bush assassinating US citizens instead of Obama the left would have been apoplectic over it months ago.

It is the left (and particularly the ACLU) attacking Barron on this issue, although I won't be surprised if Rand Paul piles on. There is conservative opposition to Barron as well, but it focuses on abortion and gay marriage.


  1. No matter how many times you correct these people, they will still post exactly the same thing on the next thread.

  2. This guy might be my new hero. For a while.

  3. Wow...a Contrarian of the Contrarians? How is he still around?!?

  4. This one is good:

    I guess FRtards think Clay Aiken had his opponent murdered. Lol.

  5. Wait, what?

  6. Oliviaforever started a thread on Operation American Spring.

    1. That thread was pretty good (look for some of Olivia's comments, she's sly).
      Since the "American Spring" was such a bust, freepers are disavowing any connection (or even knowledge) with it, but you know it chaps their collective ass.

  7. Seems normal compared to freepers, but put him around us regulars and I'm sure the true libertarian insanity and sociopathy will come pouring out.

    1. The unemployed are living high on the hog off of benefits, social security recipients are greedy geezers (unless he happens to be one), government employees are evil, etc.

    2. Exactly.

      Anyone who's come across David M. Nierporent, and he smears his crap all over the internet so you probably have, will recognize the type.

  8. From today's offerings:
    Did these assholes actually forget that there was a guy named Bush in office who went on vacation for a month, received a briefing that said bin Laden determined to strike inside the US, and then told the messenger "OK, you've covered your ass"? What world do they live in?

  9. If all libertarians and conservatives were as honest and true to evidence as this guy, we would be so, so much better off. Of course that's asking too much, but, one can dream.