Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Benghazi doldrums

Freepers seem weirdly dissolute about the mainstream GOP and even general media returning to Benghazi. The threads are small for the most part, and the calls to execute Obama are not much more than a thread on Obama bowing to a robot.

At this point, it seems, Freepers demand such zealotry from the GOP that it autofails even before it begins. Even despite appointing ideologue Trey Gowdy does not give them hope. When it comes to Obama, Free Republic has become a place as much of despair as rage.

RandallFlagg is concerned the GOP may have made this political...
Did they PURPOSELY wait until now (An election year) so they can GUARANTEE that they get yelled at for making it look political?
Fear The People does not hold out hope:
Hillary has gotten away with murder, election fraud (was captured on film committing this felony), stealing, incompetence ($6billion lost on her watch), accessory to rape, pathological lying, perjury and more.

She will skate off cackling into the sunset once again.
Logical me laments that the House is full of cowards who won't go full Freeper:
Yeah, right. Select committee of ignorant cowards and nothing will come out of it. Even if the truth exposed that maybe some of the 4 could have been saved if the military acted and the cover up was a communists King Obama plan NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. America has turned into a garbage pile of fools running things.
Arthur Wildfire! March remembers that the GOP covered up all Bill Clinton's real scandals!
When Clinton was president, the real scandals got buried by Ken Starr and others. Remember Chinagate? The strange death of Betty Currie’s brother? Heck, even Vince Foster’s investigation was a scandal unto itself. And Republicans were in control of the House back then too.

Speaker Bone-head dragged his feet on this for a reason. He’s an establishment minion.

BUT ...

High speed communication can instantly transform a ‘nothing’ into something hot. No one really knows for certain how strong the Ruling Class actually is. My guess is that they are growing weaker over time and merely trying to brazen their way through while there’s any power left.
The Internet conspiracy-mill provides some hope...

Old Yeller is expecting Obama to nuke America:
I said it on another post, if Baraq becomes a cornered rat he will go scorched earth on this country and it will probably involve nukes.
Foundahardheadedwoman dares to dream:
Crank up the supenea (I can’t spell kat and spellcheck says I aint even close on this one)machine, get the sarge at arms reinforcements and dust out the cells. Put Trey and Gohmert on it and ban Cummings and lets crank up this circus. This should be entertaining to say the least. Am on my way to pick up all the Jiffy Pop I can find. Let the show begin.
bkopto hopes they just investigate whether Obama was having gay sex during Benghazi:
The questions I’d like answered: On the night of Sept 11, 2012:
1. Where was Bath House?
2. Where was Hillary!?
3. Where was Reggie Love?
Art in Idaho has an amazing list that would be the best end to the GOP ever:
Line em' up:

Special Select Committee on Benghazi

Special Select Committee on IRS Targets Political Enemies

Special Select Committee on Fast and Furious

Special Select Committee on 2012 voter Election Fraud

Special Select Committee on Failure to indict Holder for Perjury

Special Select Committee of White House control of the Main Stream Media

Special Select Committee on Solyndra and the other Green Energy Scams

Special Select Committee on Muslim Brotherhood corruption in the White House

Special Select Committee on subversion and sabotage of American Energy Policy

Special Select Committee on planned destruction and subversion of our National Defense Structure

Special Select Committee on the passage of Obamacare

Special Select Committee on Failure to enforce Immigration Laws

Special Select Committee on the anti-small business, anti-capitalism, anti free enterprise tactics of the Obama administration

Special Select Committee on Income Redistribution (Theft) policies of the Obama administration

Special Select Committee on Why the Funded Border Fence has not been built

Special Select Committee on Government Waste

Special select committee on the Planned Destruction of American Exceptionalism

Special Select Committee on the Planned implementation of the Cloward-Piven strategy at all levels of government and society

Special Select Committee on the subversion and sabotage of American Hegemony
subversion and sabotage of American Hegemony! This could be Obama's Katrina.

Only when somebody is held for treason and in jail for life will I be interested.

Until then, it is nothing more than another dog and pony show.


  1. I really do want to see the Democrats appoint NOBODY to this "special select committee", making it look like a real time and money wasting Republican kangaroo court.

  2. So...is FR simply burnout after beating the Benghazi drum for years?

    1. There's a million articles, so they're not burned out.

      But Constant disappointment has made them adapt. They now revel in how nothing will come of this - it feeds into their purge the GOP narrative rather than their hate Obama narrative.
      All that, AND they still get to hate Obama for Benghazi.

      Such winners, these Freepers.

    2. I whine too. Sean Smith were by way of being an acquaintance of mine. We crossed both professionally and on the SA forums - he temp banned me twice, me language is not the cleanest!

      I don't give a shit about where Obama or Hillary were that night. I want fucking heads on pikes.

    3. Whose heads on pikes? If you mean the terrorists that attacked the consulate, I agree.

    4. They are dead. I can hand on heart promise you that. Well - might have missed a couple of them. Can't always rely on the French, though they are pretty effective.

      I want the ones who failed to kick up security on a notable day and the ball-less asshole who obeyed a stand down order on pikes. You NEVER leave your peoples asses waving in the breeze. It's like rule fucking one.

      I know one of the recent talking points is along the lines of "We didn't know if we had enough time." You fucking go for it anyway. Sicily is 2 hours away - less if you are in a hurry, and find any pilot that doesn't beg for an excuse to gate her and go - and there is a massive US base there. Think they wouldn't run like hell at an overflight and maybe the odd round or two to discourage them? It would have bought some time. Not enough to save them maybe, but it incenses me to my core that it wasn't even attempted.

    5. Well, from what I understand, and I haven't paid much attention to this, every effort was made to get to them on time. And the ones who denied them the security they needed were Republicans whose attitude was "If Obama wants it, we say no!" So if you want their heads on pikes (figuratively), I am again in agreement.

    6. This is one of the few times I don't factor in politics. Don't give a shit which side of the aisle they are on. Get defensive about my brothers and my friends.

    7. I hear you, man. I completely understand. I just find it curious as to why no outrage on the right in this country over the many other consulate attacks in the past. Wait, no I don't. The outrage on the right was completely political. Mitt Romney wanted to make it the October Surprise that handed him the presidency and now Republicans just can't let it go because it infuriates them that Obama won a second term. So unless Republicans are willing to say they were at least partially responsible (when hell freezes over), I don't think anyone other than the terrorists themselves will ever be held accountable for the deaths of the four in Benghazi, unfortunately.

    8. There were plenty of outrage over the other attacks. It just got overshadowed by the jingoistic BS. I'm one who believes an oath goes both ways, and it is up to the highest power in the land to protect and defend those who have promised to protect and defend. Or at least bring their bodies home and give a fair and just accounting of what happened.

      Rarely happens - on either side, sad to say - but one can live in hope, right? It's OK. You get used to being a no account pawn after a while.

      Think the last president to stick his balls out for his troops was Pres. Clinton. Before that, JFK. Yeah - I know. Praising the enemy, as my conservative colleagues would say.

      Prove me wrong. I am a partisan person - it's a failing. Give me the choice of ideology and getting my brothers home - I pick my brothers every fucking time.

    9. I can respect that. And while Obama may not "stick his balls out for his troops" like you'd like to see, his actions do suggest he worries about his decisions involving them. He may just not communicate it enough, and maybe that's where his failing is. I just feel that Obama gets too much unfair criticism from the right, starting before he even took office.

      On a lighter note, I don't know if you watch MLP every week, but in my opinion, this was the funniest moment of the series by far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWS_MO1nKPo

      Normally, I'm not a fan of cringe comedy, but this went on so long and the facial expressions are great. Anyone who has a fear of public speaking can totally feel for Spike all the way through this.

    10. Pinkie Pies face makes me crack up! We get them a lot later than you do - licensing rights and stuff I guess. Showed my grandkids just now (they almost always come here for breakfast, since their Mom is heading to work and their Dad isn't home from work yet) and they were howling with laughter.

      Perfect timing, of it, too. Safi has a presentation to do to her class today and were in a bit of a panic. Big deal when you are 7.

      Thank you!

    11. Awesome! Always glad to share a smile and a laugh with someone. :-D

      Unfortunately, that video cuts off just before Pinkie Pie yells out, "Nailed it!"

  3. Obama's been blaming the wrong people