Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Potpourri

lentulusgracchus worries Hillary will start assassinating everyone on accounta the Benghazi hearings:
Watch for if Hillary Clinton is subpoenaed to testify in front of Congress. If that happens, it could turn really ugly and could effectively end her chances at the Presidency in 2016.

.....and bodies of Republican congressmen could start floating around Chesapeake Bay in numbers.

Look up "Arkancide".
himno hero has a theory as to why the Obamas seem against kidnapping girls to sell them into sex slavery:
... or ensure the death of more Christians by leaning onto the muzzies.

Best thing? Indirectly send them $10,000, 20 0r the girls into safety, then give them a drone firestorm.

Why risk Christian American lives? Oh... I forgot... we are talking about the ill bred nObama.
RoosterRedux can't believe Chelsea Clinton ever earned her PhD.
Considering her family, she’ll never be able to establish that such degree isn’t purely honorary.
drypowder thinks Russia and China have been secretly attacking the US:
This may sound implausible but with the obozo in the WH, Russia and or China have free rein to attack US interests without fear of any reprisal. I’d bet that Obozo would quietly cheer them on.
Rebelbase's son is studying it out.
My older son discovered it when researching liberalism as a mental illness.
drypowder was rejected from jury duty for too much truth:
She exudes TRUTH every time she speaks!

Recently I was rejected from serving on a jury when I asked the defendant's (an illegal immigrant) court appointed attorney why the charges didn't included the defendant being in the country illegally?
Attention Surplus Disorder may have just discovered Devo.
I note the author says nothing about whether evolution as described proceeds forwards or backwards. My belief is that it is becoming retrograde and much of what formerly passed as “advanced civilization” is actually going backwards. And yes, it can definitely go quickly.
Speaking of devolve:
- calypso lyrics :

“If you want to be happy for the rest of your life
make an ugly woman your wife…”

- Clinton & Obama must be very happy when the alarm clock goes off and their eyes open….

Covenantor also finds all the female Democratic leaders super ugly:
crikey! Where does the Democrat Party find these creatures? Vietor, Sibelius aka cruella, Barbara Milkulski, a lesbian R2D2 wannabee, Pelosi et al. It's like a line up of a Star Wars casting call rejects.

"Sorry. We can't use you, you're too strange to be Jaba the Hutt, Jar-Jar Binks and we sure as hell can't use you in the cantina scene."
Huskerfan44 has the recipe for good government:
Nothing except can kicking will happen unless a short and simple Constitutional amendment is in-acted:
All politicians and appointees - You Lie, You Die.
Democrat_media is such a dick!
0bama himself is just an empty suit, a tool. Valerie Jarett, the baby eating alien lizard in human form, gives him his orders that she cooked up with David Axelrod. I don’t know how much influence he still exerts, but the lizard lady is definitely the brains behind this.

bull , Obama is the head of the snake

you seek to protect obama .
Fantasywriter explains Obama's character:
Obama cannot function w’out his target of choice for mockery, ridicule, blame & overall hatred. For that, he uses/needs conservatives. If a subset of that group decided to believe Obama over their own honest eyes, the jokes & ridicule would not even diminish, much less cease. Joking about & mocking conservatives is Obama’s smokescreen/safety blanket. He could no more stop than a parasite could exist without its host. If he even tried to stop [which he never would] he would either drink himself into a public stupor (from the anxiety of losing his scapegoat/lifeline) or he’d act so freaked out his poll numbers would drop into the twenties...within a week.

Bottom line, you’ve got all this exactly backwards. You think Obama mocks birthers because we’re dupes. In fact, he mocks because that’s who & what he is, & that’s the only way he knows of deflecting blame/surviving. He is a weak person, but he’s also a very nasty, mean-spirited person. He is the one you should blame for his idiotic ‘jokes’, not his targets. He made the choice long ago to act like a jerk, & the MSM gives him constant cover. For that, he takes the entire blame—or should, for anyone w a modicum of honesty & a couple of functioning brain cells.

Hope this helps in your quest to think like a conservative. You have a long road ahead, but it’s not hopeless. Just reverse everything you now think & say, & you’ll be well on your way to a victorious conversion.
Larry381 has honed his misogyny against Peggy Noonan to quite an extent:
Well gee Peggy baby-could it be you and the other ninety-nine percent of the crooked media were wrong about the brown prince when you all crawled up his ass and supported him because it was the "in" thing to back then?
If you were so wrong - how about that apology you female POS!
Female shit is the worst kind of shit!

bert thinks the Clintons may be involved in sex slavery:
Nigerian girls are sold as sex slaves in Chad........

Hillary’s fault

Given her track record one wonders if she or perhaps Chelsa received a kick back from the slavers
skinkinthegrass knows Obama is secretly for sex slavery:
you can bet; pResident 0'Muslim was cheerful about these attacks in Africa.
fwdude - Ultraviolent Syphilis would make a good punk band name:
Could this be the ultraviolent type of syphilis on steroids? The homos have been giving this virus a good workout.
bert wants Lois Lerner to be stripped of her citizenship, given a fair trial that finds her guilty, and executed:
by using the federal government as a cudgel, a club, to knock citizens senseless, she has forfeited her right to be deemed a citizen

She must be tried and then executed for her crimes against the Republic. her death must be an example to all that follow.
Amendment10 thinks the Pledge of Allegiance is socialist.
As a side note to this thread, patriots may want to consider the following which I regard as a problem with the Pledge. More specifically, not only was the Pledge written by a socialist, but using terms like "one Nation" and "indivisible," the Pledge is arugably pro-big federal government propaganda.

In fact, note that Thomas Jefferson had written that the states were to regard each other basically like individual nations while foreign nations were to regard the states as one nation.

"The true theory of our Constitution is surely the wisest and best, that the States are independent as to everything within themselves, and united as to everything respecting foreign nations." --Thomas Jefferson to Gideon Granger, 1800.

The bottom line regarding the Pledge is the following. It's bad enough that parents aren't making sure that their children are being taught the federal government's constitutionally limited powers. But on top of that parents want their children to recite the Pledge which arguably contradicts the idea of a constitutionally limited power federal government.
The Freeper pledge is just shouting "Under God." Tupelo on the slow history of America's subjugation:
This has been coming since 1900 with an occasional push-back. Now due to the complicity of one party and the timidity of the other, the Federals are damn close to completely subjugating us all
SandwicheGuy doesn't want no Bible in the way of his righteous Internet rage:
Kill them now, kill them slow or fast, I don't care, but kill them. Don't talk to me about shades of gray or "Taking the Bible seriously."
freefdny is in a debate about exactly how the Koran is evil:
Apparently you can interpret the Koran (choose your own spelling) to mean anything you want it to. Now THERE’S a document to live by! If you want to kidnap, torture, rape, and sell young girls, just say the Koran COMMANDS it.

Actually I think his interpretation of the koran is spot on. That’s exactly what it says to do.
Mastador1 is unhappy the Federal Government hasn't prosecuted V. Stiviano for violating California law:
Of course with zero and holder you know that little missy will never be prosecuted for the illegal recording and dissemination of a private conversation, and hell she gonna be president anyways.
Ouderkirk on the political benefits of the death penalty:
The whole point for the left is that they want to eliminate capital punishment.

Further, they want to give convicted felons the “right to vote” , from their prison cells if possible.

It is all about execution at least notifies the world that this potential democRAT voter is no longer available.
rarestia starts by saying the Democrats are the real racists, and ends by assuming all blacks are criminals:
He’s one of the first truly visible media pariahs in the coming race wars, and it’s hilarious because this guy was a Democrat in the vein of Robert “KKK” Byrd.

My 83 year old grandfather, an Obama supporter, told me, “This is what we were taught as children. This was socially acceptable when I was in my 30s.” I was never raised a racist or taught to believe that blacks were inferior to me, but having been bused to a majority black high school in the county’s efforts to “balance” racial quotas, I learned through EXPERIENCE to fear them.

That’s what this is about, it’s about intimidation. Blacks in this country have been emboldened by Obama and a black AG who won’t prosecute blacks for what they deem not to be hate crimes. As such, they’re taking all the liberties they can, because society, specifically the media, is going to kowtow to them out of fear of being called racist.

I’m not afraid to be called racist anymore, because I know I’m not. When a majority of prisons are filled with a specific race, that’s called playing the odds. When a majority of out-of-wedlock births are linked to a specific race, that’s called an unassailable statistics. When a majority of violent crimes and property crimes are committed by a specific race, there’s a reason whites avoid certain areas of a city and choose to settle down in the suburbs. We’re not racists, we’re paying attention. We’re trying to survive just like any other human being, regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, or otherwise.
rarestia is talking about the 0Obamacare numbers, but the principle is quite generalizable:
While I don’t have empirical evidence to support my claim, I don’t believe this to be true.
ansel12 is not a fan of Obama's "libertarian" foreign policy:
The important thing about the Ukraine for us is that Putin is exposing Obama for the fool that he is.

Obama is giving us a chance to see libertarianism in practice, we haven't had a chance to observe true libertarian foreign policy and national defense beliefs, since Jimmy Carter.
Ouderkirk explains why John Boehner has been subverted:
It just makes me wonder what kind of dirt the RATS have on John Boehner.
This is what is daughter married and you wonder why he's basically a democRAT and won't challenge Obastard



  1. What in the hell did Boehners daughter see in that freak? Looks like green eggs and ham dude. She must really hate daddy...or maybe a severe case of white guilt.

    1. So much for loving working black people...

    2. No I laugh at freaks..and very few people would be proud to have that dude as a a SIL

    3. think he's a "freak"...because of his hat? And because of his hat Boehner's daughter has "a severe case of white guilt"? And you think you're not racist because...?

    4. think he's a "freak"...because of his hat?

      well coming from a guy who is a broney...

    5. Have you even made it through puberty yet?

    6. Have you even made it through puberty yet?
      LMAO coming from a 40 + age guy who watches a 3-6 year old girls show..

    7. So I take it the answer is "no".

    8. I bitch slapped you on my previous comment.

    9. So once again you admit that the answer is "no".

    10. Have you even made it through puberty yet?

      If I'm out of puberty am I too old for you? Sorry to disappoint you but I am an adult..don't forget you are on a adults website not the brony ones you visit.

      Brony site that a way-------------------->

    11. Euph and Ozy..I'm out of last post..neither of us will change the other so no point in arguing.

      Have a good one.

    12. So anyone who likes a children's TV show must be a pedophile, correct? Does that mean that anyone who watches CSI is a murderer? Or anyone who watches The West Wing must be the president?

    13. ..neither of us will change the other so no point in arguing.

      The point of arguing isn't always to change the other person's mind. Your problem is that your arguments suck and you make yourself look ridiculous, not to mention racist, in the process. EC and I don't always agree on everything, but we still respect each other's point of view.

    14. We pretty much rarely agree :) ! Still, it's fun to talk about these things. And yep - the key is respect.

      I only really got two main red lines (to borrow a famous though now impotent phrase.) Hurt kids, I'll kill you. Hurt my family or friends, I'll kill you very slowly. It's a simple philosophy.

      Reminds me - owe you a response somewhere, but I can't find it. Bit bleary - been puking all weekend. Damned food poisoning.

      Hope your weekend were WAY better.

    15. Are you talking about the one on the "Hating the GOPe" post where you were saying that Obama's spending is much higher than Bush's?

      Hope you feel better soon.

    16. By the way, here's an animated gif of an actual scene from the last episode of MLP. This is a show for 3-6 year olds?

  2. Or, just maybe, he's a really nice guy who treats her well.

    1. Let's see how long the marriage last

    2. Yes, because no marriage to a man in a tall hat could ever last. Because tall hats cause white guilt.

    3. Read up on his daughter..she has issues.

    4. Anyone who has a Republican for a father would.

    5. Anyone who has a Republican for a father would.

      Yeah leftist Hollywood and democrats politician kids are so normal.

    6. Democrat politician kids get things like PhDs. Hockey mom kids get things like knocked up in a tent on a camping trip.

    John McCain's son...
    Sometimes it just happens that way.

    1. No problem..looks like a classy black women... would be proud to have her as a dil.

    2. What if she were to put on a tall hat? Would you still think she's classy then?

    3. The hat goofball was wearing? hell no.

    4. Well, maybe you'll see things differently when (or should I say "if") you grow up.

    5. anon1, no problem here either. That was the point. Ain't no accounting for how or why. It just is.

  4. I was a Florida delegate to the RNC in 2012 and I was a little embarrassed when people next to me shouted "UNDER GOOOODDDD" during the Pledge of Allegiance. It certainly wasn't the first time I was embarrassed as a Republican though.

    1. It's not like the Democrats were covered in glory themselves re: religion in the 2012 convention.

      I mock the right because mocking the left would be to embarrassing for me.

  5. As someone who plays a bit of TF2, that's one crazy hat.

    1. What's odd about it? Guy's Jamaican. He's got dreads. Has to stash them somewhere.

    2. Son in Law is Jamaican. He prefers the wider, flatter hats. Mom knits them for him :)

  6. "Euph and Ozy..I'm out of last post..neither of us will change the other so no point in arguing."

    Why am I not convinced that this will be the last post.

    1. I too am skeptical. Dear god, please let this be the first non-bullshit thing anon1's ever posted.

      (spoiler: there is no god and anon1's full of shit)