Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Global cooling

The GOP is pretty uniform in it's declamation of anthropogenic global warming. But most of the more mainstream in the party merely challenge the man-made aspect. A few loons challenge the very existence of any sort of long-term warming trend.

Leave it to Freepers to go one step further. They found some website from 7 years ago talking about global cooling, and get pretty excited.

spokeshave lays out the serious facts:
...Obama issues an Executive Order to the Sun... increase it's magnetic field....

and make a good crop of sunspots before elections in 2016....

( -- Sunspot formation is triggered by a magnetic field, which scientists say is steadily declining. They predict that by 2016 there may be no remaining sunspots, and the sun may stay spotless for several decades.

The last time the sunspots disappeared altogether was in the 17th and 18th century, and coincided with a lengthy cool period on the planet known as the Little Ice Age....and lasted 400 years.

Good luck surviving with no electricity and GE modified seeds.
Paladin2 reacts:
Turn off the heat and A/C in the White Hut for the next 12 months.
Paladin2 follows up with more specific hatred.
Ground the Moose.

Halt the Splurges.
logi_cal869 goes all cloak and dagger:
I hope this guy has good security.

With multiple $Billion$ at stake, there are quite a few global private & public entities (foreign governments & corporations) that might want a pariah to ‘have an accident’ say nothing of domestic.

Sounds like a plot for a good book/movie, but I think he’s spot-on.
jsanders2001 expects persecution:
It almost looks like a spoof website. If the guy is real you can be assured he will be audited and harassed to no end by the leftists especially if his evidence has any merit to it. The Truth is the enemy of the Left.
Rebelbase thinks the website is enough for Obama to assassinate him:
Mr. Casey’s chances of being Briebarted just increased exponentially.
No one dies these days without Obama causing it.

cripplecreek's partisanship is better than any almanac!
I’m planting primarily for a cold summer this year. Half as many tomato plants, lots of broccoli, cabbage, and root crops.
nascarnation is just really happy that someone says liberals are wrong:
LOL this is great!

I do know one thing for sure. When the SHTF and it takes a lot of real labor to keep warm in the winter, the entitlement army will migrate south.
Democrat_media buys the whole thing
the cooling is exposing that the democrats’ lie called global warming is a lie democrats told us to keep us small and grow socialism
Truth? Whatevs - maximizing Democratic wrongness is job one!


  1. "The Truth is the enemy of the Left." Which is why so many on the left are creationists, right? Oh, wait...

  2. My FIL, who could be a Freeper, told us last night that global warming was caused by our position in the Milky Way. Not the sun, but the Milky Way.. It was something, something, closest position to something in the Milky Way in 26,000 years. I'm done arguing about global warming... just finished!