Friday, May 30, 2014

VA head Eric Shinseki's resignation

Personally, I don't think this helps. Certainly some of those district managers who knew about it should be fired, and possibly brought up on charges - what human being can do that, especially to veterans? But the problems are systemic, and Shinseki has the experience to try and fix them. But with bipartisan calls for his ouster, I also understand why it had to happen.

The right-wing media has been asking for him to leave for a while, but Freepers naturally blame Obama for hating the military. So now they have a scalp, but have no idea what to do with it. Plus, no Rush today. So they're all over the place.

luvbach1 just makes a racist joke:
Finally falling on his sword. Oh, I forgot, he’s Nisei.
Conservative Gato is sure this is persecution of conservatives:
It's because the dems, libs, don't care. Vets historically are not a dem or lib voting bloc so they are treated as such.

We're supposed to be a government for the people, by the people but it has evolved in the last 100 years, to a government for the voting blocs of dems, libs, for the voting blocs of dems, libs. Everyone else be damned.
Hoodat is already ready to hate his successor:
What unqualified hack will be nominated to take his place?

Good question. Without exception, every single time someone has stepped down from a position in the Obama Administration, that person has been replaced by someone of even lesser competence.
NKP_Vet preemptively rages that a white man would do the job best:
10 to 1 says he either replaces him with a retired BLACK general, or a female, who will of course be asian or black. The head of the VA is one of those gubment jobs that under Obummer will always be a minority hire. And if the liberals favorite disabled vet by the name of Tammy Duckworth wants to resign from her Congressional seat it will be her. She’s the best of all worlds, female, disabled, half-asian, and of course an Obummer stooge. That she has no experience at all in health care matters not. You see the Kenyan never uses experience in the field when picking someone for high paying gubment jobs. He knows he had no qualifications for president and was still elected, not once but twice, so he picks his minority buddies for top level jobs, experience be damned.
molson209 turned on the announcement, but the muted it. Take that, Obama!
Ya , Obama is BLAH BLAH BLAHING on mute now
onyx, as she does, saw deep into Obama's soul:
I only caught the latter part, (Thank You, Lord,) but he was pathetic.

He was not comfortable, (never is when he talks about our veterans or our military).

I despise the Marxist liar.

God bless and keep our veterans and our military.
NonValueAdded thinks this problem started in January 2009:
5 years of ineffective command, this was 4.5 years too late.
ilgipper also wants to blame Obama:
This is an Obama appointee, and he failed....the results...American veterans suffered and died. This needs to be repeated over and over.

Hang it around Obama’s neck and don’t let him squirm out of it.
DCBryan1 bolded his witticism for us!
Good. Shinseki can go hang out with disgraced, lying, fellow Retard General "Weasely Clark".
Gaffer's still angry. Shocker.!
chessplayer is sure liberals are blaming Bush. I blame Reagan, myself.
Libs heads exploding in anger and outrage everywhere for him resigning over a problem they say Bush and the GOP created. They still claim Bush and the GOP refused to fund the VA hospital system.
Qwackertoo has a political ad suggestion:
The GOP elite and Reince Priebus are too afraid. Somebody might call them a racist.

They need to campaign on Always Do The Right Thing . . . no matter what . . . not the Obama Political Chicago Way Thing.
C210N really wants Obama for this.
I would have preferred to have given Shinseki a lifetime appointment in exchange for it being 0’s resignation. Could be an actual solution to the VA problem, and a host of others as well.
Qwackertoo is ready with the talking point of last week:
It makes me so sick. Illegal aliens and Gitmo prisoners get Cadillac Care compared to our brave and precious veterans who have been allowed to DIE.
Oldexpat just ties this in to all the bad Obama things, but ends with a message of hope:
There is just no doubt that the Regime has more concern’s about the health care of illegal aliens than vets. Just look at them scrambling to take care of the flood of kids and families coming across the border with little thought of deporting them..instead they are looking for more funds to give the housing, food, medical care and social workers. That money should be going to help our Vets.
At the same time the VA is stone walling Congress(the people) just like the IRS, DOJ, State Dept, EPA etc. The bureaucracy has no intention of letting the people know what they are really doing...and no intention of changing their methods of operation.
The GOP seems powerless, even with the purse strings, to stop them.
Without the Teaparty it would be hopeless..but we stand a chance of turning things around.
ChildOfThe60s thinks Shinseki was going to retire anyhow. After some Googling, I think he made it up.
BFD. Now the Dems will say it’s fixed and the media will refuse to cover it. Obama will skate again.

Besides, he had announced his intent to retire well before the scandal broke. It means nothing.
NonValueAdded knows why this happened today!
BTW, Limbaugh news effect ... the big guy goes on vaca and something major ALWAYS seems to happen. Why, it’s almost as if they wait for it!
Given Rush's hours, I think this means waiting till Friday for bad news? Always due to Rush.

WMarshal - undirected firings is the best management strategy:
The government needs to “go Roman” on these failed bureaurocracies and practice decimation. When a bureaucracy fails as bad as the VA it should have 10% of the entire staff fired with no pension. The president should role a 10-sided dice in front of the press and anyone with a social ending in that number is done.
QT3.14 just goes off on Hillary:
...or some other liberal talking points.

Like HC's "Cancer of Inequality," she spoke of the other day.

Hopefully the majority of voters will wake up and take heed to what Don Surber said: "...the American people have had it with the House of Clinton. She’s an old hag and he’s a limp corndog.
reasonisfaith thinks firing people is an Alinsky tactic:
Stop picking targets, freezing, personalizing and polarizing them.

Fixing the VA includes firing Shinseki so the next guy knows he can’t commit the same wrongdoing.
reasonisfaith knows who to blame - postmodernism!
One of their chief strategies is to kill accountability. Postmodernism has advanced this quite a bit.
The occasional right-wing war on postmodernism is pretty funny, since they clearly have no idea what it means.


  1. He was in charge. There was a distinct failure to focus the VA on what it is meant to do and that is his fault and his problem. Seriously, when administrators bonuses depend on wait times, you have a duty to audit them constantly to make damned sure they are not fudging the figures. A general should know that better than anyone.

    I like the guy. He's honest enough, honorable, and seemed to be a good choice to head up the VA. He just didn't keep his subordinates on a short enough leash and is now paying the price.

    P.S - Jay Carney also quit today. Not hugely surprised - he's been showing signs of burn out recently from having to spin the unspinnable.

  2. I have something about Carney going up in an hour.

    I get that military honor requires that the chief should resign. But practically, it's not the best way to reform things.

    In the end, it's a political decision anyway, so neither pragmatism nor responsibility will win the day.

  3. Agreed- it's politics rather than sense. Still, it were bound to happen. It just depends if lessons are actually learned or if this firing is "oh, it's been fixed."

    For a small bit of amusement have a peek at

    Freepers are big on getting government out of helping people, yet are surprisingly uncharitable about things that may hurt their own back yards.

  4. HAHAHHA......DJMACWOW..uses it as a donation plea!!

    1. Jim Robbington IIIMay 30, 2014 at 9:48 PM

      Jeff Chandler then gives a true but snarky response and is immediately zotted.

  5. He riled up DJ but he's not zotted. He's got one of those fake profile pages like Humblegunner.

  6. If About ~ Links ~ Contact ~ In Forum ~ is still on the profile page, ain't no ban. And a lockout would say so&so hasn't created an about page. In other words...jimfraud.

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      My bad. I'm still learning all the intricate profile details at FR.

    2. :) Well looking at your nick I'd say you know more about the true intentions and workings of FR than any loyal Freeper.

  7. "Finally falling on his sword. Oh, I forgot, he’s Nisei."

    Will somebody explain what the heck he means by that? I'm guessing something related to Japanese ritual suicide, but I still don't get it. Is he implying they don't tend toward that, or that they do, or too much or not enough? And seriously, using NESEI of all people as the brunt of an apparently racist (I guess, that's what you said) joke? He should google Daniel Inouye, that ought to shut him up.

    Oh right, he was a democratic senator after the war ended. Makes him a traitor in his eyes, I guess.