Friday, May 9, 2014

Spotlight Friday: humblegunner

On the left. That's Lazmatazon the right.

Don't worry guys, the Free Republic posting police are here!

I remember when he was just another one of those catty doctrinaire Freepers, but these days he's eschewed politics for a fulltime job making sure Freepers don't post blog posts or typos.

Oh, and he's got JimRob's ear, so you'd better do what he says or you'll get zotted like Butterdezillion!

Yeah, his obsession is to the point that he alienates potential Freepers.

Hey, newbie...
Welcome to Free Republic.

Is this your blog?
Hey, not-newbie
Hey Leo, what caused you to excerpt your own blog?
Linking to blogs encourages sloth, or something:
In this case there are numerous excellent links that may be hard to repost here?

Not hard.

I guess we owe him hits because he is either lazy or ignorant.

And when you reward laziness and ignorance.. you get what?

More of it.

Well played.
Oh, and watch the duplication, or you'll get the condescension of a lifetime!
“MODS: If this is a duplicate, please remove.”

Search is your friend.
Watch the spelling!
Wow you’re like an English teacher.

Wow you don't notice mistakes?

Wow you think we should just ignore them?
Enjoying a zot.
He sounds like a bit of a Paultard too.

Alas, poor Flame Retard, I knew him... briefly as a Paultard.
A brief, non posting-police related post on how the Pyramids were built:

I’d always pictured Michelle Obama hip-bumping them blocks into place.
In previous years, he mostly posted about women:
Nothing in your post indicates a need for a pre nup at all.

Err... this right here:

My nephew and his squeeze are talking marriage.

That's enough. Protect yourself from evil angry be-yotches.
Sandra Fluke:
She’s a slut, and Limbaugh is stooping to her level in making this statement.
Governor Sanford's hiking the Appalachian Trail affair:

Yuck! And you wonder why he strayed?

But these days, he rarely posts about politics:
I don’t see much original material coming from you.

Maybe because I'm not here to pimp a blog and score hits.

Why do you care?

Maybe I just don't like seeing weasels use Free Republic as an advertising tool.

Maybe that.
He's a detective:
You seem to post a whole lot from a single “author”:

Why is that?
But doesn't take it too seriously.
Don’t you have anything to do besides hassling blog whores?

I'm on a mission from God.
Well, except that he's super obsessive about it

After the above, he now hates more mainstream conservative media as well:
What an informative sentence.

Too bad the rest is on your Examiner blog, and no decent people should go there.


  1. I've never been less surprised by a picture

    1. Tell the truth, I always thought humblegunner was a woman...

    2. Seriously-looks like the less intelligent Nugent brother.

    3. They're in desperate need of some good dental work. Can't say I'm surprised.

    4. Dental plan!
      (Lisa needs braces)


  2. On the other hand, one of is favorite targets is Wintertime. There's a little bit of good in everyone.

  3. humblegunner looks like "GET A BRAIN MORANS" best friend

  4. Also, holy crap, Butterdeziillion's blog is So much rambling. Ignoring the awful looking blog, it's just...I can't say anything but so much tin foil.

  5. What finally drove JimRob to zot Butterdezillon? I mean she couldn't get anymore insane. I wonder if this will all fit into her confirmation bias mindset?

    1. She's actually been un-zotted, but she hasn't made any new posts since then. I believe the reason she was zotted in the first place was that she wouldn't shut up about her conspiracy theories about Fuddy, even after a warning from JimRob.

    2. Well, it's a bit of a long story. She's been focused for a while on the death of Hawaiian Health Director Loretta Fuddy in a plane crash. Of course, BZ has a convoluted explanation for what really happened. It involves faking a plane crash (actually faking two plane crashes), pre-positioned ninja divers and other signs that Butter has watched waaaaay too many episodes of Mission: Impossible.

      To "prove" her convoluted claims, she has spent countless hours slowing down video taken by one of the passengers from the aforementioned plane crash and staring at hundreds of blurry screenshots. She then repeatedly attempted to post her analysis in the "news" section of FR because the video had been shown on Good Morning America and Nightline. The moderators objected to this, moving her first posting to "chat." She got into an angry discussion with a moderator because she felt she was discussing a news item. She openly wondered if the mods of Free Republic had been infiltrated. She attempted to again post another one of her blog posts in news, only to have the moderators move it and appending things like "please make it stop" as a subtitle. At this point JimRob got involved and told her to stop posting conspiracy crap without evidence. She countered that there were many other things posted on Freep that would pass that smell test. She then started threadjacking and trolling other posts, denouncing things like the IRS scandal as mere conspiracy rumours that should be dismissed. She kept an on again off again argument over her Fuddy theories with humblegunner going too. She eventually pissed off a mod enough that she got suspended for a week. A little over a week later, she returned to trolling again and again got in a spat with humblegunner. She committed the deadly sin of mocking the grift. This time she was zotted with no notice.

      She's actually unzotted right now but she hasn't returned to posting since her last zot.

    3. I imagine its probably more a case of her being "unpersoned" by Jimcompoop on FR.

      "Unpersoning" a poster is a little game he plays when a zotting gets too many complaints ... their profile gets to remain, making it look like they've been unzotted, but they cannot log in, post, or read or send freepmail.

      He's done this to MestaMachine recently, and many other freepers in the past.

    4. Thanks ay-nony-noy. It's a fine way to run a cult isn't it?

    5. Speaking of cults, I think Fantasywriter is becoming the new Butterdezillion. Whatta rant!
      Obama is responsible for birtherism because he mocks birthers. Or something.

    6. Its amazing how in all of Freep I made special note of that post as well.

      You'll be seeing it on Monday!

  6. Photo of HG and Laz can kill two birds with one stone for teeth veneers and whitestrips.

    1. It really puts their snide remarks about people's looks into perspective, doesn't it! LOL

  7. Photo of HG and Laz can kill two birds with one stone for teeth veneers and whitestrips.

  8. Humblegunner and Lazamataz both are those type of guys (we all probably know one) who stopped developing, both mentally and emotionally, sometime in high school.

    Humblegunner, in his 50s, still dressing in tee-shirts and backward baseball caps every day, drinking himself into oblivion every night.

    Laz actually discussed his various suicide attempts different times on FR, but both of them are slowly killing themselves in different ways.

    1. They have their issues, but as I've said, Laz seems caring and nice to his fellow Freepers.

      HG, less so.

    2. HG has never come across as a rabid right winger..he jumps on the Bible Thumpers and creationist crowd on a regular basis.

      I think both of these guys would be cool to share a dinner with.

      ay-nony-nony..I still dress in t-shirts like those..

    3. No real disagreement with you, anon1.
      HG and Laz would both be fun on a "guys night out", just don't bring along your wife or girlfriend unless they like being called "bitch".

      And yes, everyone wears a t-shirt once in a while, but at age 50+, if your entire wardrobe consists of t-shirts and cut off denim shorts, you're a little slow and low on the maturity scale.

    4. HG is more concerned with his position as blog cop than he is towing the FR line. I think he was zotted for a while even.

    5. I can confirm Laz is very kind. He's been there, done shit and is always willing to message people if they seem a bit hinky on a bad day. Certainly did for me.

      HG - I am not so fond of.

  9. Anyone got some brain bleach handy? It gets pretty vile at times.

    Chelsea Clinton to receive doctorate from Oxford

    1. After spending many years posting to Usenet, nothing surprises me anymore, but damn those are some bitter people.

    2. Bitter is not the word.

      Incidentally - if you sweep by mesta's blog, you are going to get a horrific look inside the snake pit. She's spilling the beans, big time and - being in my sort of line (before I ;) retired) has copies of absolutely everything.

    3. They're just jealous because all their hero's daughter has ever accomplished is getting knocked up in a tent on a camping trip by some rube.

    4. Jim Robbington IIIMay 10, 2014 at 12:28 PM

      Can you repost the link to mesta's blog? I lost it after an HD upgrade. While I was reading it, I couldn't figure out why anyone would donate to FR since it's clearly a moneymaking scheme.

    5. Pretty amusing, junior high-level behavior among a group of people who claim to be rational, "liberty-loving" types who hate control and thought police.

  10. @Jim - sure. Sorry for delay, dozed off.

  11. Michael Sams is drafted by the Rams in the seventh round ...
    Freepers are thrilled !

    1. I was just reading a different Michael Sam thread.

      tophat9000 may have revealed more than he intended:
      Sam the about your gay porn name

  12. As someone who's struggled to finally come out if the closet at age 41, due in no small part to being raised by someone who might be a freeper, let me say to all these assholes:

    Fuuuuuck. You.

    1. Congratulations. And you're in good company.

    2. Congratulations. And you're in good company.
      A real circle You two freakshows gonna hookup?

    3. It makes me smile to think that attitudes like yours are quickly becoming the minority, anon1. And how brave of you to express that opinion from behind a keyboard.

    4. Have you caught the aids bug yet or syphilis?

    5. Because every gay person has those diseases, right? The more you express your opinions, the quicker they become the minority.

    6. Acceptance from the public? You mean how state get gay marriage through federal judges? Don't confuse tolerance with acceptance from the public, bug chaser. I agree more people find gay marriage but they still find the practice of gays revolting.

    7. Because every gay person has those diseases, right? The more you express your opinions, the quicker they become the minority.
      Please broney men are std central for most std' might blow smoke up your boyfriends wart encrusted ass with bogus stat's but that won't fly with someone who won;t take your pc bull shit.

    8. Oh, sorry, you haven't heard? Polls show that a majority of Americans approve of same-sex marriage and the number just keeps growing. In 2012, Maine, Maryland and Washington approved ballot measures legalizing same-sex marriage. Minnesota rejected one banning it. So welcome to the trash heap of history. As for finding the practice of gays revolting, good news! Anyone who does totally doesn't have to participate! Crazy, right?

    9. men are std central for most std's..

      So your "logical" conclusion is that every gay man has them?

  13. So your "logical" conclusion is that every gay man has them?

    O f course not but gay men have the highest infection rate of all types of STD's of any class of people.

  14. Remember when Humblegunner pulled his daughter's (then a teen) bedcovers off and took pictures of her in her underwear while she was sleeping, and posted them on FR because he thought they were "funny" and they would "embarrass" her? Thirty people who complained it was creepy got read the riot act by HG's behind buddies self appointed "FR Loyalty Police". Conservative moral standards at their finest.

    1. No, I don't believe I've heard about that. Got a link?