Friday, May 30, 2014

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney resigns

Another big resignation, though one a lot less significant than the VA head. If I didn't know better, I'd say Obama timed this so the media's penchant for self-obsession would distract them from Shinseki....
Being the President's press secretary sucks, and I've thought this was about to happen maybe half a dozen times over Carney's tenure.

This has nothing to do with any governmental failure, so Freepers trade their everpresent outrage for their everpresent pettiness.

GRRRRR knows only wusses stay as press secretary for a mere three years!

Can’t take the HEAT!!
ThomasMore also tries to make this a thing:
His memory can’t keep up with ALL the LIES!!!!!!
austinaero hated Carney extra:
I never thought anyone could be worse than Gibbs,,until Carney came along.

Carney is the new standard of low.
...until the next guy, right prisoner6"
Watching on Fox. Carney is smirking. Josh looks like a another worm tongue.
blackdog thinks this will make the media love Obama again:
Obama needs a fresh face for a fresh honeymoon grace period to buy him some cover. Carney’s shtick is worn out.
Having convinced himself Obama fired Carney, napscoordinator wants more blood:
Thank God. I could not stand Jay Carney. What a weasel. VA Sec down, Carney down, who is next under the bus?
CedarDave - it's a talking point now!
Now up on Drudge:

1Old Pro thinks Carney was bad at his job.
Carney was a snarky liar who constantly interjected anti-FOX news politics into his briefings - he was awful. His last breifing yesterday was a total embarrassment to the position.
But back to getting ready to hate the successor. Pearls Before Swine
Whenever a bad guy leaves the Obama Admin, there’s always a worse guy waiting in the wings.

So true. The devil has a deep bench.
RushIsMyTeddyBear senses lack of manliness:
But this new guy looks like another metro-sexual, pasty weasel.
matginzac is sure he's gay:
Went to both links, figured out he’s around 40 yrs old and no “personal life” listed...
I think we’re looking at a closet that may be opened soon....
lee martell, from out of left field!
When will Debbie-Washerself-Schultz be replaced? She’s wearing out her curling irons.
Maybe she was on TV for the announcement?

BradtotheBone accuses Obama of being racist, using racist rhetoric:
Why does obammy keep picking these white privileged guys to be his spokesperson? Surely JZ or 50cents would take that job???

Cuz Barky prefers white lawn jockeys.
I hope jimbo123 is just stirring things up, and not this crazy:
Hillary had Carney fired to shut him up on Benghazi.


  1. "JZ" and "50cents"
    man, this guy sure is plugged in to hip-hop culture.

  2. Jimbo123 does have a point, sad to say. Select Committees have a very hard time subpoenaing a private citizen, and have to tread carefully if they do manage to do so.

    Not that I think he's right. You've watched Carney at the pressers and he's been looking more and more burnt out recently. He can't even be bothered to lie believably any more.