Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spotlight Saturday: Dead Corpse

Being a little bit hungover is about the perfect attitude to write about this Freeper, where old-man grumpiness has curdled into bitter, murderous nihilism. He's actually been on my list for a while, but his cold wish to kill someone only surfaces occasionally. Recent events plus looking back at my archives provide ample examples of his madness.
His profile is full of heroic gun triumphalism, with a little Wheel of Time.

Cosmology is all lies:
There was no big bang, there will be no big crunch. This removes the need for magical pixie dust like “dark matter”.
Striking down voter ID laws is for girls:
With the name “Lynn” and the effeminate nature of the ruling, you can understand my mistake...
What has nonviolence ever accomplished?
Non-violent resistance is sitting there letting the bully take your lunch money and hoist you by your underwear on the flag pole.

You first.

Me? I'm gonna kick the tar out of that bully the moment he lays a hand on me and steal HIS lunch money as a lesson to all other bullies.
Nothing counts so much as blood.
Know what I can do about this? Jack sh*t.

Know why? Because no one has the spine to do what needs to be done in sufficient numbers to fix what's wrong. I can go out and do my part, but I am only one man.

With that in mind, and because of that sentiment...

Voting isn't going to change this.
Op-eds aren't going to change this.
Third Parties aren't going to change this.
Law-suites aren't going to change this.

Only a thorough, and bloody, house cleaning will restore the Republic. That whole “tree of liberty” thingie the Founders prattled on about that no one actually believes in any more.

Well, other than throw-back knuckle-draggers like me.
You have been warned:
It's OUR money and we don't WANT you spending it you Socialist gasbag!!!!

You wanna see what happens when we get REALLY pissed? Keep pushing us. You've already been warned. Next time we march on Washington it'll be to burn it down around your ears.
Come ooooon guys, start the violence soon!
Zealot on deck.

Ready when y’all are...

Hurry up. I ain’t gettin’ any younger.
He is so ready!
I just need 45 minutes to go grab my gear and to put the word out.

Ready when y'all are...
The Watchman comic is about role models:
Silk Specter was not Comedians "sidekick". She was a fellow Watchmen.

But yeah, Moore's heroes and heroines are flawed creatures. Only one of them actually has a "super-natural" power at all and one of his issues is the aforementioned incremental loss of his humanity.

They all have one thing in common: THEY ACT WHEN NO ONE ELSE WILL.

This sense of self-ownership and taking effective steps against real evil and villainy is part of what is missing in todays American spirit.
Texas can beat the US Army:
Invade Texas militarily? Hows that working for our Military in Afghanistan? You do know that Texas is bigger than Afghanistan... Right? 250k sq/miles vs 268k sq/miles(according to a quick google search).

I'm betting Texas is better armed too.
Anders Breivik killing children? Meh.
A Fascist killing Communists...

I still don't care.
Did I say meh? I meant I'm a psycho.
I find that I hate part of myself for not feeling more remorse when someone kills a bunch of Communists...

I do not like what the world is becoming.
Yeah, killing children may be the bravest choice of all...
Look at it this way...

You are in Germany circa 1937. You know where one of the National Socialist retreats will be where future Nazi's are being indoctrinated.

What would you do?
Bundy Ranch bloodbath hoping.
Let’s hope logic prevails.

I still think this is heading for bloodshed. I don’t think Reid et al can back down from this point.
How I would kill unarmed burglars much better than that other guy
Had it been me, I wouldn’t have “induced the moral hazard” by hiding my truck, but I also wouldn’t have failed to kill them with my opening salvo of gun fire. I’m a very good shot and do not waste ammo. Nor would I have failed to call the police until the next day, regardless of what Holiday it was.

How would the druggie thieves have been any less dead?
Because Real Law allows infinite retaliation for all crimes:
In my eyes, it breaks down to what is moral.

Non-initiation for force, fraud, or theft. The only real crime involves a real perp, a real victim, and real damage done. No other laws can claim legitimacy as they are only one persons attempt to get everyone else to follow some arbitrary edict where the only damage done is to yourself or your own property.

So what does that have to do with this?

This initiated force on his property in an attempt to thieve. Anything he does in retaliation is THEIR fault.
Naturally, he loves the Death Wish series
"Life isn't a Charles Bronson film."

Too bad. There'd be far fewer criminals running around racking up huge rap sheets if it were...
The problem is you gotta be a bit psycho because of how bad liberals are:
Never underestimate the commitment psychosis of the left.

Fixed it for you...

And no, I try not to...


  1. Just - Wow,

    Dude were in my unit, he'd be bounced into a psych eval so fucking fast, he wouldn't know what happened.

    Though - he does have a point about The Watchmen.

    1. And - good to hear you had fun. Hangovers are a small price to pay for catching up!

  2. "There was no big bang, there will be no big crunch. This removes the need for magical pixie dust like 'dark matter'."
    But creationist pixie dust is, I presume, only rational.

    1. Now, now, anonB. You are not supposed to bring logic to a religion fight.

    2. This is very true, but the results of bringing religion to a religion fight are generally pretty messy, too!

  3. When it comes to Dead Corpse (and many other freepers and so-called right-wingers), I believe they cannot be correctly classified as "conservative".

    The man is, first-and-foremost, just a believer in violence ... and there are many so-called "left-wingers" who fit the same mold.

    These people (left and right) will always have "enemies" they dream of doing violence against.
    Dead Corpse describes himself as being big and fat, but still suffers from a "little man" complex that transcends politics.

    As for his theories on cosmology ... meh.
    I doubt he (like most creationists) really believes in creationism beyond just an imagined tenet of "conservatism" and "christianity".

    1. One thing you'll notice. Anyone who were at the sharp end - no matter left or right, male or female - won't talk this sort of shit, ever.

      Ozzie - can you kill this link in a couple days? You have already read it and I'll not bother your comments thread with my stuff.

    2. This is where Sarah Palin is failing ...
      she's beginning to talk about "this sort of shit", and she's doing it publicly.

      It's one thing to spout off when you are an anonymous fat old fuck on Free Republic.
      When you are Sarah Palin, you just walked away from any remaining political credibility you ever had.

    3. @EC, no need to kill that link IMHO. It's a stark contrast to people like Dead Corpse who fantasize about killing people just because the world isn't exactly the way they want it to be. A sobering reminder that killing is not fun, unless you're a sociopath.

    4. Thank you for your kind words.

      Weird thing is that - when you are in the middle of shit going down - it can actually be fun. Well, not fun exactly, but you don't sweat it. That comes later. You see the faces in your dreams. Reflexes kick in and you find everything completely hysterical. Laughing beats screaming.

      I only ever have known one real sociopath. She was in my line of work and started to physically get off on killing. Watched her do it once, and fuck, she came hard when she pulled the trigger.

      She broke. People do when they are asked to do horrific things day after day after day. It is never pretty. Killed herself rather than go to confinement and for a full psych work up. I may have "accidentally" left one in the spout when I left the room to do the paperwork. Meh - anyone can get careless at times. Right?

      I always ask Ozzie to pull the links though. He likes reading my stuff - but this is his site. Not mine.

    5. I was always curious as to what you were linking Ozy to, since I would always see the post after it was deleted. I'm glad I finally got to see the link. Not sure why you think it's necessary to pull the links, as comments sections are made for stuff like this, but it's your comment to request it be done.

      I'm glad I never joined the military. I considered it back in high school and again in college, but I had a curved spine at the time (now fixed), so I was disqualified. I don't think my personality would mesh very well with the military, anyway, but I also don't want to know what it would feel like to kill another person.

    6. Please God, you never do!

      It's an odd feeling. You feel numb. Like some sadistic dentist injected Novocaine into your brain. You know shit is going on, but you don't feel it until later.

      Personally - I'd rather see you creating than destroying.

    7. Here - you might enjoy them.

    8. You are welcome.

      Unlike most of my writing these all have one thing in common. They are all true stories of people I know, respect and love. A look behind the scenes, if you like. Got something on aid work in Syria too: I wrote my wife an email daily and she kept them all. It's messy though.

    9. IIRC, didn't Ozy suggest that you get them published? I would second that. It's something that I'm sure would be very popular.

    10. It's war stories. They are not really sellable. Going to get them finished and see what is what. In the worst case, I'll self publish.

    11. Well, good luck with whatever you ultimately do with them.

  4. Whites are beginning to move back to South Africa.
    Freeper hilarity ensues!

  5. ay-nony-nonyMay 3, 2014 at 11:23 PM

    Whites are beginning to move back to South Africa.
    Freeper hilarity ensues!

    what is wrong with their's the truth. A white person would have to be insane to move there-or live there..

    Have you seen the security around the white areas and homes? As the one person mentioned barb wire fences around homes.

    1. I can't imagine why black South Africans feel antipathy toward the whites. There's gotta be a reason, but it's hard to see what it could be.

  6. His antipathy towards "Lynn" as a sufficiently butch name for a man is personally hilarious to me since my ex Air Force pilot, Texan, right wing nut job uncle is named Lynn.