Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Freeper sociopaths.

Freepers talk about killing liberals or ferals with their beloved guns all the time. Sometimes they'll even wish violent death upon liberal politicians. But for the most part, that's just what happens when you combine impotent rage with Internet idiocy.

Then there are these guys. A 65-year-old man lay in wait for 2 teenagers to break into his house, shot them, and then executed them with a second shot. All while recording himself gloating at how they were now dead.

A lot of Freepers were fine with shooting burglars first, but took exceptions to the execution shots and gloating, keeping their powder dry for when Harry Reid tries to take their cows. But a few seem to have a desire to kill that overwhelms human empathy.

TexasRepublic is fine with killing
Moral of the story: don’t break into other people’s houses and just maybe you won’t be shot. It’s not exactly rocket science.
Sequoyah101 has no problem with killing for property crimes:
And the problem with that is?

Cute kids, sad story.

The home owner is correct.
BarbM calls the dead kids 'vermin:'
He shot the vermin on Thanksgiving. He said that he waited one day, so he wouldn't ruin the officers, BCA et al holiday.
PapaBear3625 explains that after a certain age, everyone is a deadly threat.
A teenage girl can still beat an elderly man to death, if she gets the upper hand. The "unarmed" girl can also pull a knife or gun from concealment. You don't KNOW she's unarmed until you've thoroughly searched her, something NOT advised for a lone old man.

I would not have taken a chance. I would have shot her as soon as I saw her, and would have put enough bullets into her that I was sure she would stay down while I called police. Even down, she would still have the potential ability to draw a concealed gun and shoot me as long as she was alive.
Noted Norwegian mass child murderer supporter Dead Corpse
I’m glad he wasn’t hurt.

Reimburse him for his time, ammo, and a replacement tarp and send him on his way.

He did a service for the community.
AEMILIUS PAULUS is clearly living vicariously through this man:
Can not a Homeowner take pleasure in disposing of a burglar? In early Roman law a creditor could cut up his defaulting debtor and even enjoy it. Have we not extended too much pity for the Felon? Does a just man feel pity for a criminal receiving punishment. Indeed a person feeling pity for a properly convicted criminal seems to be an unjust man as the criminal is in fact receiving his due and justice is giving each man his due. Perhaps we have degenerated in expressing too much concern for the criminal. I do not insist I simply wonder!
Dick Vomer is all about hunting down lawbreakers.
Well, good for him. I’m guessing he won’t get burglarized for a couple of weeks. ...... and he definitely won’t get robbed by those two little angels.

On my “give a rats ass” meter I’m getting a zero. F’em , I’ve seen girls and guys murder old people for less. Even if they went there just to rob, sometimes things get out of hand. Don’t want to leave witnesses or just angry words exchanged, but once the old fool submitted to the young punks he was at THEIR mercy.

So those useless parasites were successfully removed and maybe the old fool can live in peace. I don’t see him hunting down anybody but law breakers.


  1. Ah, PapaBear. Freeper logical consistency in action:

    "...she would still have the potential ability to draw a concealed gun and shoot me as long as she was alive."

    Quite true. Pretty much applies to anyone you might encounter any time, any where. The only logical way to address such a problem is to do your best to ensure that the people you encounter DON'T HAVE GUNS.

    Nice to see a Freeper arguing for repealing the 2nd Amendment and enacting serious penalties for being caught in possession of a firearm (concealed or otherwise) outside of a licensed firing range or hunting reservation.

  2. Well, this case isn't exactly the same as the freepers who want to go on wholesale murder sprees against liberals and/or politicians.

    I actually hold a little sympathy for the man who did this. He went way too far, yes, but I understand his frustrations.

    Flame away, FMers!

    1. The shooting sure - justified and right. It's the finish off shot that bugs me. No matter how you slice it - that is premeditation.

      Besides - it means he's a crappy shot.

    2. If the relevant Legislature intended home invasion/theft to be met by summary execution then it would enact an appropriate law. Since the Legislature hasn't done that but this clown unilaterally decided such a measure to be appropriate *and* acted as though his opinion carried force of law he is guilty of usurping the constitutional powers of the Legislature and that is treason.

      Even if he can make a case for self-defense (unlikely) there has to be a strong suspicion that it is just a smoke screen to retroactively excuse self evident treachery and that should be enough to lock his wrinkly old ass in a cell for the rest of his life irrespective of whether he weasels out of the Murder charge or not.

    3. Not justifying him. Someone breaks in to my house, threatening me or mine - they will be hurt or killed. Simple as that and I don't apologize for it. I'd prefer hurt, but shit happens, you know?

      If they are hurt or killed, I'll call the cops at once. Not two days later. Who wants the smell, for one thing?

    4. Ever been burgled? I have. Three times. Different cities each time. First one I wasn't in, second one ran for it after some (intentionally) heavy footsteps upstairs. Third one was maybe a bit deaf - didn't run until I shone a flashlight on him. No-one threatened or injured and no weapons needed. Most burglers are like badgers - only dangerous when cornered. Helps that I started Aikido when I was six. NOT because it is a fighting skill but because it teaches you that the best option is always that they run. Second best is that you run. Third best - you defend yourself. Absolute last resort - you hurt them.

    5. Nope. Daughter has, but not me. And you are right - they'll run if they can (in her case, they couldn't. She took them down and literally sat on them til the cops arrived. Bloody proud of her!)
      Had some guy try to mug me once though - different kettle of cod. Muggers are way more aggressive than burglars.

      Hope you are keeping up your Aikido - your joints will thank you as you get older! I'm more of a Krav Maga guy myself, but that is too high impact now! Thinking of moving to a more gentle form - Tai Chi maybe?

    6. I would be proud in your position too. Odd though. I'm assuming she didn't even possess, let alone use a firearm or other specialist homicide device.

      How could she possibly survive, let alone apprehend the felons!? For consistency you really should be criticising her for reckless failure to employ maximum possible force (within the law). After all, you live in Europe as I recall and we all know what colossal murder rates there are there thanks to victim disarmament policies ;)

      I still keep my hand in with Aikido. Getting on for 50 years now. Never got on with high impact stuff. Too much like hard work. Much more relaxing to just evade and let the other guy fall over his own feet until he gets bored.

    7. Oh - I was pissed at her for forgetting to use a force multiplier, especially since there were a couple right there in the room! But she did well, remembered her training and used it.
      Problem with maximum permissible force is it comes down to which judge or magistrate you get. It's a delicate calculation. Some of our judges will freak at you for using any force at all, others will lecture you for littering if you fail to dispose of the bodies neatly :P

      Might give Aikido a try. Pushing 60 and simply no longer fast enough or flexible enough for Krav.

    8. If she had training then perhaps she is more comfortable with the physics and mechanics of her own body without improvised external attachments. Weapons screw with your balance, centre of gravity, boundaries of your physical space etc. If you really need a hard object for an impact move then the floor is always available - complete with gravity for impact velocity assistance.

      You might get on with Aikido even with your 'impact' background. You'll just have to adjust to not striking your opponent, rather assisting him in falling over and face butting walls, furniture, the floor etc.

    9. I'll bear that in mind!

      Krav is a fairly simple (though violent) art - Down, hit, throat. Gets a bit much for older joints!

      She is more confident in her own body than externals - One of the things we insisted on was ballet as a way to learn her own balance and use it.

  3. Well, two burglars who won't do robbing anymore..I have zero sympathy for them..zero. the guy went overboard though.

  4. "Moral of the story: don’t break into other people’s houses and just maybe you won’t be shot. It’s not exactly rocket science. "
    Ozy, what is wrong with this statement? I bet you would not want ferals breaking into your home and raping your lily white ass.

    1. Holy shit, the teenagers tried to rape the guy? I better read that article again...

      ...oh wait, no they didn't, you're just obsessed with ass rape.

  5. For the folks that understand where that guy is coming from emotionally, I do understand the violation of being burgled.

    But I'm acting on that by such cold, calculated actions as creating a beguiling trap so you can lay in wait to execute teenagers - there is no shortage of other, less crazy steps you can take.

    And, as always, anon1, you excluded the middle - one can be against vigilante justice without being for the crime.

    To me it's worse than blowing smoke about killing all the liberals and media when the war comes, this is after-the-fact endorsement of an actual horrific murder.

    1. Jim Robbington IIIApril 29, 2014 at 2:56 PM

      Seeing joy in someones face on the death of anyone is extremely disturbing. Even if the person is the most vile, evil individual on the planet, no one, let alone the "Christians" on FR, should be happy about murder. On a different note, isn't there some past precedent about the illegality of going "overboard" when protecting yourself from would-be attackers? I remember someone in NY City in the mid-80's defending himself on a subway. After he shot one attackers he said something to the effect of "You aren't hurt enough" and shooting him again even though the attacker was already incapacitated.

    2. These "Christians" are the same folks who don't give a shit about the environment....that God gave to them! It's like as if God let them use his car and they rammed it into a telephone pole...and then their attitude was like "well fuck it!" There's nothing Christian about them.

  6. Another STRONG TAEK from FR about Donald Sterling

  7. Mind you, the guy waited for (I think it was) two days before contacting the police. Typically when someone kills another "while protecting their home," they at least have the good decency to call the police after it happens! No telling what this guy did with the bodies while they lay there.

  8. To: Pollster1

    “The fine is inappropriate and in a sane world the NBA would have no authority to impose such a fine. “

    Exactly, and now we have a private organization acting like the federal government.

    29 posted on ‎4‎/‎29‎/‎2014‎ ‎2‎:‎35‎:‎31‎ ‎PM by Oliviaforever

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    ok..Olivia has got to be playing the rubes over at FR. If so this statement is BRILLIANT!!!

  9. Freepers masturbate to the thought of being able to kill someone on their property with their handgun.

    1. My coworkers seemed to get a little excited when they were talking about how they would deal with a home invasion, so it's not just FReepers

    2. @packman - most of them would freeze.

      My son in law is 2 meters tall, weighs 120 kilos and it's all muscle (He has a very physical job). When they had a break in, he froze. He literally couldn't move. My daughter had to deal with the intruders - and she takes after her Mom - short and slim and aggressive as hell. :P

      She phoned the police and phoned us afterwards. Rather proud of her for that, though a little sad she thought she needed a witness when the police arrived.

      Some people can defend themselves. Most can't.

    3. EC - I get the sense this is how most people would react if they had to defend themselves (which is why the "I need my guns to defend my property is kind of empty - I don't dismiss, I just won't validate it either).

      Most dudes will piss themselves (myself included) if faced with an intruder. I would imagine that our 2nd amendment warriors would probably do the same. I would hope in a break in situation that I could get my wife and kids (and myself really) out of the house, but I refuse to get all macho like the warriors do. It just probably won't happen that way, no matter much they want it to.

  10. He was just found guilty ...
    The FR thread is here

    No replies yet, but I'm sure freeper hilarity will ensue.

    1. Looks like most agree with or understand the verdict. It took a while, but eventually pettiness took over and found some way to pin it on the president.

  11. On the whole, freepers are pretty disgusting and hypocritical. They could be heathens and be just as bloodthirsty as they are, without having to worry about their eternal souls. Why be Christian, when you can just fantasize torturing your political and religious opponents without consequences?

    1. Ray Stevens. The Mississippi Squirrel Revival.


      Pretty much sums them up. Funny song and funny to watch, too.