Monday, April 14, 2014

Bundy Ranch Militiapalooza

From what I can tell, some ranchers in Nevada decided to stop paying additional Federal taxes due to an endangered tortoise on their land, claiming some sort of historical county preemption. When this didn't fly, they got out their guns and called in the Freepers. The Bureau of Land management backed down, probably waiting for a time when there are fewer loaded guns.

This is right up Freepers' alley. It's got 'little man vs. evil government,' anti-tax, guns, and even some kind of tortuous Harry Reid involvement!

I almost expected Freepers to still be unhappy, as they often can't seem to take victories. But no, the fiction they've created is too perfect for even their paranoia to ruin. So we get a Freeper celebration, with all the hate and threats of violence that entails:

libstripper is correct - angry people with guns managed to keep from getting their land repossessed for at least a week.
Absolute proof of why we need the First and Second Amendments. This never would have happened without a stand by courageous, armed patriots.
Logical me is also correct - if the government didn't have guns, people with guns could do whatever they want. 'cept he thinks that's a good thing:
The BLM is a communists controlled brown shirts organization and answers to no one but Reid who is one of the right arms of King Obama. The entire Washington, with very few exceptions, is so totally corrupt I fear America is lost. Remove the weapons in the hands of the BLM and these cowards would run.
iontheball explains the problem is that the government, who owns the land, is acting like it owns the land:
Just because the government owns land in the sheriff’s county, doesn’t give the federal government the right to violate the rights of a county resident. It is the duty of the sheriff to stand between the county resident and Big Government. Instead, this sheriff swallowed the federal government’s line instead of siding with a lifetime, honest, common man cattle rancher in his county.
nhwingut hates taxes, so this is legit:
Love how the bureaucratic hack says Bundy “owes taxpayers.” No he owes corrupt political hacks at wasteful government agencies who came up with bogus fees and taxes to drive out ranchers in order to make way for the ChiComs.
The Cajun also has a considered understanding of our tax system:
I'm a tax payer and Cliven Bundy doesn't owe me one damn cent, however Mochelle Obummer owes me a bunch for helping to pay the flying of her fat ass all around the world several times a year.
TalBlack writes from behind a keyboard:
The FedMonster along with everybody else now knows that there are some Americans who will come out from behind the keyboardS and STAND UP FOR WHAT THEY BELIVE.
Betty Jane is sure this time it's gonna turn into something:
You're probably right about the gov going after him through the courts and legal harassment. But this battle is showing us that we are not alone and we can take on the government. More people will come the next time.

The Connecticut gun grab law is another one that got people going. Slowly more people are seeing, and more importantly acting, on what is going on. People are not buying guns in record numbers because it's blue skies and unicorns with Obama.
Old Retired Army Guy on the Harry Reid connection cover-up:
I haven’t seen anything in the news (Including Fox) about the Harry Reid/Reid’s son/Chinese connection to wanting that land for a Solar Plant. When is that going to surface?
maxwellsmart_agent knows most American voters are militia-types:
This is great! I love watching the democrats deliberately kill their chances in November and also in 2016. The fact that they are doing it to themselves is fantastic. Harry Reid’s involvement is just stupendous. It will take his popularity down among his supporters because he is, defacto, taking down a common guy for his own gain. Hillary sat there and said ‘what differencc does it make’. All the Republicans need to do is keep showing that film clip with a picture of those 4 men. There is more, but I don’t want to bore you.
trebb thinks the bloodthirsty BLM stood down so they could kill more people later or something:
They will probably team up with the EPA and IRS - will triple the size of the army they can put on the ground and add some more ruthlessness to the mix.

They won't be happy until they get the opportunity to use lethal force to put those who resist into "their proper place".
Speaking of bloodthirsty...Principled:
Well let’s hope that there is some strategery happening.. that they aren’t just waiting to respond.

Ideas include finding the identities, contact information, and the office and home locations of individuals who make decisions - AND importantly - any individuals who are tasked to attempt to enforce. These people have to know that they’ll be in the cross hairs in a way exactly like those they target.


  1. JimComPoop tried to milk this all he could for a few dimes from the rubes ...
    a few ninnies took the bait and played comfy couch rebel, but it didn't fly very well.

    The FR business plan fails to consider the fact that most of those who are anti-tax zealots are also anti-"free-money-to-old-online-grifters" too.

    1. Linky please? Not doubting, just want to read it and can't seem to find the thread.

      And you might be surprised by some of the Freepers - or ex-Freepers. Not the loud ones, which you rightly call couch rebels (I prefer the term armchair generals, but same thing), they are a waste of space, but the quiet ones. Not all of them are that old, and there are some hard asses in there.
      JimRob doesn't really get what he made - it's a community where people share information openly, yet secretly.

    2. Check JimComPoop's posting history under "Articles".
      The last couple 'thon threads he started prominently featured the Nevada Range War situation too.

      He's been posting like crazy yesterday and today since he got a few bites exploiting the situation.

      Not calling all freepers old, but even the "hard asses" aren't all that free and easy with their money and know enough to not waste it giving JimComPoop a free ride in life.

    3. Odd thing about hard asses - you got two modes. You either don't worry about money, or you don't worry about money. :)

      Sure, it's nice to have. I'd love to be able to walk into an agents and buy a mansion, cash on the table. But you don't really care about it. It's just a way of keeping score.

      What you do worry about is integrity. Your ass on the line, you need to know that either the guy next to you is solid, or the guy guiding you is going to stay bought. JimRob fails both tests, miserably.

  2. Ozy - as I understand it, the land is owned by the federal government but used by local ranchers. It's supposed to be protected due to the presence of endangered species, specifically a tortoise, but the gov still allows locals to let their cattle graze there, provided they pay a use tax/fee. The gentleman in this instance decided he was going to use it anyways and hasn't paid for it since 1993. As far as I can tell he's pretty much in the wrong but, as you said, freeper and Fox news types are going to milk this for all its worth.

    As an aside, imagine if the land was privately owned by someone else or the roles were swapped; you can guarantee the Freepers either wouldn't care or would have the opposite opinion, as long as it's against the evil government/liberals/democrats.

    1. If the local Paiutes (who've been there arguably much, much longer than the Bundys) had an armed standoff with ranchers or the BLM, you can be sure as shit Freepers would be calling them some racist names and telling them to go back where they came from. Armed resistance is only cool when you're a white guy with a yellow snake flag.

  3. To me, there is nothing funnier than watching all these wannabe cowboys fawn all over the Bundy family for their courageous anti-tax, anti-government stance, and then call for this guy's head because he's black and has braids. Core values.
    " Don't like the laws? Then take it up with the elected who pass them, and convince voters of your positions using arguments." - sickoflibs
    "ABSOLUTELY prosecute the guy. He threatened the life of an innocent person - with a gun or otherwise."
    So...Guy in a cowboy hat railing against the government - big hero. Black guy railing against the government - go get a rope.