Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chelsea Clinton is pregnant.

I'll admit, this has me worried about legacies and aristocracy and whatnot. Freepers, though, aren't thinking that long term. Mostly, they're getting back into the 'Clintons can and will do anything' mindset of pre-2008.

babble-on continues with Free Republic's original birther theory:
Webster Hubbell must be beaming in Hell
CMailBag knows how babby formed:
Hillary ORDERED her to get knocked up so she could be a campaign prop.
Aria is not happy that Hillary still makes public appearances:
Hillary made an appearance with Chelsea to announce this?

How incredibly crass. Most who survive the WH end up valuing their privacy. Hillary isn’t even human.
miss marmelstein shows up on every catty thread:
Hillary is an alien being. Everything is sacrificed on the altar of ambition.

Chelsea makes the low-life announcement as if she’s Kate Middleton - instead of a loser kid who can’t succeed in any occupation outside of nepotism.
Gen.Blather's comment may need some unpacking:
I goggled one of her speeches. The crowd went insane. I have to wonder if the crowd was instructed to so react or whether it was natural. I couldn’t bear to listen to her talk, though. (That might just be me. Maybe she’s a wonderful speaker. I hope not.)

Fortunately, (at least to my eyes) she’s unattractive; more so than her mother. I don’t think her looks will age well and the Left believes in appearance above all else. But, then, they thought Bill and later Barak were wildly attractive. Yet, not a word was said about Scott Brown, who had actually been a model.
1. No one can actually like the Clintons, so the cheers are fake.
2. Democrats are superficial and only care about looks
3. But Democrats also think anyone they agree with is attractive.
4. In other news, Chelsea, Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama are ugly, and this one Republican is super hot.

Speaking of superficial, Ouderkirk is talking about Chelsea I think, not the baby, I guess.
Wonder if she’ll have cankles like her lard ass mother
slapshot is also hoping for fatness:
She has that look of eventually ballooning to Rosie O’ Donut size after all is said and done
raybbr's seeing wheels withing wheels:
I have a thought. It's a 50/50 proposition. Since no date was announced I think Chelsea will suffer a "miscarriage" sometime this Summer. More sympathy for Hildabeast and the Teflon rapist.
If elcid1970 is any tell, should Hillary run all sorts of weird harebrained conspiracies from 1990s Freep will be brought up as little known facts.
Has everybody forgotten that Chelsea herself was the result of a political decision by Bill & Hillary?

Bill “Boy Governor” Clinton was coming to the rocky end of his first term in the Arkansas state house. Hillary was barely out of her post-hippie phase and something had to be done to burnish their image as the first couple.

Chelsea arrived in February 1980 but Clinton was defeated for reelection later that year though he would win in 1982 & govern for ten more years.

IMO the Clintons are going to get the timing exactly right this time, and even now Chelsea is probably under ovulation watch.
georgia peach has a different twist on a similar story:
I recall that when Hill’s poll numbers were in the toilet when Bill was the Pres.,Morris told them to leak that she was pregnant...they did and her numbers rose....of course,”sadly”,it wasn’t true....I loathe the Clintons..all of them.
proudpapa sums up the whole thread:
Breaking from the complete and utter nastiness that abounds in this thread, I think it’s great news (babies usually are great news) and wish the family well.

It’s not a baby. It’s a prop.
So much for the Pro-Life proviso that every baby is innocent and deserves a chance:


  1. I'm surprised you didn't include this little gem from Sarah Barracuda:

    I wonder, since Chelsea is an abortion lover, will she abort those “Clump of cells” inside of her

    1. Freepers have trouble differentiating between people's belief in having the "right" to act versus being "ordered" to act. Just because someone believes in the right to abortion doesn't mean they expect everyone to get an abortion. You see the same knee-jerk reaction when Gun Control gets discussed. They immediately jump to "They're going to take ma' guns!" whereas the reality is nothing close to the forcible removal of said guns. Freepers are a bunch of reactionary extremists. I bet when they go outside and it begins to rain, they start yelling that God is sending the next Great Flood.

    2. It's the core principle of totalitarianism: EVERYTHING NOT FORBIDDEN IS COMPULSORY. They can't imagine society working any other way, and they don't see anything unjust about it. They just want control over what's forbidden.

    3. Someone should tell them they have a right to remain silent so they'll never speak again.

  2. A 34 year old woman is pregnant? WEIRD! Only FR would you see this level of hate for the Clintons.

  3. Chelsea IS a spitting image of old Webb..Maybe I should not use the word spit because Hillary did not in this case.

    1. ... Are you implying that Hillary swallowed when she conceived chelsea?

      Are you a pre-teen?

    2. anon1 thinks girls pee from their vaginas.

  4. This must make RimJob remember happier days. One weirdo Clinton conspiracy theory after another popped up on Free Republic, everyone was all excited and the money just came rolling in! Those were good times for the rightwing nutjobs.

    Just Google Clinton conspiracy theories. Oh, hell, just for fun, here is The Clinton Body Count on Snopes.


    But, Jeez, old RimJob made himself a fortune off this shit.

    1. From 2002. I just like the title.

      sorry TRASH - pathetic TRASH - CLINTON LOVE CHILD LAWSUIT - DNA test ordered

  5. From today -

    An open letter to Chelsea Clinton’s unborn child

    The Post article wraps up with -

    "When you’re a teenager, you may start getting strange invitations from Grandpa Bill. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to invite all of your girl friends and their bikinis over to his house for a pool party. Grandpa Bill loves young people, especially young female people frolicking in the sunshine!"

    LOL. Oh, gosh, what is wrong with these people?

    1. I'd be betting Grandpa Bill would be too damn old to care. He'll probably be yelling for those kids to get off his damn lawn.

    2. Lord knows.

      Some of it is misplaced jokes - it's way harder to tell a joke in type than in person - but most of it? Ick.
      I worry about dynasties too - Euph and I talked about it at length a few threads ago if you are really bored - Saturday pics, I think -but hell? A kid? They are to be both celebrated and welcomed. What other position can someone who is pro life take?