Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monday potpourri

RaceBannon has personal birther knowledge:
For the record, the older black man who actually made my lunch in 1980, Obama called him pops, and when questioned on that meaning, he said, uh, yeah, um yes, he’s my dad, yes
Hojczyk circle of non-paranoia continues to shrink:
Sarah is the only one you can trust.......
sagar may want to keep up on the news a bit more...
There is always privilege in being part of the majority — whether racial, political, or {{insert your group here}}. I doubt whites will have white privilege in South Africa or in Zimbabwe.
Don't be hating on Shep, he's just such a cutie pie with those long eyelashes and lipstick lips. ...that mischievous smile.

If only I hadn't been born normal...
Norm Lenhart is angry about gays asking for equality, so he's gonna discriminate!
No one can tell me for every gay job applicant/employee with the needed skills that there are not 10 straight ones that can do it without the agenda that comes attached.

People financially contributing to the gay agenda by hiring them makes no sense to me.
Norm Lenhart - the Freeper worldview:
Morality is binary. Something is good or bad. Building a house on a foundation of shifting sands always results in a collapsed house.
central_va seems like a pain in the ass:
As a junior officer I tried to resign three times (all denied) because my XO and CO were mis treating the men in my division over my head. I would certainly resign over this. You can keep your queer military.
garjog doesn't get why Obama didn't race to Fort Hood and start punchin'
What is more important -- raising money to ensure more Democrat victories or the well-being of our soldiers in time of crisis?
my small voice on Obama's agenda:
Obama: Lie,lie, lie, lie, look weak, lie, look gay, lie, try to look tough, lie, etc....
Octar seems to be admitting accessory to murder:
When I was in the Army, if a man made a sexual move on another man, it was his last day on earth. The letter to the parents said that your son was killed in a training accident. My, how times have changed. I know this because I was there and I saw the letters.
bert has this one story about a woman who wouldn't have been covered at all who the Obamacare exchange lets be covered. Terrifying!
-——.they’d fight to the death to ensure that 60-year-old women have pediatric dental coverage——

Herein is a very interesting group of Americans. They are 60 ish women married to 66ish men that retire and go on medicare. The women lose their health care coverage and are forced on to Obamacare. Aside from the hassle of time spent by their retired husbands diligently wrestling with Obamacare and finally getting signed up, when they learn what they got, there is panic.

These are my brother and sister in law. When they look at what they pay and what they get, fear grows. They pay out and pay out some more with the deductible, but get nothing, certainly not the outcome they want.

It all changes. What was is not.

I can guess that a large portion of the 7.1 million are such women that are now plagued with anxiety and fear, and fruit basket turnover medical care lives.
jonrick46 has it all figured out:
The plane is in Iran. The Chinese are in on the charade. They gave the nuclear technology to Iran. This Flight 370 was a test run to see if they can fly a 777 low enough so it is undetected by radar. Next there will be a 777 flying undetected into Israel, loaded with a nuke.

The 777 is made with the new composite material. If that 777 crashed in the ocean, it would have broken up. Its wings are composite. That composite material floats. The wings should have been found floating. All the seats float. If the passengers were still strapped in their seats, they would have been floating in their seats. If Flight 370 is in water, they would have found the debris by now.
ansel12 Pot - destroyer of Civilization:
Look at the regions of the world that chose Cannabis over alcohol for thousands of years, and look at Western Civilization, that refused to adopt Cannabis as an intoxicant, for thousands of years.

Soros knows what he is doing, he saw Cannabis break out into Western Civilization, in the 1960s.
Liz wants to know if you got Obama's wire transfer yet:
Q. Why all those O/Care delays and the recent enrolloment extension?

A. Because Sibelius is aiding and abetting Scumocrats to register enrollees as Democrats.....and helping Obama to wire-transfer tax dollars billions.

And remember, taxpayers....once in the hands of the Dummycrat criminal hordes, the tax billions are untraceable.
There will probably be a post about the Fort Hood Muslim Truth Movement, but here's a taste from livius:
Nobody knows his Muslim name yet, but I’ll bet he had one. He had the shaved head and the faint beard in the one photo I saw of him. Most Muslim converts are mentally ill or socially dysfunctional.
GBA on the upcoming Marxist States of America and the inevitable mass killings:
Marxists and radical muslims are really good at killing people, but not much else.

Satan's warriors, all.

Western civilization has become their playground and soon yet another one of their killing fields.

Had we only followed the rules and definitions we were given, instead of watering them down like spoiled children to suit our ever changing moods, we could have avoided this insane path to our destruction.

Of all we have to choose from, we've picked the wrong sort of history to repeat, imho.
rustyboots thinks most rapes are lies:
Is there a famous woman anywhere in the United States, black or white, that wasn’t raped by a stranger or family member ay sometime in her life??? Or abused in anyway by a family member or stranger?

They wait until they are almost out of the spotlight and confess that such a horrible thing happened to them years ago.

This is not a laughing matter, but a fatigue can develop when every famous woman claims this.
Celerity is sure the government is trying to kill him with vaccines:
Before Vaccines were created by doctors in the hopes of preventing disease, illness and horrible death. Now we have our Government behind the effort.

Our government has demonstrated nothing but loathing and harmful intent to it’s people.

I am a pretty intelligent guy, with a background in chemistry and biology (Although not bio-chemisty and human biology) and I don’t understand the chemicals that are in play - fully. Doctors would tell us “Listen, this seems to work” but only Government comes in and says “You (have to) do this”.

And that is where the hair on the back of my neck stands up. When the government says “Do this” it is NEVER for our benefit.

So yea, the government is why I choose not to vaccinate.
When the government says “Do this” it is NEVER for our benefit. Um, wow.

okie01 can't decide if Obama hates being black or loves it:
Obama’s problem: He will never be white.


Had Obama been white, he never would've been President.
Navy Patriot wants to defeat Obama by siding with Putin:
Could it be that the Obama regime is rolling over for criminal illegal alien Mexicans in the US, and we should defeat the criminal Obama agenda here? AND, we should defeat the criminal Obama agenda in Ukraine and the Nazi criminals he has hired and supports there as well?
GOPsterinMA is kinda close to getting it...
White privilege, to the degree it ever existed, ended in the 1950’s.”

Interesting. No wonder many people I’ve known have pretty much said things have been in decline since the 50’s.
wetphoenix's conspiracies run old school:
The most important and pertinent of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s relationships is with his Uncle Ruslan. Ruslan was married to the daughter of Graham Fuller. Fuller was the top CIA strategists who developed and implemented the plan to recruit Muslims to fight for Uncle Scam in Central Asia.

The plan is similar the current operation where Uncle Scam recruits, trains, arms, and funds Christian slaughtering Al Qaeda foreign mercenaries to attack and overthrow Syria~

Uncle Ruslan might be a KGB flipper. There was an old photo online of young Jihad Mom Zubi Tsarnayeva, her husband and Ruslan wearing Soviet uniform. Maybe double or triple agent.
adorno thinks the gays have been abusing their Constitutional Privileges by asking for Civil Rights too hard:
After a while, certain groups begin to be seen as radical as the most vile of radical groups. The LGBT group might at one time have been seen as just struggling to gain equal rights under the law, but, they’ve gone past that seemingly justified agenda. Now they’ve become radicalized, and their tactics are as militant as the terrorists we all fear so much, except without the weapons. The LGBT weapons are intimidation and threats of causing people to lose their jobs and even their rights. They’re very close to being the KKK that was despised so much in the past, without the cross burnings.

They’re abusing the privileges afforded to them under the constitution and bill or rights, while pretending that, they’re just wanting those same rights for themselves.


  1. In dressing down butterdezillion the last few days, JimRob made a big deal about not wanting FR to turn into an "Alex Jones type" nutty conspiracy blog.

    Seems like that cow has already gotten out of the barn, JimRob. Too late to close the door now.

    RaceBannon has been flogging that story about meeting a young Barak Obama for years now, switching details to match whatever the conspiracy-theory-du-jour is making the rounds.
    Yes Race, it is sooooooo likely that some teenage black kid in Hawaii would casually meet some fat old white shit-bag like you on the street and spill his life-story, that just happens to match all the exact birther conspiracies.

    1. This conspricay theory crap has been going on at Free Republic forever.

      This is from 10 years ago. There are many, many more examples.

      Former U.S. Attorney Apparently Commits Suicide (Waco connection)

    2. Central_va has a point, albeit a small one.

      CO's do that some times. It is infuriating, bad for moral and bad for discipline. It is also the stuff of both legend and movies. If his XO was also doing it, he was quite simply unfit for command. Your XO is the other you. Deals with the small shit, so you can deal with the bigger shit. Literally your left arm. (Sorry, righties, my analogy here, tired of your shit with door handles that turn the wrong way and can openers that don't work.)

    3. Hold on to your hats, this is gonna be a bit long-winded. Speaking as a current servicemember (US Army, Infantry), I can vouch for the effects of terrible leadership on their subordinates, and also try to give a snapshot of what the military is trying to do to alleviate that.

      Now, to make this a little specific to the Army, the set up generally is this: a unit has a Commanding Officer who is assisted by his Executive Officer and the senior enlisted soldier (First Sergeant for a Company, Command Sergeant Major for anything bigger). To use EC's analogy, while the XO might be the commander's left arm, the 1SG or CSM is the CO's right fist of avenging fury. He's the Goon, the big scary enforcer that everyone ranking below Captain fears.

      Now, you have these three entities that are supposed to be checking each other and their superiors and subordinates, so if CO isn't doing it right, 1SG/CSM pulls him aside and lays down the law ("But he's just an enlisted soldier!" you may be thinking. Yes, you're right, but everybody listens to CSM. He will destroy your soul if you don't), or XO has a chat with him. If XO or CSM are in the wrong, the CO will call him down on the carpet. Corrective action at the lowest level is the preferred method, because otherwise things get ugly real quick. Basically, if one of them is being terrible, there's a good chance he'll get voted off the island, so to speak, and banished to a supply shop or something (thus slowing down, if not ruining, his career).

      If the offense is egregious enough (disallowing soldiers to seek proper medical attention or covering up sexual misconduct, for instance) and there's sufficient cause, IG, JAG, and CID can (and do!) get involved. Granted, they're batting maybe .300 right now, but that's significantly better than the old average of not even going to the plate.

      TL;DR is there are channels, official and unofficial that, while imperfect, do address toxic leadership and the military (or at least the Army) is beginning to make an effort to combat it.

    4. "("But he's just an enlisted soldier!" you may be thinking. Yes, you're right, but everybody listens to CSM. He will destroy your soul if you don't)"

      Pretty sure our Sarge actually ate souls. He weren't a fan of wasting food! His first words to me were "You might make a competent officer some day." :D

      But, yep. A company can cope with any one of the top 3 being out of their depth. Two of them - huge problems. So glad to hear that shit is finally getting sorted out - seen a lot of Peter'd COs in my time and that was always horrendous.

      Thank you for your service, Brik. May your feet stay warm, your head stay cool, and that spot that itches under the armor be easily reached! (pro tip, - buy a pair of knitting needles, size 8 and made of wood. They run about 5 dollars a pair. Worlds best back scratchers, apart from a willing accomplice - and they work under casts too! You can slip one under your unit tag, or in a thigh pocket and no one will notice, the velcro will hold it just fine.)

  2. "So basically if they ask the photographer to take a close up of the inside of their poopy butt hole, they’ll have to do it."
    by MNDude

    The Supreme Court has let the Freepers down again. Sigh...

    1. Poopy butthole! It's like they're 5 years old.

    2. Because everyone knows that on that special day, the traditional wedding photographer takes a photograph up the special hole of the bride.

    3. AnonymousB - Why do you get invited to all the fun weddings?

    4. Invited? It was my own wedding, naturally.

  3. Ansel12 is right. Pot is a destroyer of civilization. Never met a regular pot smoker who did not have issues or functioned normally in life.

    1. I never met a regular drinker who did not have issues or functioned normally in life.

    2. That is some poor quality trolling, anon1. Pot? Really? You are trying to get everyone upset with that weak sauce? LOL.

    3. Ha ha all the pot smokers are gonna gang up..and ay-nony-nony you are right as well in terms of heavy drinkers..

      ..but I am right..

    4. Well anon1, you are right but my point is it's the addictive personality, and not the "drug".
      If it's not alcohol or pot, it will be huffing glue or oxycontin.

  4. RimJob is getting completely fed up with Butterdezillion. Can a zot be too far behind?

    Enough!! This is batshit crazy!! Get a life!!

    1. It's not the first time it has happened on the internet, or even on FR, but over he last few days we have actually been witness to the complete mental breakdown of butterdezillion.

      She's been on the edge for well over a year now, and JimRob and his lick-spittles finally shoved her off the cliff of sanity.

  5. "Fort Hood Muslim Truth Movement"

    Why am I not surprised this is a thing.