Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who you calling racist?

Oprah is coming out with a miniseries on a race riot in Oklahoma in 1921. Freepers, who at this point are just assuming every black person is calling them racist all the time, respond with their best defense: actual racism.

As usual, re_nortex gives the real story of the riot:
The knockout game is hardly new. The May 1921 riots in Tulsa began in much the same way with an attack on a defenseless 17-year old girl, an orphan no less, by a black thug, "Diamond Dick" Rowland. Then a squad of heavily-armed black goons stormed central Tulsa and murdered an innocent white onlooker.

Those are the facts that have been overlooked by the state-run media and won't come to light in the upcoming racist television special.
re_nortex is still fighting the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s
Had blacks looked up to good men such as Booker T. Washington instead of race radicals such as W.E.B. Du Bois, the unending attacks on whites by racist blacks would surely be diminished, if not non-existent.

Even "Reverend" "Doctor" Martin (not his real name) Luther King fathered who knows how many children out of wedlock. Those who hold MLK in esteem (sadly even some here on FR) ought to separate the myth from the reality -- much like the topic of this thread regarding the lies that Orpha will push concerning the Greenwood riots. The reality of ol' Mikey King is that he was in Memphis 46 years ago this week, not to preach the Gospel but to show his solidarity with union thugs along with his equally fraudulent pal, Jesse Jackson.
Opinionated Blowhard hauls out the usual real racists BS:
Do you know who did it? Organized it? DEMOCRATS and their terrorist arm, the KKK. This horrible incident is yet another example of how the Democrats have always been the Party of Race. Prior to the 1960s, they brutally supressed the black vote and won white votes with white supremacy and terrorizing blacks. Now they have flipped.
"Now they have flipped." That sure does do a lot of work.

ansel12 knows the problem is the media riling up them black killers:
Almost 50 years of Black pride and black oppression/victim movies and TV have killed enough innocent people, we need to stop black violence, not continue feeding passions of revenge and blood.
2ndDivisionVet - the Civil War made slavery okay:
“Reparations?” What were almost a million men killed in the civil war, unknown number wounded, maimed and stricken mentally ill and the TRILLIONS of dollars spent just since 1965?
mrsmel on the wave of black violence only Free Republic and Matt Drudge know about:
What about the black race riots, mob attacks, knockout "games", polar bear hunting, and pack attacks occurring strictly on non-blacks all over the country now? When do we even get some msm mews about the truth of that, much less a mini-series?
Dilbert San Diego remembers other riots to dwell on:
or what about the riots which struck many cities after Martin Luther King was killed? why not a movie about other riots??????
sheik yerbouty responds to some completely BS numbers:
More whites are murdered by blacks now, every year, than blacks were murdered by whites in the entire previous history of the nation.

It seems then, that the question is “who’s lynching who?”
AEMILIUS PAULUS knows the dark heart of the negro:
I am continuously amazed that white America cannot accept that blacks resent whites and probably even hate them. The words of the so called black leaders, the actions of the knockout gamer’s and the mall store looters scream resentment and hatred.Black resentment and/or hatred must be accepted; then and only then can it be dealt with.
Next VerySadAmerican will be talking about how much they liked slavery:
There is one other thing they don’t talk about today. Back then blacks had their own communities, businesses, etc and liked it that way.
GOPJ wallows in victimhood:
Let's do a series of movies and TV shows about white people being beat up by black gang bangers. My guess is more than 300 white people have been beaten and KILLED in the last few years by black gangs.

Can we turn that into OUR religion of victimhood?

Hey Oprah - how about grinding the salt of the knockout game into a wound for the next 80 years? In the year 2094 we'll be making movies about white people being beat up by roving black gangs... celebrating 2014... Even if that type of crime stopped existing years before. Would YOU Oprah be charmed?

We 'get' the liberal message ... it's sick. (that said, I'm sorry democrats in the south did horrible things to black people... in today's world Democrats use the same tactics against the Tea Party... and we hear deafening silence from your side...
Well, we should really stop lynching those Tea Party folks I guess.


  1. that said, I'm sorry democrats in the south did horrible things to black people...
    Like this?

    1. Any bets on when Freepers start claiming that the KKK is a black organization and the lynchings in the late 1800's and early 1900's were a black-on-black crime?

    2. I'm not taking bets. With the tendency of the occasional blur between Stormfront and FR, I'd say some will stand up for the KKK before that (and hopefully get banned, but won't)

  2. C'mon freepers, the democrat party can't be BOTH the party of white supremacy AND black supremacy!

    1. It's willful ignorance. A lot of Freepers are old enough to have seen these changes happen themselves.

      I did. I saw this happen. Everybody in my little Texas town (read - the white people) suddenly turned Republican. It was like magic!

      Even I, and I was just a kid, could figure that one out.

  3. Odd thing - I have black relatives (marriage and so damned happy they are there for my daughters and have given us wonderful though very tiring grand kids). Black friends, Muslim friends, Jainist friends, Jewish family and friends, Hindi friends.

    Ain't a single one ever called me racist, and we tend not to be over shy about speaking out with each other (fists are often involved, especially during political discussions or pool games). The only people who have ever used that term on me were white 20-somethings.

    It's an anecdote on the internet - so grab your usual fist full of salt - but it might be something to think on?

    1. I've never been called racist, but online, I've seen any age who overuse the term. I prefer "culturally insensitive" because I think a racist thinks one's skin color makes them naturally better or worse. Those who are make "racist remarks" don't say it because of skin color but because how they act or dress differently.

    2. "Ain't a single one ever called me racist"

      Not a very good point. So what? Do you want a cookie?

    3. @packman - I think you are part right. It's part of the pigeonholing thing that pretty much everyone does, and what MLK was talking about - judge by the content of the character, not the color of the skin. (hey, if he can plagarize others, I can rip him off!)

      One of the biggest problems in my eyes is that the vast majority of Americans are either young and insular or old and very insular. Note - not all, by any stretch of the imagination - but there is a certain cultural inertia? One of the things that drives my son-in-laws nuts is being called African American when they go to the USA. One is English. Full stop - born here, raised here and has a rather hard Cockney accent. The other is Maori - so how the hell you get African from that I got no idea..

      There is a tendency for Americans to consider themselves the center of the universe and it seems to spill over into the race debate. Probably because the vast majority of people online are from the US? *shrug*

      @anonymous 11:49 - chocolate chip please. Don't go trying to pawn one of those raisin ones on me.

    4. Not just Americans. It seems like a lot of non-Americans are completely baffled on how things are different over because GASP it's a different country. Heck I moved about 3 hours away from my home state to kinda-sorta-maybe rural Indiana for work and things are kind of different here, so imagine the difference when you go international?

      Even to things like at work - many people only think of their job or department when it comes to decision making - not how it will affect a customer or other departments.

    5. I've met a lot of Americans abroad. Contrary to the stereotype, they are interested as hell, engaged and want to actually learn more about the local culture - or they can school you on it.

      Kind of awesome, to be frank.

    6. Oooh. "African American". That one can rub all sorts of people up the wrong way. My ex-GF loathed being called that because:

      1) She isn't American.
      2) She actually IS African (Kenyan. Luo tribe. Same as Obama's dad).

      The likes of Oprah Winfrey are about as 'African' as I am. Less. I actually lived there for a few years. Everyone is "African" if you trace ancestry back far enough.

      I could cite at least three specific cases of being pulled up by white Americans for using the term "Black" and having to 'gently' explain that my GF's terminological preferences trump theirs and what she finds offensive is crediting people as "African" when they've never even been there!

    7. Had to look up Luo - used to calling them the more formal Joluo and got a mental disconnect!

      The 2012 Olympics were a pretty big thing here in the UK, for obvious reasons, and we'd watch the coverage on telly. My son-in-law would go nuts if we happened to be watching an American channel and one of the commentators would say African-American. He detests the phrase, passionately, as separatist tripe.

      His choice, but I get where he is coming from (he were and is rather loud about it at times!). It's an insult, pure and simple. What the hell does skin color or origin have to do with the price of tea in China? The fact that his parents came here from Jamaica has bugger all to do with him being English!

    8. My grandfather was a good man, but he was a racist. He called black people "spooks," was horrified at the idea of white people marrying blacks, and so on.

      For some reason, I never openly called him a racist. Probably because he was family. Anyhow, my anecdote is just about as relevant as yours.

    9. Our family are part of what makes us what we are. We don't exactly get to pick them :P

  4. Comment from FogBow, Butterdezillion has been banned less than a week after her 1 week suspension:

    Less than a week and BitterDelusional done gone and been baned agin....... =))

    I bet this was the money shot

    And what’s sad is that the people piping up the loudest to ridicule and belittle the normal people who speak up with the information they have... are the same people who are on the Freepathon threads telling us we should contribute so we can “resist tyranny”.

    AIn't NO ONE allowed to interfere with RimJob's grift

  5. "Let's do a series of movies and TV shows about white people being beat up by black gang bangers." - GOPJ

    This guy will be so delighted when he stumbles upon the Death Wish series.

    1. Or Stand Alone (1985), the action film where elderly suburban morbidly obese WWIIvet Charles Durning stands up to the gangbangers terrorizing White America.

      He won't run.
      He won't hide.
      He'll take a stand.
      And ultimately,

    2. A non zero number:

      Number of well meaning, but distracted, parents who rented this for their child thinking it was an earnest movie starring Edward James Olmos about learning math.

      Some kids have to grow up fast.

  6. Ozy, have you ever profiled savagesusie?

    She constantly talks about "Reason" but seems unable to use it or understand that it does not simply mean adjusting everything to fit your preconceived Christian notions.

    1. Savagesusie has basically made the exact same post several times a week for the last five years.

      Regardless of the subject, she crams her entire script into every response.

    2. She's all over other forums as well.

      Natural law taken to an amazing extreme.

  7. What's this weirdness about "real names"? So Martin Luther King's father renamed them both...and? See also "Barry" Obama. Are they unfamiliar with nicknames as a concept?

    I mean, of course not. It's just that they're amazingly racist, but these are the things that you'll do to disguise your racism? Pretend its not normal to be, you know, normal? I know I'm the real racist and all for pointing this out.

    Now, when they made note of Clinton's last name not matching his birth name, now that was classism.

    1. I like when they say that John Stewart is a self hating Jew because his real name is Liebowitz, as if he's the first Jewish entertainer to change his name.

    2. Never mind the weirdness of names - what the hell is the obsession with people being able to speak French?

  8. Freepers racism pops up in the most random places. They mad because Lupita Nyongo named Peoples most beautiful and is it just my imagination but don't they always root for the white people on those American Idol threads?;page=51
    To: kjam22

    This kid sings out of tune more often than he is in tune. But somehow that’s more or less okay with these judges...
    Thou shalt not criticize the last remaining Black contestant--at least not the same way you criticize the white contestants.

    6,464 posted on ‎4‎/‎23‎/‎2014‎ ‎10‎:‎12‎:‎43‎ ‎PM by silent_jonny ("I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" -- Phillipians 4:13)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 6267 | View Replies];page=6451

    1. To: Mears

      You are correct.

      “Most beautiful person” is a relative term anyway.

      My wife has been going through chemotherapy, lost her hair, her extreme weight loss has her looking ill. So on first glance, anyone else might say she’s hideous.

      But to me she is the most beautiful person in the world and will be until they put me in the ground.

      38 posted on 23 April 2014 18:51:19 by envisio (Its on like Donkey Kong!)

      I found that rather sweet. envisio isn't someone I'd go for a beer with, but that was simply nice.

    2. The American Idol threads have been going on for years, and they have been filled with vile racism from the get-go.

      Not only racism, but sexism, anti-gay hysteria, and a healthy dose of regionalism.

      The fat white guy from any southern state is the automatic favorite in any given year.