Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Potpourri

Jim Noble knows prison is hard:
I ran medical clinics in prisons for almost twenty years.

Prison is a horrible place, and the inmates live a brutal existence - not, it's true, from the authorities, but from each other.

Prison in its current form should be abolished. There are many more effective punishments.
So Jim Noble wants lots more killings and beatings!
Prison is a disaster for our people - it’s a factory for creating true sociopaths out of bad boys, and it should be so greatly reduced in size and scope as to be effectively abolished.

I favor capital punishment for all violent offenses where a stranger is the victim, physical punishments for most non-violent offenses, and indentured servitude for restitution.
Cats Pajamas has had it with the misogynist programming on the TV:
Liberal demons have played the race card so much they have worn the tits off the Queen. Conveniently their new Queen, Hillary has no tits so that won’t matter. They will just add the misogynist card. I noticed that misogynist “programming” long ago in television which I rarely watch (sickening) and it is hard to miss. I even notice it when my husband doesn’t. The very typical situation is either a superior female or a superior black and a dumb white guy they have to help because he is fat, lazy or stupid. I have no loyalty to my gender, they can be real sows (woman pigs) when it comes to denigrating white men.
philly-d-kidder's university has a gay database:
Nobody like to discuss the Gay marriage issue but I went to local University on front page of Library Computer Screen is MS Explorer Icon and LGBT database Icon. I clicked on LGBT and found out..

After 12 years In netherlands less than 15% of Homosexuals Married.

50% divorced within year..

Definition of monogamous when dating is 3 or fewer partners.

The average age of death of US Male homosexual 47 years old.

50/50 chance to survive to age 65 US Male homosexual

47% become addicted to Drugs/alcohol

38% suffer depression

23% attempt suicide..

44% of male homosexuals have 300+ partners in a lifetime.
Veggie Todd knows all mosques are just packed with guns and explosives:
And to really freak them out, you could point several surveillance cameras pointed towards their mosque, I mean their armory.
ExNewsExSpook is hating Obama in retirement already:
There has already been talk that Zero plans to “retire” in the Washington, D.C. area. Hawaii is just too far away from the Beltway for a full-time residence. Penny Pritzker better plan on buying the Obamas a suburban estate in Virginia or Maryland, along with a beach-front vacation home in Hawaii. And of course, he’ll need an office, staff and Secret Service security in both locations, not to mention secure travel from the east coast to the islands.

Book it: Barry Obama will be the most expensive former president in U.S. history, and there’s no telling what he will grant himself by executive fiat before leaving offfice
Nifster - if you don't want to enslave the wrongfully convicted, you may be on the wrong website:
You gonna tell that to the people who get falsely convicted?

“You shouldn’t have been falsely convicted, so you deserve to be enslaved.”

And tell us just exactly how many people is that???

Are you sure you belong here at FR
Uh-oh, cuban leaf is threatening not to vote GOP in the general!
Yep. I’m one of those conservatives who will vote for Bevin in the primary and Bevin in the general. If bevin is not on the ticket in the general, I’ll vote for the Democrat.

The party’s only hope is to be cleansed of folks like McConnel. If this means defeating him in the general, so be it.
originalbuckeye has a plan to use anti-Muslim bigotry to fight back against the war on women narrative:
Will some visible Republican please point out that supporting fanatical Muslims, like this Admin does, is the real War on Women? And then get Ayaan Hirsi Ali up there to talk about it.
Liz knows Obama's nighttime thoughts:
Obama can't seem to rise above his inane "community organizer" mentality. When he was crawling around the nabe preaching envy and greed----duping people on food stamps into believing they could payoff mortgages (ne'er do wells who taxpayers were forced to bail out).

He and Valerie lay awake nights---thinking up ways to flaunt US laws in the faces of patriotic American who recognize that America thrives on its sacrosanct rule of law.
Daveinyork had Black Panthers steal his van 40 years ago!
It was a personal experience in 1971 of the left suppressing free expression that started me on my journey away from them, and ultimately against them. Reading Robert Ringer and Milton Friedman throughout the 1970’s ‘splained it to me.

I was taking pictures at the Revolutionary Peoples’ Constitutional Convention when a Black Panther “official” demanded that I give up my camera. He said “we authorize all pictures.”

I was not about to give up a camera that had been a gift from my parents, so I satisfied him by giving up the film. Later in the day, a pickpocket got the camera.

I had bought the obigatory VW bus by working twelve hours a day at a job. One of the Panthers told me that the people were going to need that vehicle. Well, the “people” were not making the loan payments.
Steve_Seattle on GOP skills:
Bush can paint, speak Spanish, and fly a jet plane. Sarah Palin was starting point guard on a championship basketball team, plays the flute, was a beauty contest finalist, and can hunt, fish, and skin a deer. Neither of the Obamas can do any of these things, yet Bush and Palin are portrayed as morons and the Obamas are portrayed as Renaissance geniuses.

VerySadAmerican will only believe Russia Today:
Don’t post from Russian propaganda sources. Their goal is to manipulate public opinion for the uninformed and spread lies.

I agree. Don’t post from AMERICAN MEDIA propaganda sources. Their goal is to manipulate public opinion for the uninformed and spread lies.
Theophilus - not a fan of contraception:
If God is against it, would it matter if every mother loving fool on earth thought it was her or his God given right? Contraception is child sacrifice either before or often after the fact. Contraception is racial suicide writ large. Contraception is hatred of faith, hope and love, God and neighbor, creation and the future. Contraception is a rejection of the inestimable gift of the the bounty of the female sex and rebellion against God's first command to "be fruitful and multiply".

For our nation to outlaw contraception would be like the hangman voting to outlaw rope.
Berlin_Freeper might as well put a big buckle on his hat, because he's a 1700s puritan all the way:
Mainstream is "out of touch", literally.

The only proper sexual relationship is between a husband and a wife that could result in having a baby. Everything else is a sin. Including contraception, oral and masturbation.

The Mainstream are just as bad as the homosexuals.
kanawa has a beef with the yahoo that talked about being your brother's keeper:
Zoos have ‘keepers’.
I am no man’s ‘keeper’
and no man ‘keeps’ me.
Forward the Light Brigade and a bunch of other Freepers are rejecting the conservative crazies on TV as not racist enough:
Bundy is no Bigot—just made to look that way—now we can tell the real conservatives from the Fake ones who like the Conservative title and hat but will not walk the walk when things are hard—Paine warned us against “sunshine patriots” long ago—Now we see Hanity, Beck and BOR fall into their ranks. I thought Beck would stand tall—Glad I didn’t buy his books as I would be forced to burn them.
Graewoulf, bein' Graewoulf:
Is the recent bloody Cattle Massacre at Nevada Cattle Rancher Bundy’s Pioneer Corral damaging the Democrat Party in eyes and words of the Democrat Left Stream Media?

To put this latest Medieval “Kill for Sport” event in historical context, all one has to do is remember that the Democrat Party was the Founding Party of the KKK.

Is the modern day equivalent of the KKK the Bureau of Feudal Land Management, (BFLM) ?

If so, then Feudal Lord Reid would then be “The Grand Dragon of the BFLM.”

Feudal Lord Reid’s Rustlers are hired guns, who are furious but not fast, which also applies to their bitter, vengeful, senile, multimillionaire Leader: Feudal Lord Reid.

With the past Democrat-based KKK, and now the present Democrat-controlled BFLM, ethics be damned, as abject fear is the main goal of both of these ethically Medieval Outlaw Gangs, past and present.

“Ethics” will be justified later by Liberals who will write the “revised” PC History of these times, past and present; of powerful men with outlaw hatred toward free people in America, Black or White, poor or rich.

The Jackboot Heel of Democat Tyranny is now upon us, AGAIN !



Occupy Wall Street people were volunteer shock troops for The Democrat Federal Government of Obama, Pelosi, Holder and Schumer.

Reid’s Rustlers were hired shock troops for the Democrat Federal Government of Reid, Obama and Holder.

Occupy Wall Street people attacked businesses in large cities.

Reid’s Rustlers attacked cattle in an isolated Nevada Corral.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers destroyed private property and private jobs.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers were financially supported, (indirectly and directly, respectively), by the Democrat Obama Administration.

Both Occupy Wall Street and Reid’s Rustlers were publicly encouraged by the Democrat Obama Administration, and the Democrat Left Stream Media.

P-Marlowe found a flaw in the Republican that just got indicted:
It appears the the political climate for Mr. Grimm has changed dramatically.

Good riddance.

Maybe we can replace the crook with an honest tea party climate hoax denier.
Like so many Freepers, jonascord takes satire he likes as truth:
You've got to understand: "Portlandia" is a documentary, a simple narrative of the day to day 'thinking' that substitutes for intellect in Leftist Land.
jonascord then tries out some satire himself, revealing all too much:
If you want to increase student performance with a eugenic solution, the problem has always been developing an effective selection criteria.

My suggestion is to simply select by political affiliation. Democrats have shown, in the last two elections, that they are either profoundly stupid, or evil.

It will shift the Mean of the Bell Curve 50 % to the Right, and open a great deal of real estate and employment to exploitation.
Smokin' Joe explains that Civil Rights are a hoax:
Want the truth? The Left can't handle the truth.

The government doesn't grant rights. Therefore the government didn't give the people raising a ruckus in the '60s any more rights than they had. What the government did do was grease the skids so the selfsame people who had previously been encouraged to excel no longer had to do so. Some favor.
DManA talking about South Korea:
The political leader of a country is not responsible for everything that goes wrong.

If you believe that than you are a fascist.


  1. Jim Robbington IIIApril 28, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    The threatening to vote for the Democrat always cracks me up. It's the same mentality of the 4 year old threatening to hold their breath if they don't get what they want. They don't seem to understand the result negatively impacts the person doing the threatening. Then again, since Freepers best-of-times was during the Grade School years, I can understand their mindset...

  2. I wonder if we've found Seminole County

    Or just another crazy wingnut FSU (seriously, what is with them?)

  3. "The only proper sexual relationship is between a husband and a wife that could result in having a baby. Everything else is a sin. Including contraception, oral and masturbation."
    No more blow jobs from Mrs. Berlin Freeper for Mr. Berlin Freeper. Also, no more intercourse, since they're probably both aged. Sounds fun.

    1. That line of thought - very well put - always baffles the hell out of me. If sex were not meant to be a way of being closer, why'd He make it so much fun?

      Is God a sadist? Does He want you to go to Hell? No jokes about what He probably thinks of Freepers, please.

  4. I think that Graewoulf might be insane. No, I mean *really* insane.