Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bloomberg on his liberal advocacy: ‘I’ve earned my place in heaven — it’s not even close’

One interesting thing about Freepers' faith is their strong desire for empiricism. It's not enough for science to explain what, and religion how; religion must also explain what. A goodly chunk of Christianity explicitly advises to avoid. Thus, when NY Mayor Bloomberg offers the admittedly questionable boast that he's sure he's heavenbound, Freepers at once denounce his hubris for knowing the mind of God, while at the same time explaining what God is really thinking...

Tupelo explains the failed theology:

We believe that, but maybe Bloomberg believes he can buy his way in. Hell, he has bought his way into everything else he wants.
DeaconRed should do all conservative standup:
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a Rich person to get into Heaven.
In that case I easily qualify. Thanks to ZERO. . .
yefragetuwrabrumuy makes up a quote, to ratchet up the blasphemy:
Slightly reworked Bloomberg quote:

“I am telling you I am God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place as ruler of heaven. It’s not even close.”
liberalh8ter thinks Mecca is Muslim heaven. Also, he knows what God is thinking:
If Nanny Bloomberg had made the statement as follows, ' “I am telling you if there is Allah, when I get to Mecca I’m not stopping to be interviewed.”, he would bu ducking shoes, hiring security for all the death threats, apologizing profusely and facing a litany of admonishment from the political class - but because his insults deal with Christianity and Christians, crickets.

God shall not be mocked. The lake of fire is ready and waiting for you, Nanny....jump right in.
meatloaf is ready to be smug when Bloomberg eventually dies:
I’m thinking he’s going to have a stroke.
kenmcg focuses only on one thing Bloomberg has done:
This mutt actually believes he deserves heaven because he’s amassed billions. I t doesn’t work that way.
Wiser now would like to speak for God, who is unhappy Bloomberg spoke for God:
God will have the last word, and unless Bloomy’s attitude changes completely, those words will be “Depart from Me. I never knew you.”
.45 Long Colt's Christianity has toned down that universal love BS:
Be careful about turning such passages of God’s love into universal statements of God’s love. We must read them in context. Romans 5:8 has reference to the elect of God, those with peace with God who were justified by faith (see verse 1), not all mankind.
Gritty's Christianity is all about spite, and seems based around this world:
This is getting good.

I'm waiting for the part where King Bloomie is struck down, eaten by worms, and dies.


  1. How far will some freepers go to rationalize their support of Cliven Bundy? Why, as far as it takes!
    To be fair, quite a few have expressed their facepalm over this.

    1. Those FReepers that have facepalmed actually looked into what's going on instead of reading the headlines and/or reading biased sources

    2. What a bunch of dumb bunnies. They lose issue after issue and pay for the privilege.

      I have never in my life seen such a bunch of fuck ups. It's amazing.

    3. I dunno - I have some sympathy for Bundy.

      He offered to pay the state for grazing rights, several times. The ranch has been there for a century or so. He has lost some invaluable and irreplaceable bloodlines - and a livestock farmer thinks in generations, not years.

      He didn't exactly go about it the smartest way, but he has pointed up something that is worrying.

    4. Jesus. Just how bad do you have to be to get a facepalm by the folks over at FR?!

    5. EC, I am sympathetic with ranchers and farmers, but he has NOT owned that land for 100 years. He bought his 160 acre ranch in the 1940s but has been using the adjacent land as if it's his own ever since. And the fees are owed to the Federal government, not the state. The mere fact that he doesn't recognize the Federal government doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    6. @anon 12:49

      I totally agree with you. That's what makes it conflicted in me head. He's got 160 acres - pretty much guaranteed to be from the Homestead Act, since it is exactly the same size as the normal tract.

      There is zero doubt that his family improved the land in that case - or they would have lost it completely.

      I guess my question is - did he merely use federal lands, or did he spend time and money improving them? You can pay rent by actions as well as cash, after all.

      Still - the Ukraine is going to explode, Syria has 3 million displaced or killed, Central Africa is being a worse shithole than it usually is, volunteer doctors killed in Afghanistan ..... - lets concentrate on a rancher. :P

    7. I can think about more than one thing at a time. I think since some legislation about women's equal pay and affirmative action has been defeated in congress and invalidated recently by the supreme court, it matters to me where people come down on issues of racism and sexism during an election year. If that's all right with you. I can't do fuck all about Crimea or the Democratic Nightmare of the Congo, even if I care very much what's happening there.

    8. "I think since some legislation about women's equal pay and affirmative action has been defeated in congress"

      Wait, what? That is just fucking stupid! How the fuck did they dare? And I don't give a crap about which side of the aisle they are on. Partisan politics stops where peoples equality gets hurt.

      You can do something about Crimea, or Syria, or DRC, or CAR, though - keep them in the news.

    9. EC wrote-

      "He's got 160 acres - pretty much guaranteed to be from the Homestead Act, since it is exactly the same size as the normal tract."

      But wait,

      "Clark County property records show Cliven Bundy's parents moved from Bundyville, Arizona and bought the 160 acre ranch in 1948 from Raoul and Ruth Leavitt."

      It took less than 2 minutes to look that up.

      You really can tell that EC is a Freeper. Making things up is the Freeper way.

    10. I can tell EC isn't a good Freeper because he rarely makes it personal like you did.

      But yeah, Bundy is legally as wrong as you get.

      The only question I have is if he is motivated by greed or delusion.
      If he really tried to pay what he owed to Nevada, then he's the latter.

    11. Thank you Ozzie!

      All I have seen - various outlets - say that he did try to pay the state. Can't guarantee it - who knows how reliable the reporting is on this? - but it has been mentioned several dozen times.

      As for anon - is, or is not, 160 acres the standard size for a homestead? Does it matter if they claimed it or bought it from another family? That happened rather a lot. It still comes under the homestead act - which has very specific terms and conditions in order to keep it.

      However - in terms of the grazing on federal lands, there are two aspects in favor of Bundy (I know, a bunch against him!) He reportedly improved the land with fencing and water access, and he stuck to the recommended number of head per acre.
      That is not a random number, pulled out of someones ass. It's a balance between preventing erosion from over grazing and preventing wildfires through under grazing. That is why the BLM specifies no more than 40% of forage in any one year.

    12. There are multiple anonymouses here (anonymi?), and I've got no beef (pun intended) with EC. I usually post as anonymousB but I am multi-tasking and was too lazy to change it. (I.e., I am not the anonymous who called him a typical freeper.) Cheers, all. Just a friendly discussion...

    13. Hi B!

      We have had some good ones.

    14. Having just seen his recent statements about race - fuck him. The concept of owning another person is abhorrent.

      There are limits to sympathy - and he just passed them at about MACH 2.

    15. "All I have seen - various outlets - say that he did try to pay the state."

      So? If I owe my friend Bob $5, why should he think I paid off the debt if I give $5 to my friend Tom?

    16. I have to take back my earlier, more generous assessment of the freepers' reaction. Now that their echo chamber has emboldened them, they have (as is their wont) doubled down. After 24 hours of listening to the voices in their heads, praising the merits of slavery isn't only reasonable, it's the only practical point of view.
      The fact that Facebook is circulating one alleged black Marine who seems to agree with Bundy just bolsters them all the more. Well, allrighty then. Slavery was better for black folk. That being the case -- do we have a remedy for poor white folk on welfare? Just asking.


  3. Here you go guys! The fun starts at about 17:45

  4. Oh come on. Bundy himself didn't matter. It was the hundreds of militia nuts who showed up pointing guns at federal employees and the massive political and media support they got from the right wing that made it a big story - and it IS a big story. A big ugly sad scary story.

  5. Back to Bloomberg ...
    the freeper response is a fin example of what is generally wrong with the "religious right".

    The religious right, as a group, are bitter and petty ... therefore they have interpreted their God to be also be bitter and petty.

  6. Can't see why they have to try and over egg the pudding.

    They already have Jealous, Wrathful, Vengeful etc. (Exodus 20:5, Ezekiel 38:19, Deuteronomy 32:35).

    Assuming one actually believes that Bible is literal indisputable fact and that the original text is a Websters version of English, spoken with a Alabama accent and intended to be used as punctuation for the sort of shameless grifting that would make JimRob a proud man.

    Wow! Thats a thought. FreepTV!! That would be awesome. I might email MTV about the idea!

  7. Isn't Bloomberg jewish? All this FR agonizing about whether his words conform with Christ's is pointless, I would think.

  8. Freepers saying that Slavery was good and slaves were treated right!!! After all they had their families (oh wait as property their children could be sold at anytime), garden (oh wait that belonged to the Plantation owner and I'm sure the person in the big house got first pick), and chickens (oh wait like the garden they got the leftovers gizzards and chicken feet).

  9. Check out some of the threads on the trial of Byron Smith, who shot and killed two teens who broke into his house and waited a day to call the cops. I didn't think Freepers could shock me anymore, but some of this stuff is just stunning.

    1. I've said it multiple times before: Freepers hate everything and everybody, and the only thing that cheers them is when someone shoots a B&E perp dead. Theirs is a very small, dark world.