Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Spotlight: re_nortex

How did this guy fly under my radar so long? He only came up when he said the Kansas temple shooter was one of those notoriously Obama-supporting Klansman, and thus supported Obama.

in his 70s, with a wife who has passed...Though beyond being crazy, he doesn't have any quirks to make him stand out. Maybe a bit more revisionist history, Hitler and Texas [his tagline -DP - that's what I like about Texas]. He's not one of those Freepers who attempts to rationalicate his madness. Let me know if you guys see anything unique about this guy. But all his posts are Freeper than Freep. His profile is quotes from the Bible, Ronald Reagan, Jim Robinson, and a bunch of songs praising Texas - as centerline as Freeper get. He claims a 2001 vintage, thought his account is 2010.

He may be hard to peg, but there is a lot of content - this guy is a font of bigotry and wrongness!

All he's saying is that unmarried women can't be conservative!
I am NOT implying anything untoward about her by that latter statement aside from noting that most Christian Conservative women from the heartland of America have married and had children by that age.

For all of her intelligence and wit, it appears that Ann Coulter just doesn't authentically live the life of those of us in flyover country. The contrasts between her and Sarah Palin are self-evident, IMHO.
Sarah Palin becomes President in 2013:
I support future-President Palin 100%. I humbly and respectfully think you ought to get on board.

She's inevitable!

And I can't wait for January 2013 when she leads America back to greatness. It will be wonderful to see Obama slithering away into ash heap of history. May the usurper live a long life in abject humiliation and may he awake for the next 8 years every day with President Palin at the helm of the country he despises.
Moderate Muslims are all just undercover jihadis:
Any Muslim in a bikini contest ain’t the kind of Muslim we need to worry about.

I can appreciate your point but I personally think such Muslims are the most pernicious. Those contriving to slickly pose themselves as ordinary people possibly represent the most danger. I recall that one of the 9-11 terrorists was seen as a "hail fellow, well met" type. I believe he befriended a number of Americans at a health club in Florida, thus adding to his disguise as a regular, congenial guy instead of a jihadist.
The Confederate Flag magically converts liberals into conservatives:
The Rebel flag flies at my home for any number of reasons including the fact that it drives the liberal Yankee who lives across the street crazy. He's been here in God's Country for 15 years but always talks up his old hometown of Nashua, NH. I enjoy infuriating him on Earth Day when I run two lawnmowers full blast, turn on all the lights and get my Tea Party next door neighbor to fire up his motorcycle.

Being so un-PC is having some effect on him. He's removed that stupid COEXIST bumper sticker from his car and recently shocked me by telling us that he voted for Ted Cruz. His high-school age daughter is a cheerleader, goes to a fine Christian church and speaks with an appealing Southern accent since most of her life was spent here in Texas.

Between the Rebel flag, tweaking the father on Earth Day and living with his thoroughly Texan daughter, that Yankee liberal may be finally seeing the light.
About the same neighbor 4 months later (the Ted Cruz vote came up later in the thread)
sadly, they're legal. In fact the guy is a fourth generation Texan, speaks English just fine but always has that abrasive Mexican music playing when I pass by his house. It's another reason why I favor selective immigration and why merely having citizenship papers isn't sufficient to be a real American. And his kids constantly are on skateboards tearing up the sidewalk.
All Racism is false flags:
I've seen only one instance of racism here on Free Republic and that was back in summer 2009 when some moronic pictures and cartoons were posted about Obama's family (and his children) when they vacationed in France. The mods were quick on the draw and pulled the offensive thread.

Then the truth came out. The racist pictures and comments were the acts of leftist infiltrators trying to disrupt this site. It was clear that they weren't genuine FReepers. That one incident aside, Free Republic is perhaps the most non-racist site on the web. Have you forgotten that Jim Robinson looked very favorably on the candidacy of Herman Cain? And people like Thomas Sowell, Allen West and Clarence Thomas have long been held in high esteem here.
Stormfront: Another false flag planted by Obama.
I had heard of Stormfront of course but never visited that site until this thread appeared which piqued my interest (as well as the KC murders of the past weekend). My initial impression during my brief time looking around is that Stormfront is an invention of the obama and holder regime. If that's incorrect, it sure looks to be an adjunct of either the SPLC itself or perhaps the ACLU. From what I saw, there was not a trace of Conservatism to be found, only a strident far-left form of socialism.

This fits into my long-held belief that the Westboro thugs were created and supported by leftist outfits. That's assertion is more provable since Fred Phelps was a DemonRAT, Gore supporter, a civil rights lawyer and recipient of awards from the NAACP and other similar racist groups. I surmise that if additional research were done on the Stormfront principles, DemonRAT enablers would be found.
All those Jewish Muslims:

The principle of commutativity is applicable.
Obama's diction is classic Muslim Marxist:
O'Bambi is a scarcely literate Muzzie Marxist. He reveals himself with his mispronunciation of words such as:


Fortunately, a Tea Party Revolution is at hand and in just a few months, the idiot and member of his regime will be gone. Go Newt Go!
So hopeful in 2012, he totally bounced back, and is still unskewing polls -
Young people all hate gays, if you unskew the polls
Another lie from the leftist, aptly-named Pew outfit. I know plenty of young people and they're solid Christians, opposed totally to homosexualism and abortionism. If Pew were doing honest polling, they'd find that same-sex "marriage" is as popular as pedophilia. After all, homosexuality and pedophilia are just branches of the same tree of evil.
Godwin's law aside:
Hitler's party was the National Socialists. It advocated all of the things near and dear to DemonRATS: abortion, atheism, sodomy, gun control, labor unions, genocide, a government-run auto industry, environment regulations. Godwin's Law aside, and without any hint of irony, is there any question all that DemonRATS of 2014 would be first in line to goose-step to the Nazis?
Expanding on that theme:
I have no doubt that Adolph Hitler would garner near 100% support from the DemonRATS of today. As a leftist himself, his core values align precisely with those of liberals:

Pro-gun control
Pro-labor union
Pro-sodomy ("The Pink Swastika" proves this)
Pro-judicial activism
Supported a government-run auto industry
Strong environmental programs
High taxes
Immigration is ruining America:
Mere documentation doesn't equate to assimilation and the adopting of traditional American values. Read the words of President Coolidge, above. Not all legal immigrants will become Patriots.

And, of course, for the illegals, I personally want nothing less than Operation Wetback version 2.0, using the latest technological innovations that have arisen since the 1950s to enact a massive program of mass deportation. America must remain American!
The paranoid reaction to some guy being awful at Wheel of Fortune:
I guess i’ll be the first to say if they taught real education in school rather diversity and tolerance, he would have known.

Watch the corrupt regime (obama and holder) use the full power of their administration to attack Pat Sajack, a Conservative. A trip to a multicultural indoctrination center is likely planned for the entire Wheel of Fortune staff.

This video clip is yet another exhibit proving that diversity is perversity.
His take on Civil Rights leaders:
Westboro thug Fred Phelps was a DemonRAT and the recipient of numerous awards from racist outfits such as the NAACP, an organization founded by the notorious commie, W.E.B. DuBois and like-minded subversives.
He really likes this list - he wrote it for Hugo Chaves, re-posted it for Willie Nelson:
Until and unless he repents, when that door opens for Nelson, he'll find it leads to a very large and eternally hot room inhabited forever by fellow leftists such as Ted Kennedy, Malcolm X, Tip O'Neill, Adolph Hitler, Frances Perkins, W.E.B DuBois, Joseph Stalin, Edward R. Murrow, John L. Lewis, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Mao Tse Tung, Robert C. Byrd, Margaret Sanger, Osama Bin Laden and many others who have brazenly served satan.
Burning all his Willie Nelson records:
Well, there's one "abortion" that went on at my home not long ago. All of my Willie Nelson records (yes, I'm old enough to have records -- on vinyl) were placed in a metal barrel, doused with lighter fluid and burnt.
You know what? I'll be this guy actually did it.


  1. Free Republic is sort of Stormfront Lite, isn't it? I wonder how many violent crimes are traceable to Free Republic.

    1. Ozy:

      Any chance of doing a spotlight on "Absolutely Nobama"?

      This racist gasbag "writes" (possibly with his toes) some of the most vile, hateful, smears I've ever had the misfortune of reading. Why this guy isn't on some sort of watch list, I'll never know:

    2. I remember him well, Anon. He doesn't seem to post that often anymore though.

  2. Ozzy, can I suggest this thread?

    It's filled with craziness like:
    "He should have disowned her. It is no different than if she was dead" when finding out your daughter is gay.

    1. Is it just me, or does war daddy sound just a little disappointed that he never got in on any of the immoral ladies action? (Or anything else?)

      "Men do not try homosexuality
      Or experiment with it
      They are either attracted to being sodomized by other men....or they arent
      I think women may....or be encouraged to
      Usually for some can’t relate to men issue or maybe a dearth of male suiters or seen as rebellious
      The dominant group of lesbians are the masculines.....the rest are just opportunities
      Most younger women today are immoral by the standards I grew up in many years ago
      Even church girls"

  3. Hahah..Cuban Leaf is in denial. You're little girl is pretty much still gay and is just hiding it from you. And on top of that I'm sure she and her lesbian roommate were going at it like minxes while she told you it was just a crush.

    1. Live-in boyfriend beard.

  4. That should be your not you're!! Sorry.

  5. According to our former Freepers, FR is full of wonderful people. They just hang out at a hate site because...

    1. Habit and a distinct unwillingness to lose the time / money they invested in the place. In other words, being human and hoping for the best.

      You could try that sometime. Who knows, you might like it.

    2. I'll bet you could say the same thing about Stormfront. Lovely people, really.

    3. Jim Robbington IIIApril 18, 2014 at 10:45 PM

      Habit and a distinct unwillingness to lose the time / money they invested in the place. In other words, being human and hoping for the best.

      Isn't that one of the ways Germany was able to be transformed into the Germany of WWII? ;)

    4. Yep. People are predictable like that. It's called the sunk cost fallacy (sometimes loss aversion) but it is predictable as hell and rather useful.
      Not saying it's right. Also not saying I am immune to it by any means. It just is.

  6. Jim Robbington IIIApril 18, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    Love does not make evil OK.

    So by that logic you could still love and be apart of your homosexual daughter's life but not be accepting of her evil ways rather than being an ass and disowning her. Also, homosexuality is your definition of evil. Homosexuality has been observed in over 1500 species of animals. Would they honestly say that these animals are evil, their behavior is learned and the other animals are pushing them to "try" homosexuality? A Todd Glass said with respect to homosexuality being a choice said something to the effect of "What kid wakes up one morning and says let me try homosexuality - be ostracized, shunned, ridiculed and possibly killed because of my sexual orientation."

  7. more nortex:

    november 6, 2012: "Ohio has not been settled. Karl Rove shows the margin as well under 1000 votes. Mitt Romney's people are not conceding!


    november 9, 2012: "This is just the beginning because there will be a torrent of layoffs and business failures now that the future is so bleak with Obama remaining in office. Sadly, at least you'll have a fulltime job keeping up with this endless cascade of abysmal economic news. for a bloodbath on Wall Street. And, not too far off, hyperinflation is coming much like that of Germany after the Great War."

  8. So.... The kkk were liberals but the confederacy is conservative?

    Also... You know Hitler was anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-labor union?

    1. He was also a vegetarian who loved his dog.

      Don't go silly. It does not become you. Put it in context.

      Hitler was anti abortion because he was (at best interpretation) trying to increase the master race. Yes, load of fucking bullshit, but how he thought.

      He were in no way, shape or form anti gay - homosexuals were used as SS shock troops and actively recruited.

      I'll grant you anti-union - when the state controls most of the means of production, unions are a nuisance. Ask Stalin.

      It is a pattern that repeats time after time after time with dictators. Create a lot of little special interest groups, then square them off against each other..

    2. "He were in no way, shape or form anti gay - homosexuals were used as SS shock troops and actively recruited."

      Citation? And no ... Scott Lively's "Pink Swastika" crap fest is not a reliable source.

    3. EC, you're better than that. Freepers bend over backwards and twice sideways to try and find similarities between AdolF (they always spell it wrong) and their perceived opponents. Stop saying US liberals are the same as Hitler. You just sound fucking stupid and dishonest. The modern American left is NOT the Klan and is NOT Hitler and is NOT Stalin. Freepers have to own their own feeble-minded hatred and racism.

    4. Hitler was rampantly homophobic.
      Before he came to power, Berlin was the gay capital of the world.
      He rounded gay people up and killed them. Look it up.
      He tolerated them in his early years of his regimes simply because he could just kill everyone he pleased yet.

    5. Hitler was actually history's biggest murderer of homosexuals

    6. @EC
      》He were in no way, shape or form anti 》gay - homosexuals were used as SS
      》shock troops and actively recruited.

      Tripe. AH and the Nazis *invented* the pink triangle symbol as one of the standard degeneracy classifications in the camps. You are correct that AH was virulently opposed to 'elective' abortion because it impaired population growth and he was against anything else that had similar effects like homosexuality, women in the workforce and to some degree even monogamy. His only major departure from 'conservative' views in these areas was that his foundation was utilitarian pragmatism rather than abstract morals and judeo-christian superstition (as he would see it).

  9. Interesting - thank you.

    I were taught by my grandfather and several uncles that most of the SS were homosexual, and it was winked at, if not actually condoned. Father in law never mentioned it, but he spent the war shooting SS officers specifically. I take it he didn't like them much.

    Odd, the bits you accept without question. Time to re-evaluate.

    Nazi-ism as a whole was definitely against women in the workforce - my mother in law could not get a job (Italy, not Germany, but Mussolini had the same views). She got stuffed with propaganda about raising children at the obligatory weekend athletics events for people under 20. And you DID attend or you got a 2AM knock on the door.

    1. I heard from my Grandfather:

      " Hitler has only got one ball,
      Göring has two but very small,
      Himmler is somewhat similar,
      And Goebbels has no balls at all!"

      ...I would hesitate before adopting it as established historical fact however ;)

      There is also the Lebensborn program, the directives from Himmler (head of the SS, notorious womaniser, father of at least 3) to encourage 'liaisons' between SS Officers and Norwegian women and the hundreds of official, heterosexual, SS brothels established throughout occupied Europe (and lets not even start on the thousands of SS rapists).

      I would also cite: "....that gradually out of a common disposition of character there began to form within the SA a clique which became the kernel of a conspiracy directed not only against the normal views of healthy people but also against the security of the State."

      From a speech by Hitler justifying the execution of Ernst Röhm and his close associates in the SA (the "Brown Shirts" - nothing to do with the SS) partly on the grounds of his homosexuality ("against the normal views of healthy people").

      The evidence is overwhelming. Your Grandfather and uncles were talking balls. Just like mine ;)

    2. Probably - they spent time in the camps (Grandad 2 years as a POW, one uncle 3 years in a concentration camp) so I guess the bitterness is understandable.

      Thank you for the extra info!

    3. I don't have any uncles, mostly because none of my 5 great-uncles survived. Navy (wasn't much prisoner taking on the Murmansk runs).

      No fan of the SS myself, but I don't consider what I wrote as any sort of 'defence' because for that to be the case homosexuality would have to be a scurrilous and offensive accusation - which it isn't. I just don't like the implied marginalisation of the (overwhelmingly female) SS rape victims which is an implicit in perpetuating the myth that the SS were mostly or even significantly homosexual.

      It does have an amusing Freep consequence though. No-one disputes that the Waffen SS were a formidable fighting force who gave Allied forces a disproportionately (to their numbers and resources) hard time. If the gay myth were true then there would be an obvious deduction: too many heterosexuals in the Allied armies!! The Ardennes and Arnhem debacles a product of insufficient gayness. Military cohesion is enhanced when soldiers are literal 'bunk mates' (Sacred Band of Thebes for supporting argument) ;)

    4. Shit - they were on the convoys? Total fucking respect. If you get a chance to do it - lay a flower for me. Please?

  10. I like it when Freepers write IMHO. There's nothing humble about their opinion! That's why they post on FR! Because no one listens to them IRL so they have to get on a website with a ton of other also-rans and spout off unintelligible nonsense to like minded assholes.