Thursday, April 10, 2014

Obama's giving away the Internets

Man, Freepers got no quality control about conspiracies these days. This time it's letting the UN decide new Internet addresses like .com and .biz. The fact that Freepers think Obama gave the Internet to the UN is pretty funny, it's when they get historical that it gets hysterical:

Starboard heard Obama likes it. All he needs to know too be convinced of a conspiracy!
If its bad for America, Obama is for it.

If there was any justice, common sense or political courage left in the country, Obama would have been impeached long ago. No Republican president could have ever survived debacle after debacle like the clown prince does. The rest of the world must be amazed at our tolerance for this national disaster.
jsanders2001 details the plan, which involves Soros, natch.
Obama doesn’t want to take another hit on infringing on the Constitution or spying on his citizens so he’s just going to probably hand it over to a foreign authority. I’m guessing one that will still give him access to all the goodies and probably managed by a George Soros shell company abroad and “beyond the reach” of U.S. O oversight (allegedly)
Bill Clinton doesn't like this plan. Westbrook explains why:
Where’s the picture of the stopped clock?

Klintoon might be a communist, but at least he’s an American communist.
lentulusgracchus on all the stuff Democrats have ruined out of spite:
why is it Democratics love to give away the best of what America has? Carter gave away the panama canal, and now Obama wants to give away the internet.

Because Republicans did them. TR did the Canal. The Internet was privately done. Afghanistan and Iraq were successes for Bush and the hated Neocons ..... so Barky is trying to blow them both.

"Nice country you got here in America. It'd be a shame if something happened to it." -- Democratic politics.
TexasFreeper2009 has this amazing addition.
oh, and we gave away the moon after we managed to get their first.

Slambat - Obama has given away EVERYTHING: “Obama wants to give away the internet.”

That’s just what we see and know of. What has he given away that we don’t know of? My guess is everything?


  1. Butter finally got the zot after countless posts suggesting the freep admins were government agents trying to censor her "research."

    1. Here you go, anonymous 10:05:

      It's just a week ban, but I'll bet Butter isn't happy.

    2. I was the one commenting on her blog. Unlike the vast majority of people - I have gone through a ditching. Scared the crap out of me - I can't fucking swim. Bloody champion at sinking though.

      Humblegunner can fuck right the fuck off. Small minded toady, he is, and a total waste of space.

  2. It was just a matter of time after humblegunner (humbledummy) decided to go after her.

    He kept goading and goading and tattling back to JimRob until he finally got his way.
    The only reason JimRob held off this long is he knows that Butterdezillion has quite a following on FR and a 'thon is on.

  3. Oh wait it is just a week ban lol still i can't imagine her taking this well. And you're right ^.

  4. Now that Israel spy Jonathan Pollard is going to be released to help along the peace talks, freepers are turning on Israel, and complaining that President Obama always gives in to Israel. Wait, what?