Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week Long Potpourri 3

bgill is straight up Stormfrontin'
All these bad diseases come from there. Name one good thing that has ever come out of Africa.
jsanders2001 has done a careful study in McDonald's and found black children more violent:
Clearly its not because the black children are more prone to get in fights, inot listen, or do what the teacher tell them to do.../s

Visit any McDonald’s and sit and watch the children play on the playgrounds there for an hour and the answer will become abundantly clear...
jsanders2001 explains how Putin hates Obama and also trained and controls him:
The man is A Communist plant using Islam and socialism as tools to destroy the nation.Putin is probably laughing his butt off at the Kremlin while yrying to maintain a straight face in the public eye and put on that he hates Obama which he does. The irony is that Obama doesn’t realize that he’s Putin’s beotch and that his strings are actually being pulled by the Kremlin. I have to say, “well played” even being a victim...
"put on that he hates Obama which he does." Wow, that's some awesome dissonance.

ConservativeInPA knows how to treat counties that granted marriage permits to gays:
Cut state funds to those counties until the County Clerks resigned or strung up.
Always lynching with these people!

Mamzelle believes all support for Democratic policies is fake:
I believe the Dems hire armies of internet posters to give the impression of crowds of support where there is only contempt and indifference. Think how cheap it would be, just a few unemployed telemarketers who maybe earn $5 a post...
CARDINALRULES's hatred of blacks started early:
On my first day of kindergarten a black girl stabbed me with a pencil on my right thigh. The teacher said she didn’t do it on purpose but she was moved to another table. Even at age 5 I knew this was BS and she meant to hurt me.

I did get revenge on the last day of 1st grade. Her desk was in front of mine. She had braids with those little plastic hair clips. Lets just say she was missing a few of the back braids when she got home. I actually kept them for a few years.
Slambat heard Michelle Obama is going to China. Straight to conspiracy-land!
Other than getting an upgrade on her mental implant I cant see anything but communist collaboration on the part of this being any state business.
Either way you put it, this is not just a vacation.
This is most likely something very dubious like a serious transfer of technology. When the President and his ball and chains ideology have more in common with China and Russia than the the U.S., then the odds are something is afoul.
Especially when they sent their useful idiots in the media packing.
There is absolutely no reason in the universe to trust these people in the least.
They are proven communists and outright bald face liars.
B212 - there is no porn in the military.
every male on turning 18, should be in the military for at least 2 years....then their testosterone levels would rise to normal internet porn, no computers in the barracks....
dalereed goes in for a bit of conspiracy:
Jerry the fairy is a sex offender but I haven't hears of him being a murderer.

He was arrested and booked into the Sierra Madre Sheriffs station for child molesting in 1958.

His father, Pat Brown, and Jessy Unruh got him out within 2 hours and had the record expunged.
dalereed expounds on his believable story:
dalereed, do you have any further info./documents regarding the arrest? I would like to read. Thanks

Hell no, the record was expunged that night.

I know about it because a good friend of mine was the desk sargent that booked him.

He came by my speed shop in Pasadena after he got off work and told us about it.

He wouldn’t publicly push the issue because his father had refused to back off on a case years before and he got a politician put in prison and it ended his career as a Sheriff.

They sent him to LACC to teach criminalogy until he got retirement and never got promoted beyond sargent.

My friend is now retired and retired as Captain with a good pension.
Seems legit. Or like the dude just likes to screw with Freepers.

DTA remembers how America was loved post-Cold War until Clinton:
After winning the Cold War, America's credibility rating was stellar AAA. After televised murdering of Serbian civilians on behalf of Muslim terrorists it slipped to B-.

Cold war victory was squandered.

India went "nucular", Ruskies got rid of drunkard Yelstin and Putin's team got into driver's seat, and slowly and steadily the reputation of American "democratic" values slipped to D.

The Clinton's gift that keeps on giving.
Lion Den Dan is sure the secret service hates Obama:
Obama has bred such contempt among people that even his protection team has lost all regard for him. Secret Service once was likely the most dedicated of all Federal police type agencies.
E. Pluribus Unum knows who wants to murder all Whites:
The racialists will not be happy until they get to murder everyone not of their tribe.

Ain't that right, Eric Holder?


  1. "I believe the Dems hire armies of internet posters to give the impression of crowds of support where there is only contempt and indifference." And I think Mamzelle is projecting. How come every single news article online has comments that sound like freepers, just with different screen names?

  2. "Name one good thing that has ever come out of Africa."

    Well, humanity. Seriously, where would this Freeper think humans originated?

    1. My guess would be spontaneously, as the fully formed Adam and Eve around 6000 yrs ago in the Garden of Eden located somewhere in Europe or North America (to keep it "white").

    2. Beat me to it, packman. That was my first thought too. :)

      Though there is SOME evidence that the vast majority of humanity was killed off at some stage (down to 5 to 10k people). Can't see that, meself, it supposedly happened only a couple 100,000 years ago. Not nearly enough time to differentiate again. Unless, of course, the survivors were split up - 1000 here, 1000 there. A much smaller isolated gene pool would explain the various racial differences we see today (heavily modified by peoples tendency to fuck anything that moves!)

  3. "I haven't read the article yet, but what I see is the recreational sex being queer instead of straight.
    Sure, we in the sixties had more sexual fun than all of humanity in its history, but somewhere along the line, after VD of various degrees and children out of wedlock and IT'S problems, we settled down .... maybe I should say ... we white people settled down and got jobs and married and licked our wounds and "taught our children well" and actually started going back to church (or started going for the first time)

    But the left saw one of the greatest tools to destroy America and ran with it."
    by knarf, Freeper since 1998

    This is possibly the stupidest thing I have ever read.

    1. It is stupid, but he's got a point. The biggest killjoys I ever met were aging baby boomers who went way too far in their youth, and then turned into prudes. I believe they were also responsible for the rise of evangelism in the 70s, the religious right, megachurches, and Reagan. Failed hippies, basically.

  4. It looks like JimRob has had about enough of Butterdezillion. She'll start accusing him of being an Obama plant soon.

    1. Jimrob does cut off the conspiracy theorists when they get too nutty. Remember Quix?

      He likes a low level of crazy and paranoia, just enough to keep the green coming in.

    2. Right before JimRob weighed in on that thread, Butterdezillion had a few exchanges with humblegunner (JimRob's favorite little bitch).

      So humblegunner, in typical fashion, went crying to daddy.

      To her credit, it appears that butterdeZ managed to talk her way out of a zot, much to humbleG's dismay, I'm sure.

    3. Now that is a guy I really don't like.

  5. A nice extra dose of freeper racism featuring re_nortex and mrsmel ...
    re_nortex presents the stormfront version of history while mrsmel just pulls lie after lie out of her ass.

    Oprah developing race riot miniseries starring Octavia Spencer

    1. re_nortex has his very own revisionist history of the Tulsa riots. You have to give him credit, he has gone to a lot of trouble to fabricate this completely unsupported bullshit story.


    It's the usual toxin, then crippledbrain (sorry, cripplecreek) comes out with this:

    "Apparently he drove a truck in Iraq.
    I’m sure it was stressful."

    Duh. Convoys are targets. ANY driver has clanking brass balls. If he were driving a fuel truck, he''s got adamantium balls.