Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Elijah Cummings racist hate fiesta

Issa's IRS investigation is going nowhere. Freepers can sense it.

Elijah Cummings was in the news recently for getting his mike cut off by Issa. Now the Republicans on the investigation committee released a letter saying Rep. Cummings talked to the IRS when he says he didn't.

The whole thing probably turns on what the meaning of 'is' is. To Freepers, though, it's another target for a growing frustration and despair many of them can't even admit they have, mostly in the form of fantasies of violence and in blatant racism.

MasterGunner01 knows Republicans never break the rules:
Gee, another powerful and obnoxious Donkey is about to enhance his legacy with prison time for a felony conviction? How unexpected...NOT. The criminality of the Donkeys goes on and grows. The media remains, with rare exception, mute in their lack of reporting or condemnation.

Republicans actually take action against some of the blatant crooks in the ranks and throw them out or under the bus. Meanwhile, Donkeys and the media circle the wagons to protect the criminal scum. At the same time the American voters remain deaf, dumb, blind, and oblivious.
Cruz_West_Paul2016 explains the roots of black's rage:
right,most angry blacks see all white people as slave owners,which gives them the right to take them out on the streets aka/knockout games.
txrefugee wants some drama on C-Span:
I’d pay money to see this blowhard perp-walked out of Issa’s hearings. All these old hangers-on would have been custodians had they not been with MLK.
Weird how shoe shining and janitorial work comes up so often about Obama and Cummings and suchlike.

X-spurt smugly points out Rep. Cummings' association with that hooligan Martin Luther King:
Didn’t this butthead get his start as bouncer/enforcer/Ho arranger for Marchin Luther?

Am thinking Ol Eliega has grossly underestimated Issa’s guys and resolve. Holder won’t do anything, but if creepyass crackas get in-charge come Jan 17, his ass will be grass.
dennisw is pretty sure Obama invented black people in Congress:
Put this hideous little troll in prison for a few years... He is the ugliest piece of excrement on TV always running his racist mouth for the idiots who vote for him back home.

Obama unleashed these full_of_themselves morons always sticking it to The Man!!! Yeah go go go Elijah!!! You racist pig!
vetvetdoug is sure that gun control is all that keeps the glorious revolution down:
No wonder the affirmative action Congressmen and politicians want gun control so badly, in other countries actions like this would result in rebellion and the offenders would be killed. Holder, Obama, Cummings, and the rest of them know they are committing criminal acts and are trying to wrestle total control so there can be no negative consequences for their actions.
Covenantor wants horrible things:
Crystal ball sees gallows flanking the Mall from Capitol to George Washington Monument. The song of hempen ropes creaking in the wind. Let justice be seen to have been done.
AEMILIUS PAULUS on the upcoming extinction of Whites by Blacks. Race is the single most important issue in these peoples mentation. They resent white people(I believe they hate us.)and wish us gone. All one has to do is listen to their so called leaders and observe their actions in the streets; i.e. "the knockout game," beating of the poor white driver in Michigan that had a black step out in front of his car.) We are the losers, we whites are heading to the trash heap of history. I hope we can reverse the trend, though I doubt it.


  1. JimCompoop and the moderators used to quash all the racist crap on FR right away (back when there were actually decent freepers who clicked the "report abuse" button on such posts).

    Now, knowing his site is in its death throes anyway, he obviously doesn't care.

  2. Hitting the "abuse" button turned out to be a good way to get zotted yourself. I speak from experience.

    1. Speaking of zot, shouldn't butters weeklong suspension be over?

    2. It's amusing that we have butters withdrawal. I know I do. I can't wait to see what crazy shit she comes up with next, but the best part is watching freepers eat their own on their pet issues.

  3. In other news, I'm surprised/glad more Freepers aren't posting things like this one caught on FreeRepublic.txt

    1. Who supplies the posts for "FreeRepublicTXT" ?

  4. Man, they are getting crazier. That Nevada stuff has gotten them high. And these people are heavily armed. (Shiver)

    1. We were supposed to make Afghanistan more like us. Hearts and minds, and all that bullshit. In the end, we're becoming more like Afghanistan. Have a religious notion in your head and a buncha guns? Be your own country.

  5. C''mon, guys. Sometimes right is right. elijah cummings is by far one of the most racist congressmen you will ever see, bar none. And he really does deserve contempt. Criticize all you wish, but facts is facts.

    April 16, 2014 at 1:47 AM

    1. You have presented no proof. Just an opinion. Facts can't be facts when there are none in evidence.

    2. Color me incredulous.

    3. Elijah must be one of those "points out racism", therefore racist kind of racists.

    4. DARVO: Deny, attack, reverse victim and offender.
      Freepers and their followers are famous for that.