Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Spotlight: Mamzelle

Hey alliteration!

I think this is a woman, but I can't be sure.
The biggest theme is misogyny. She goes on about liberal sluts stealing conservative men a lot. But more than that, whenever a conservative screws up? It's a woman'd fault. Except for Sarah Palin, of course.
She also seems to hate-watch a lot of TV. Or perhaps actually watch, and then come to Free Republic and try to fit in.

Liberal sluts!
Conservative men seem to gravitate to liberal sluts...maybe you can catch them after their first divorce, but then you’ve got HER to deal with, too.
More liberal sluts:
I live in a red state and I don't get anywhere near a liberal if I can possibly help it.

Obama had a way of turning the relationship between political party members absolutely toxic.

But, what I see are conservative men who sleep with cheap, slutty, probably diseased liberal women. And have a child with one?

You ought to add that to your advice.
re: All of these corporate guys have liberal wives.)))

Liberal sluts are easy. Why marry them?
Melinda Gates: Liberal Slut.
Anecdote: I talked to a blue-blooded retiree who went to Melida's alma mater and knew her when she was a sorority girl who wouldn't even look at a date who wasn't really loaded with Daddy Money.

This person said Melinda, when she noticed Bill's success from afar, told everyone she was going to marry him and control his money. And she moved to Gates' town and did exactly that.

Opportunistic gold-digger. Gates would probably have been a conservative if it wasn't for this obsessive left-wing climber.
Mark Sanford's mistress is also slutty:
“FiancĂ©” must be Argentine for whore.
Wendy Davis
What a total, ugly, wart-faced b**ch.
The Bush women love illegal aliens:
I've said it before, if the Bush women weren't so lazy we wouldn't have this absurd problem with open borders!!

But Saint Bar couldn't be bothered to take care of her own children, so she farmed out her family to illegal aliens. Ever wonder why GW speaks better Spanish than English?

And then Laura couldn't clean up after her own dog, so she brought illegals to the WH to pick up Scottie's poop. Now the twins smirk and prink on TV. Cannot stand them.

A good way to keep the Bush women away is to keep the Bush men out of office.
She hates the daughters too. Also: Prink?

More on her Laura Bush uses secret illegals theory:
This running of her mouth after such a classy service as FLOTUS has really left a bad taste in my mouth in re Bush women.

Wonder if she changed diapers for either of her twins, or let Manuela do it?
But she does looove Laura!
I always did love that red zip jacket…when I think of Sarah, I think of her dressed like this.
And now, her hatred of Steward and Colbert.
People keep saying either Stewart or Colbert will replace Old Dirtyman.

Not happening. Neither of these comedy central creeps can really do a long day's work, late at night. Whatever you can say about DL, he could produce more than an hour of content a week.
Yet she clearly watches Colbert:
He once screamed, "Sarah Palin, you f***ing retard" into the camera.

His hideous and mentally defective sister actually ran for national office in Charleston!!
JON STEWART: terrible, terrible person
JON STEWART. Does anybody have young people around your house? This "comic" can barely get through a sentence without the f-word or s***. And if you're wondering why your own kids are so dirty-mouthed, it's because he is allegedly cool and they imitate him.

What's sad is that this scumbag has kids, himself. Can you imagine how disgusting their homelife must be?

He's mean, he's snide, he's just a terrible, terrible person, but our young people lap up every blasphemous and obscene thing that comes out his his cesspool of a mouth. His creepy sidekick, Colbert, too.

Obama's been on Comedy Central and picked up all the filthy patois.
More Jon Stewart obsession:
Oh, goody--Liebowitz is on the warpath. He reminds me a lot of Perez Hilton--but I understand he only seems gay.

So he thinks he can turn his aging meth-head, butt-head audience into anti-birther shock troops?

Birthers (this term is new to me this week) have grown legs. Everyone is wondering now.
Obama's gayness:
Obama’s not doing his job on the golf course, he’s doing Reggie Love.
Her troll-sense is amazing, if she says so herself.
I have tried to explain how I know, and end up sounding boastful. So I'll try to do so, again. I expect to fail, and be accused of conceit.

I read a great deal. I have read a great deal. I have edited a lot of other peoples' written work over a lifetime.

If you do that, you develop something like an ear for music or an eye that recognizes faces, and troll writings have a particular sound. For one thing, they are often infantile, of poor vocabulary, are unimaginative. In a word, boring.

And I have read enough on the internet to pick out what I am convinced are the writings of bored people just posting for the sake of it--and I believe it is for money, and probably not much money.

Sometime sift through the archives of David Horowitz's research on an you will see that the oligarchs who have tens of billions of dollars would think about as much of a few millions on shill posters as you and I would think of latte money.
And trolls? They're everywhere.
I believe the Dems hire armies of internet posters to give the impression of crowds of support where there is only contempt and indifference. Think how cheap it would be, just a few unemployed telemarketers who maybe earn $5 a post...
On a thread about Ebola:
If you think you have some terrible infection, head to the nearest courthouse. With any luck, the lawyers will catch it...
Another show she watches and hates:
Watched the first season, and several minutes actually went by between copulations. Found a lot that was pretty, the stunningly beautiful dogs, the theme music. That reminds me…most of the sex was doggy style. Never watched the second season.
Also, she read the books:
The books are a ghastly bizarro-world imitation of the books of Tolkien—the writer of the semi-porn crap is just a dirty-minded loser. Yuck. Hate to see it take up space as anything resembling art on FR.
Keeping classy about Obama's recently deceased Aunt:
Can we bury Barack and keep Auntie’s corpse on as president?


  1. First off, her screen name "Mamzelle" is a clue by itself.
    Childish, but indicative of a spoiled upbringing, probably as an only child, where she was treated as a princess and convinced that no man would ever be good enough for her.

    Now, 40 years later, she's seen every man she ever knew choose a "liberal slut" over the "perfect princess" she imagines herself to be.

    She confuses her bitter superiority complex with "conservatism" ... rather common among both male and female freepers.

    This is psychology 101.

  2. Prink is a legit word. Synonym for preen. Don't think anyone has used it since Dickens though. :P

    1. Something tells me "Mamzelle" has had quite a bit of experience with prinking herself ...
      and probably knows at least 30 other synonyms for preen.

  3. Liberal sluts are easy. Why marry them?

    Because the alternative is you.