Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Is Obama Stupid?

One of the fundamental contractions inherent in Freepers' knee-jerk Obama hatred is that he is inept and also evil. When asked to come down on one side or the other, some go evil, some fo stupid, a lot go conspiracy, and some just shake their fists and yell OBAMAAA!

rktman has no idea where this thread is going:
They have to ask?
rktman doesn't answer, he just fantasizes about killing Obama voters:
Not normally given to fits of road rage, whenever I see some asshat still sporting a fauxbama ‘08 sticker on their car, I wanna do a “pit” (spin and pin) on them. Even worse when I see one with a sticker from ‘08 and ‘12. LOL! Lucky for us the government is gonna pick up a portion of their insurance now huh? Oh, not car insurance premiums, health insurance premiums. Bad enough we’re kicking out around $1,200/mth now we got pay for somebody we don’t even know? WTH?
Amagi thinks Obama is hilarious, I guess:
Yes. The pretentious swaggering jackass is certifiably 57-States-Stupid.
What make Obama Pure Comedy Gold is that his profound ignorance is only matched by his skyrocketed arrogance.
blueunicorn6 splits the difference:
He’s dumber than donuts, but he is slick.
STYRO goes with evil:
No, Obama is NOT stupid. He is very, very good at keeping his motives and plans hidden. Part of his plan is to encourage people to think he is stupid.
null and void prefers stupid:

Transcripts or it didn't happen...
GBA - evil:
I think his belief system and philosophy are stupid, but I don't think he's stupid. He's been remarkably successful getting almost everything he's after.

What is stupid is thinking he sees the world the same way as the words he uses to gain support and votes implies.

He doesn't and that should have been obvious long ago. He isn't running the same inner software as what was once traditional American thought.

He's intelligent, but not of US and doesn't think like we once did.

Quite a transformation so far.
MomofMarine - evil:
I don’t believe he’s stupid; I believe everything is going according to plan. I do believe everyone who voted for him is stupid...especially those who voted for him twice!
Chewbarkah - umm...?
1) Obama is fairly intelligent with an IQ of around 120. He does best in abstract, “poetic” areas with no real answers, just subjective observation, and floating above it all. This is the perfect sea for an empty vessel to catch the tailwinds of racially subjective evaluation.

2) He can’t cope with mathematics, science, or engineering, stochastics, accurate spelling and usage, or any “hard-edged” subject; these require disciplined work and a verifiable work-product. (His transcripts probably show decent grades; either he is ashamed of the lack of hard courses, he didn’t really finish at Columbia, or he has to hide everything to keep his foreign student gambit under wraps.)

3) Obama appears to be an idiot because he lacks both natural and learned executive abilities, and was raised outside of American culture in an ambiguous world on the periphery of Indonesian royalty as an outsider, in Hawaii as an outsider, etc. His identity confusion creates insecurity, which makes him indecisive. Ungrounded in practical values as a child, and self-admittedly lazy, Obama found Marxist ideology very compelling; it says it is scientific and explains it all.

4) 1960’s era Leftist cant about capitalism and imperialism informs Obama’s worldview. After that, he basically stopped learning. His facility with this impressed Leftist profs and Chicago communists. Once he achieved entry to Columbia and Harvard through extensive political lobbying, he was guaranteed “academic” success. He has never engaged with real-world business and economics, so he falls back on the dogma that served him so well in his youth, even if he had to hide it to get elected.

5) Because many voters found him handsome, cool, hip, young, or whatever, he sailed into office on an updated “Warren Harding effect”, and selling empty promises to empty heads. He is the perfect puppet.

Bottom line ... has genetics for intelligence but now is functionally stupid and definitely in the wrong job.
cripplecreek brings in the common Freeper solution to this problem:
He is but his handlers aren’t.
lonestar also prefers to think conspiracy:
At best Obama is Affirmative Action material...but not stupid.

He isn't "running the show"...The elves are doing the work while Obama watches ESPN or plays golf.

Valarie Jarret is stupid.

The really stupid people are those who do nothing about the crap going on!...Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Cantor....
Tolkien sounds like fun at parties:
He is demon possessed.

No doubt. No doubt.
It's the second "No doubt." that makes it sounds cultish.

sport thinks half of America hates America:
No. He is evil. The people who are behind him hate and have hated the United States of America for what it represented and stood for. They ran him ran for the purpose of destroying the United States of America as it then was should he be elected. The voters of America were more happy to give him that opportunity. Thus it can be said that those who voted for him also hate the United States of America and want it destroyed. And he is doing exactly that.
cuban leaf goes with antichrist:
People used to ask me if Obama was the antichrist. I told them either he’s as stupid and incompetent as he appears, and he will go down historically, or he IS the beast of revelation, which will require God’s overt involvement to break him.

Either way, he’ll go down hard in the end.
grania thinks Obama is acting black because he's stupid:
No, Obama is NOT stupid

Sure he is. Why did he "go black" if he would've gotten ahead without the favoritism handed to blacks? Have you ever heard him speak humorously, or expressing a world view that considers various aspects of an issue, or expressing a solution to a problem beyond being a bully?

What he's not is a black American descendent of slaves who was disadvantaged by his background. He's a taker, and a manipulator, and an excuse maker, and he seems to have no higher moral ground....he's stupid.
danamco just freeps.
On October 30th, 2008 he told the sheeple exactly what he was going to do, and he has fulfilled that promise to the words. NO not stupid but an illegal alien and evil criminal steeling the W.H.!!!


  1. When you work at the Cluck Bucket, it is infuriating to see a black guy come through the drive-in in a new Cadillac.

    1. If you are a freeper, seeing any nicer, newer car than you can afford, sporting an Obama sticker, fills you with psychotic rage.

    2. Here BMW's are commonly known as Black Man's Wheels. I had two - both 335's - and I got stopped by the police more in that year than at all other times in my life. Eventually gave up and bought a Renault. The hassle wasn't worth it.

      Offered the second one to my son in law (crashed the first one, shit happens) and he just looked at me and asked if my brain was scrambled. Said his commute was already bad enough without being pulled over every day! :)

    3. So that means racism IS over, right? /s

    4. In America - yep. Or mostly, at least. :)

      There are still pockets of racism both ways, but it's slowly dying out. (I consider the assumption that black people need special help to achieve to also be racism, though of a more insidious sort than the out and out "blacks are inferior" sort. The second is going fast, thank God.)

      You want good, high quality racism, you have to come to the Old World. The English are pretty adept at it, the French consider it an art form.

    5. I never see black guys in beemers. Mostly just people who look very douchey and punchable. Also, they are very aggressive drivers when it's not needed.

    6. Racism is over in America? Define "racism," then. If racism is only the open lynching of blacks in the streets accompanied with celebratory photographs and picnics, then yeah, it's over. If you read Free Republic on any given day, it's obvious that too many people still feel that their race is superior to others. If anything, that belief has strengthened, not gone away. There's plenty of killing Freepers would do, I think, if they could get away with it. They sure do brag about their fantasies enough.

    7. Not over - but it is dying out. Look at yourself, indeed most people under 40. You honestly give a shit about the color of a persons skin? I doubt it very much indeed, and it's one thing my generation got right. Not saying we're perfect about it ourselves, but we tried in the most important way - raised our kids to simply not care.

      I were 6 when MLK gave his dream speech. That puts me at the younger end of the Freeper spectrum! Slavery as an institution only died out when the children of the slave holders died off. Overt racism - it's going to be the same. The habits you learn in childhood seem to be particularly hard to kick.
      Covert racism - which I define as assuming minorities are less able somehow than whites - is going to take much longer to die.

    8. "One thought that's helped me cope thru these past years since the coup:

      Precisely because of the indoctrinated hatred of all things caucasian, the pøs can never look in a mirror without seeing a half-breed staring back, mockingly, tauntingly.

      The schadenfreude it evokes is priceless; knowing that the halfrican maggøt can never escape - even for a moment - the inner torture of that self-loathing."

      Racism isn't just about MLK, you know. And racism isn't only about blacks, either. Please don't be so two-dimensional. It's about people who are so blind to their own prejudices that they constantly project them onto everybody else. Our own frequent ridiculous contributor here, anon1, proves this every time he's motivated to post about anything. It's usually racist. He doesn't consider himself racist, even though he's obsessed with race more than normal people are.

      I'm not under 40 by a longshot, but thank you for thinking so.

    9. Hey - you got a flexible mind, willing to look at things a new way. Tends to go after 40, that. Far easier to put a lick of paint on your ideals and call it good! :)

      Still, you got my meaning - the vast majority of the young simply do not care any more. That is a good thing. I know it is way more complex than a simple dichotomy, but the strides made in working for and towards equality give me some faint hope that humanity may not be as stupid as they seem at first glance.

  2. My favorite part of this whole narrative is how the geniuses on Free Republic and their "rulers chosen by God," to quote Michele Bachmann, have been thwarted by an incompetent idiot. What does that make them?

    1. Anon 8:41 -

      Thanks. I didn't need that mouthful of tea ....