Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Does Harry Reid Want the Koch Brothers Murdered?

Anonymous strikes again!

Freepers contemplate how liberals want to kill them.

VerySadAmerican knows liberals super well:
Of course, he does. Lots of liberals want all conservatives killed.
Progressives are rabid when it comes to the Koch brothers. It would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so disturbing.
LeoWindhorse seems pretty eager to do a bit of killing himself:
bring it on ...these libtard punks want to rock ? It’s a rich target list
Zuse explains why Obama keeps conservatives alive:
B0 Soebarkah would have droned those pesky bros by now, if they weren’t so useful to the ‘Rat narrative.
Fred Hayek found a liberal nut, and would like to generalize:
Now this is starting to resemble the spew from the punk who tried to commit a massacre at the American Family Association because he was “inspired” by the SPLC.

And thr SLPC has a thin veneer of “plausible deniability”
MirrorField lays out the concept:
The Leftists call this "stochastic terrorism". Idea is to agitate enough and sooner or later there will be some already-unstable individual who'll "independently" decide to take "direct action". The Agitator himself will be able to claim innocence, because he hasn't directly ordered anything and even most diligent investigation will find no connection because there is no such connection. If you want to read leftist (projective) viewpoint, here's a Kos Kid take on it.
The Kos link accuses the right of engaging in it, and so the cycle continues.

NTHockey is keeping things nice and vague...
There is a threat there somewhere.

And why does not anybody shut Reid down?
headstamp 2 knows all about Reid's thoughts:
Harry Reid is a dottering old psychopath that needs to be in a rubber room.
ogen hal would institutionalize the opposition right along with Stalin:
I was about to say, isn't it time we have both Pelosi and Reid Baker Acted for psychiatric evaluation?

Actually it is a rather long list of Democrats that need mental evaluation.

They are “evaluation” is necessary.

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