Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Pix

That Obama - out of control amoral Capitalist!
Could do better than exuding.
Lazy Poors with their Obamaphones and also wasting time buying phones!
But the Pope can suck it on the death penalty, immigration, and capitalism.
All identical hellholes. Texas is paradise, though.
I'm beginning to root for Freepers to take the Senate and then rage as Obama isn't impeached. The ensuing tantrum could kill the GOP for a decade. 
I figure the Obamacare truth movement will last until 2020 at the earliest.
Heh. Penis bomb.
But you can totally wear it or fly it upside down after Obama gets elected.


  1. Hey look, an actually good photoshop from FR (the Quark photoshop).

    Which is funny, considering Quark had some pretty honorable qualities on DS9. And he was a greedy capitalist? I thought Obama was a commie socialist?

    1. The Peoples Cube does have some very talented 'shoppers. :) Witty, too - don't forget that the Ferengi consider Wall Street holy ground!

      Never really thought about Quark being honorable, but yep - he was. Maybe that's why he was stuck on DS9? I remember his mother was embarrassed by him.

    2. Nah, the Sisko "negotiated" to have him stay at DS9 in the first episode. Honor...think at the end of the battle at DS9 where he freed the Major, Leela, Jake and his brother from execution. Also, he disagreed with smoking, even though tobacco has been a profitable industry for like, ever.

    3. OK, you guys get to keep your nerd card, but I'm still trying to figure out how that makes Obama a Ferengi...

    4. He's for sale to the highest bidder.

      Like I said - both witty and elegant. And - true for every politician. The mak of a good politician is one who stays bought.

    5. Sorry, I'd rather talk DS9 than FR photoshops. But this one was very good

    6. But, but, I thought he was a Marxist? How can he be a capitalist sellout? I have freep cognitive dissonance fatigue, sorry. It is, as you said, at least a reasonably smooth Photoshop image...if confusing and contradictory.

    7. Look at it as a multi layered pun.

      First, we got the ears thing going on. Never seen it, meself, but jug ears is something thrown around a lot when discussing Obama.

      Then - Quark will sell to the highest bidder. All politicians do, you get used to it.

      What does Quark actually sell to customers? Dreams and a very temporary escape from reality.

      And finally - the foreign aspect.

      All in all, elegantly done.

    8. Yep, the penultimate Marxist.
      (I see the Ferengi joke - just can't let go of how they want it both ways.)

  2. Wow...there are no words!
    Hope her husband is well but geesh..
    Gotta make a plug for the Freeperthon.

    1. Fuck.

      Onyx - you take care of your husband and yourself. Don't give me no shit now - you do that,

    2. Not to be cynical, but every freepathon lately has featured some "crisis" among the freeper elite that gets milked for every last penny from the unwashed rubes.

      Well, yes, that is pretty cynical.
      Here's some more cynicism.
      I'm sure JimRob is already scheming on how to get his claws on onyx's money once Dr.O is out of the way.

  3. Her husband loves that she's on FR every waking moment? I guess it keeps her out of his hair. And raised in Catholic orphanages so that the uncle priest could keep an eye on him. I'll leave that one alone for now.

    Get better Mr Onyx

  4. Hmm... I see some pics from The Right Reasons and Reaganite Republican Resistance on here. Did you run out of pics from FR, Ozy?

  5. The old Toons threads are now on those two sites, linked from Free Republic. When I'm a bit light, I'll dip into those.

    Possible server issues? I dunno.