Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Potpourri

messierhunter re: the gay marriage photography case:
Religious liberty officially died today. Refuse to comply. Resist attempts to violate your religious freedom. It is time for a new revolution.
Bulwyf's bible has an interesting prediction:
The guillotine will make a come back though, at least if I’m understanding my bible correctly. Christians will put it to good use.
afsnco wishes the secret service would murder Obama:
The Nero of Pyongyang strikes again I see. Perhaps his body guards can do to him what Neros praetorians did.

Too bad US praetorians are too stupid to come up with such a great idea...
BCR #226 is feeling pretty smart:
2nd Amendment is the law of the land. Supreme Court passed it and Incorporated it. Like it or not, it’s here to stay. If Obamacare is bullet proof, so is my Right to own any firearm I want.
glennaro's spite has overwhelmed his politics:
So, rather than voting for a third party or selectively not voting at all if the choice is between a Democrat-Socialist and a RINO/Gope -- both ineffective tactics -- I am considering that it would be better in the long run to vote for the Democrat-Socialist ... figuring that if America's decline accelerates more rapidly (which it will most certainly do under Democrat Party socialism), perhaps then the low-information voters and -- more importantly -- the people who are so busy earning money to pay America's bills (we taxpayers) that they don't have time to pay much attention to politics unless those policies affect them directly will finally notice America's accelerating decline and do something about it.

A risky venture for sure ... but continuing to vote for RINOs and Gopes with the hope they will stand up to the Democrat-Socialist Left sure isn't working!
pallis heard the economy was hard these days, so he's made up some numbers:
In the obamaconomy there are a lot of women working twice as hard at two part-time jobs, making half as much as they used to make at one full-time job, and they are paying 30 percent more for obamacare than they once paid for insurance that had lower deductibles. When they fill up at the gas pumps they are paying a dollar more per gallon. After driving to the grocery store, women are paying 100 percent more for less than they used to get for half as much. It’s the obamachelle diet.

Obamacrats are the problem, along with their stupid solutions.
rarestia on the rationality of Freepers:
Strawman, strawman, racist, anti-American, bigot, homophobe... notice the Left uses powerful FEELING words.

Meanwhile, true Americans call a spade, a spade: traitor, tyrant, treasonous usurper, liar... those terms fit many of the Democrats and most of the Federal leviathan.
rockinqsranch follows up how conservatives mean it when they call liberals unamerican, but liberals are all lying.
Conservative perspective is based in truth, therefore their belief, and such a statement of “UnAmerican” would be a heartfelt truth whereas everything Democrat is basically a tactic, and most often a lie to achieve a self serving, and nefarious goal, therefore a P.T. Barnumism.

Democrats should be shown the door that leads back to their Universe of the imagination.
jonascord has lost so much perspective, he envies North Korea's judicial system:
Since the Dims ignore the Constitution anyhow, perhaps we can import the Nork judicial system to handle our arrogant Socialist traitors...

The idea of progressive Crispy Critters would be amusing. We could re-brand it as Koresh's Revenge.

After 40 years of Liberal hatred, alternate means of political combat might be considered.
A knife attack where no one died makes a powerful anti-gun point. JoeRed responds by getting fanciful:
What if the kid infected the knives with HIV before the attack? I wonder how the media would react.
MarDav is not happy with black leaders:
Black America, when your “leaders” are “the hollow men” (Jesse Jackson), the “stuffed men” (Al Sharpton), or those who “wear such deliberate disguises” (Obama, Holder), please do not wonder why you do not garner the full measure of respect you might otherwise have from your fellow citizens. That this sham of a man, indeed, all these men mentioned here, are anything other than in prison or, at the least assigned a place of shame in some corner of America, speaks to the power of the delusion that many blacks have been [once again] enslaved by.

And, of course, their response to the above comment is to be indignant that whites would try to dictate who their leaders should be. (While many here at FR would simply smile and put forth an Allen West, a Ben Carson...)

Content of one’s character folks, content of one’s character...
Obama and Holder are black leaders?

Mamzelle hates Barbara Bush:
I've said it before, if the Bush women weren't so lazy we wouldn't have this absurd problem with open borders!!

But Saint Bar couldn't be bothered to take care of her own children, so she farmed out her family to illegal aliens. Ever wonder why GW speaks better Spanish than English?

And then Laura couldn't clean up after her own dog, so she brought illegals to the WH to pick up Scottie's poop. Now the twins smirk and prink on TV. Cannot stand them.

A good way to keep the Bush women away is to keep the Bush men out of office.
bert wants Lois Lerner to be executed:
Off with her head!........ literally

She must be made to be the example, striking fear into those that would use the government as a club to beat down political opposition.

Her grave should be the precedent
Lest you think he was being hyperbolic, bert follows up:
The crimes against Lois Lerner are crimes against the very fabric of the Republic. She used the government like a club to beat opposition into submission. She is of course Obama. She should be executed for her crimes. Him too if it can be proven.

Were we not a wishy washy, namby pamby country there would be no hesitation about the good guys calling for the death penalty for such crimes. Political crooectness should nod include calling for the death penalty for crimes against the Republic
Crimes against Lois Lerner? She is Obama? Political crooectness should nod include? I mean, I can't really stand on typos, but....

tomkat's imaginary Obama hates his imaginary self.
One thought that's helped me cope thru these past years since the coup:

Precisely because of the indoctrinated hatred of all things caucasian, the pøs can never look in a mirror without seeing a half-breed staring back, mockingly, tauntingly.

The schadenfreude it evokes is priceless; knowing that the halfrican maggøt can never escape - even for a moment - the inner torture of that self-loathing.

But having said that, you're still in line behind me !


  1. Jim Robbington IIIApril 14, 2014 at 11:04 AM

    Religious liberty officially died today. Refuse to comply. Resist attempts to violate your religious freedom. It is time for a new revolution.

    I really don't get it. How is photographing a gay couple at a wedding not allowed in Christianity. It's not like they are performing the ceremony or even needing to recognize the wedding to take a photo of the couple. Would they deny taking a picture of someone just because they are gay?

    1. May I go extreme on you, for a second?

      Would you accept a commission to photograph a Nazi rally? Not talking about for the news, but for their scrap books.

      I don't get the whole anti gay thing, it seems both stupid and pathetically petty to me - but if you have freedom of speech, you also have the freedom not to speak. Both are equally valid points of view and you can't have the one without the other.

    2. EC:

      I think this falls more into anti-discrimination laws rather than the 1st amendment

    3. I can see it going both ways.

      First amendment trumps anti discrimination in my eyes (legally speaking, discrimination is foul) - what is the very first line in the Miranda rights?

      "You have the right to remain silent." It is the 5th amendment writ large. You have the right to free speech in the first, the right to shut up in the 5th. Speech is not just verbal.

      I'd like to be wrong about this - because I don't care. But there is a single bit of paper that supposedly runs the country.

    4. EC, allow me to go extreme for a moment also ...

      The inherent "problem" with refusing service due to "sincerely and deeply held religious beliefs", is anything can be held to be a religious belief ... and those religious beliefs can change from day to day.

      No one is allowed to define another person's "deeply held religious beliefs".

      Gee, maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and decide to hate Mormons, or Baptists, or decide that all Japanese are satanic and sinful ... hey, who are you to say those can't be my "deeply held religious beliefs".

      The entire right-wing support network for the various "Christian" cake bakers and florists across the nation have failed to consider the ultimate application of their desired legislation.

    5. No worries - I know you got a head on your shoulders and don't spout talking points. I'm gonna take offense at a simple disagreement?

      You do bring in an important aspect - time. Lets skip religion for a second - you know damned well that someone who has just discovered Evanescence gets a bit obsessive about it. (Sue me for mentioning them, they wrote our unit song - Missing.).
      How long do you have to hold a belief before it becomes deeply held? Can't be all your life. People change and if you are still breathing , well your life isn't done just yet.

      I look at this from a strictly 1st and 5th point of view. You have the right to speak - which includes actions. You have the right not to speak, which also includes actions.

    6. @EC - What if the individuals involved are not actually Nazis but did participate in an illegal war of aggression resulting in thousands of civilian deaths? Following orders? Sorry, thats the 'Neuremberg Defence'.

      By your logic I take it that you are OK with these spineless criminals [1] and fellow travellers being denied service as well?

      [1] Criminals because wars of aggression are criminal by definition and spineless because the Neuremberg precedents make it quite clear that mutiny against criminal orders is a positive obligation.

      On another tangent, I am torn regarding my religious beliefs. The three best fits seem to be Tuggee sub-sect of Hinduism, Aztec religion or the faith of Carthage. Essentially, whether I focus on strangling virgins, cutting the hearts out of living people or roasting babies alive. No fake new cults involved. All genuine religions followed by thousands over centuries. Presumably since you seem to feel that religious faith trumps temporal law (e.g. anti - discrimination law) you have no issue with my chosen faith trumping temporal law either (e.g. homicide).

    7. Hey - I was a paid killer for several years (What else is an active duty soldier?). You want to be homicidal, go ahead - just avoid me and mine, we shoot back. ;)

      I have used this analogy before about gay marriage - demanding a religion which forbids homosexuality to marry you is like showing up at KFC (or Cluck Bucket :P ) and demanding a Big Mac.

      Before you say it - I am totally in favor of homosexual couples having the full and same legal rights as hetero couples. One of my oldest friends finally "came out" a couple years ago and has a wonderful partner now - bit young for him, but what's wrong with a toy boy? Yet, despite their obvious love, and living together, they don't have the same rights as I do. That is simply fucking wrong.

      I kid, slightly. If I knew the answers, I'd not be typing on the net, I'd be swimming in my massive pile of cash, watching my pool boy, a Mr. Bill Gates, clean the filters. Those $100s really clog things up.

      Yet, where do your rights end and my rights begin? As a Catholic, should I be obliged by law to create a Satanic altar if a customer wishes one? Should I approve of adultery? (I usually just confess that, wife first, then priest. She does the same. It's a weird marriage).
      We do a lot of church based work - can I sue the potential customers who leave without commissioning something because they get offended at the sight of a font being restored? Yes, that has happened. It were either the font or they got offended by one of my employees - I prefer to consider the former to be true, because I can not conceive a person getting uncomfortable around an elderly man, a guy with no legs, a woman foreman or a driver who you would very kindly describe as a bit slow. (He's her son - dude is half fork lift - strong as hell)

    8. Well, as an active duty soldier you might also be a spineless criminal as well as an active duty soldier. Depends on exactly what war(s) you fought in and what orders you chose to obey, as per your "Nazis" precedent (and yes, obeying orders is a matter of choice, as per the Neuremberg precedents and those trump national laws (which would include the UCMJ and the US constitution) as clearly established by the 12 Neuremberg trials the US administered without international participation).

      I agree with your observation regarding a religion being required to perform a marriage that contravenes its beliefs. The Catholic Church is at liberty to regard a couple which includes a divorcee who "married" without appropriate dispensation as an adulterer.

      This is, however, utterly irrelevant unless you can point to the biblical passages (or Papal Bulls) explicitly covering photography, cake baking or other such secular activities. There is quite arguably no provision in Christianity for divorce (only annulment) and no possibility of the bastard children of any subsequent unions to get beyond purgatory.

      How far are you prepared to go in giving a free pass to fundamentalist Christians in discriminating against divorcees, bastards and the unbaptised and so forth? Also, how far are you prepared to go giving these "Christians" a free pass for ignoring "judge not lest ye be judged", "let he who is without sin..." and "vengenace is mine sayeth the LORD"? Seems to me that they themselves are arrogant blasphemers attempting to usurp the authority of the LORD by setting themselves up in judgement in his place.

      My personal view is that a Catholic Church is free to refuse to marry a couple of divorcees but a hotel that happens to have the Church as a shareholder has no business refusing to hire out the honeymoon suite to them, bake a cake or take a photograph (divorcees/adulterers and homosexuals being interchangeable in this context).

      As for the satanic altar, I could give you a pass on that only if you equally refuse service to members of any other religion, adulterers, bastards, descendants of Cain and Ham, anyone who fails to observe the Sabbath and any other proscribed group within your religion that I can come up with. If you make any exceptions then you lose your religious fig leaf. No difference between a Satanic Altar and a Hindu Shrine. Both break the 1st, 2nd and 4 commandments just as the adulterers (i.e. divorcees) break the 7th. Homosexuals on the other hand are not explicitly breaking any of them.

      Come to think of it, as an self confessed (ex) active duty soldier I trust that you would refuse service to yourself given that you breached the 6th commandment (in spirit if not in action) and likely the 8th as well.

      Anyway, must get on. Babies to burn and virgins to strangle etc...

    9. Wow! Nice one! Lot to think of here. so it's going to be slightly out of order and I may need time to think.

      I will go exactly as far for fundamentalist Christians as I will for fundamentalist Muslims, Jews, Shinto, Buddhists (though I don't think they actually exist, certainly never met one). Not a fan of intolerance in general and some aspects can put me into a rage. I gave my word. That is sufficient. All get equal protection in my eyes, though touch a kid and your world will burn.

      Not saying I like it - your doing quotes around "Christians"makes me as sad as hell - but I can see why you did it. You know the saying "To err is human, to forgive divine?" It's bollocks. It should read "To err is daily, to forgive takes decades."

      As far as the Commandments go - think the only one I haven't broken is - well - none of them? Number 7 rather enthusiastically at times. 8th - yep. Call that re-supply. 9th - most definitely, I will lie my ass off for one of my people and look God straight in the eye. They aren't fucking angels.

      That would be between me and God. Considering my prayer before a mission was basically "God, you coming along or what?" I can't throw stones :)

      Yet the thing I was fighting for is right here, right now. Your right to speak or to stay silent. Seen a lot of retarded shit about cake bakers and the like. To me, the point is it is their business. f they want to turn down a commission - who does it hurt? Only them. No one else.

    10. So picking and choosing to follow the commandments IS one's own business, instead of the business of religious fussbudgets. I knew it all along. Does that only apply if one has done military service, or can anyone opt out of them and be left the fuck alone?

    11. You are supposed to follow them all - including the two in the New Testament: Love the Lord, your God, and love your neighbor as yourself. Sometimes you can't. We are not perfect - far from it, and you can break them without thinking. If you have ever picked up a quarter in the street, you have stolen. Look at a woman walking past and the fleeting thought of "Hell yes, I could" hits you - adultery. Thought, "Damn, he has a nice car" with the slightest tinge of jealousy? Coveting. And show me any person who has never cursed God once in their lives, and I'll show you someone who was raised in a bubble.

      That is why we have confession and atonement, two things that the various Protestant churches were very unwise to do away with.

      It''s not a magical "Get out of Jail free" card - you are still going to pay for your sins in due course. Accept that. Confession does make you at least think about them and acknowledge them. Penance hammers that home.

      Atonement - well, sometimes it's impossible to do. Taking a life is hard and not something you can give back. Why I volunteer with MsF every year - I can't give the people I directly or indirectly killed their lives back, but I sure as fuck can try to make other peoples lives slightly better.

      It's not perfect, but it's better than the nothing many people do. I think so, anyway.

      And thinking about it more - I guess I haven't broken number 9 after all. I have never borne false witness AGAINST anyone. Lied my ass off FOR them, sure. That spoils my perfect score :(

      Anyway - we got way off topic - but thank you. I like to debate and somehow - accidentally - we talked religion without getting into a flame war. This place is terrible for that! Reasonable and reasoned discussion on the net? There is probably a law against it.

  2. The problem is that these providers have been stupid enough to say "no cake (or photos) for fags" instead of having the good sense to say "sorry, booked up that day!"

    It obviously doesn't make the latter scenario better, but if you can't make up a goddamn excuse other than "fuck you, faggots" you deserve a shunning.

    1. The thing is, if only one person goes in and books an appointment without mentioning it's for a gay wedding, that won't work. Also, even if the business were able to do that, people would start to get suspicious if they were always "mysteriously" booked up when a gay couple showed up.

  3. I'm a Republican and I laugh my ass off at these nincompoops. Unfortunately they make us lose elections.

  4. In other news, it's fun to watch the Freepers in full spin mode after the Jewish Center shootings in Kansas City are revealed to have been committed by a KKK leader:

    "“So far, all indications are that the shooter was a Klansman, thus an obama-supporting DemonRAT."

    Also, only liberals commit assassinations, apparently.

    1. The vast majority of shooters RECENTLY have been liberals.

      Let us apply some logic, and use the famous and useful term correlation is not causation.

      Most shooters are young.
      Most younger people lean Liberal.
      Most have had a history of mental illness.

      What can you see in that pattern? If you are a Freeper, it's young liberals are nuts.
      If you are a semi rational person, it's young people with mental illness are not terribly good at impulse control

    2. I just love the idea that on Planet Freeper the Klan endorses Obama.

    3. That comment is amazing. I may have to do that whole thread tomorrow.

      I'm generally not a fan of classifying shooters politically. They're nuts first, partisans second.

      That being said, I'm not sure if I even see a liberal trend recently.

    4. Most shooter are male.
      In fact, almost 100% of them are male.
      Who cares what their political affiliation is. The correlation between mass murder and/or hate crimes is male.
      As long as they're dealing in fallacies and denial, do they really want to go there?