Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week-long Potpourri Pt. 2

Progov - the best media is echo chambers:
The “best” media outlet seems to be Facebook and Twitter to get these things out in the open. News travels faster there than in ANY news paper, TV, etc.
VerySadAmerican is totally zealous to kill, except its not quite time yet.
I beg God’s forgiveness for what I think about abortion lovers. I truly believe that if there was a revolution I could exact revenge upon all of them, including blood kin. Again, I hate feeling this way. But they are evil.
cripplecreek explains Obama's past trauma.
Obama is literally afraid of Putin and I honestly believe fears being alone in the same room with him.

Personally I think it stems from the time Obama was Detained for a few hours in Russia when Obama was a senator.
Third Person is not a fan of America:
O beautiful for drugged-out slums,
For polluting waves of illegals,
For purple bruised victims of knock-out games
Broken and battered in our new third world sewers!
America! America!
God has turned His back on thee...
Popman knows Putin only calls Obama to fool him:
If Putin called Obama....our dickless wonder is about to get played....

There is no other reason if him to call....

Putin holds all the cards....

This should be interesting....

Watching a real strategist like Putin pull the wool over Kerry and Obama...
BenLurkin on the New World Order of Imaginary Liberal Hypocrisy:
Yup. Somebody or a group of somebodies is pulling the NWO strings.

The Lear Jet Leftists expect to form the core of the global Green Inner Party. They will continue to enjoy the finest foods and most advanced gadgets the world has to offer — while deciding your fate for you.

If you work very hard and show them your unwavering loyalty you may be permitted to join the global Green Outer Party. You will be allowed occasional servings of meat - and air conditioning on a rationed basis.

The rest of us will eat beans and swelter – ‘for the good of the planet’.
Smokin' Joe explains how democrats are sometimes arrested despite controlling everything:
The astonishing thing is that the FBI has in the last two weeks arrested several Democrats. Those agents are risking their careers and they know it. It’s similar to...say, the 1938 Berlin cops arrested a few Nazi party leaders.

It is a measure of how smug they feel about their agenda, that is all. Hitler has that bunch of homos out running around making people miserable--until he had them rounded up, too.

Maybe someone threatened to disclose how much of the so called 'gun violence' problem is actually a false flag operation like fast and furious. We're at the point where Conservatives would tell the Government to get stuffed, have it on tape, and would blow the story wide open on the web, so the Gummint needs to have insiders pull off their dirty work.
yefragetuwrabrumuy knows America hates liberals now:
we should laud Obama, in public and often, as “The Man Who Finally Destroyed Socialism In America”.

In his efforts to socialize medicine, he has shown the utter failure of every one of the socialist programs, going back to LBJ and FDR. He has galvanized the opposition, many of whom were comfortable with “bad” as long as it didn’t get “worse”, not realizing that it will always “progressively” worse until our nation is bankrupted.

So now we see clearly that “Socialism delenda est”, that Socialism must be destroyed. Torn down, not just ruined, with not a brick or pottery fragment remaining, and its fields plowed with salt, so it can never again menace our society. Not just buried in the ash heap of history, but degraded in the cesspit of history.
cuban leaf is one creepy bastard:
Even with my first wife, I was never a “hitter”. But “physical force” could be pretty broadly defined to include the action of husbands AND wives in most marriages at one time or another, especially in their younger years.

My ex pushed me so hard in the chest once tht she fell backwards on her butt. If that had been on camera and I had pressed misdemeaner domestic abuse charges and she was convicted, she could never own a gun.
Oliviaforever continues to be a national treasure:
I have read other accounts of even statistics regarding the outcome of people who go off to college fully believing in Creationism and after just a few college classes they are lead to believe in Evolution by secular college professors who lead their young impressionable students away from the values of their families.

These professors victimize their students as they understand that the college kids are often away from home for the first time and are for the first time experiencing freedom and responsibility. They use that as as opening and encourage their students to question all that they were taught and all their family and Christian values and plat the seed of Evolution.
yefragetuwrabrumuy wishes his fantasy world were reality, or at least someone shares his fantasy:
I think it would be funny, but they certainly wouldn’t publish it, of a student who wrote that when he entered school he was an atheist, but *despite* their efforts to reinforce his atheism, he became a Christian.

Perhaps go on a while about how he discovered atheists were weak and unhappy people, determined to inflict atheism on others precisely because they were wracked with doubts about their atheist beliefs. How they felt isolated and alone, leading useless and empty lives, and destined for nothingness.

Maybe conclude by saying how much his teachers must be disappointed in him. That instead of pursuing a meaningless existence, he now has the solace and succor of faith, and feels the warmth of love and purpose in his life.

Such a letter would bug the heck out of them.
With just a little sample bias, Reeses can discard anyone as a malignant narcissist!
A telltale sign of someone with a narcissistic disorder is their writing style is completely full of me, myself, and I. Developing narcissism is a defensive response to a serious mental disturbance. There is no cure for this developmental disorder. It is not a benign condition; the narcissist seeks to do serious damage to others throughout their remaining life. The best response to a narcissist is to keep them out of your life as much as possible.


  1. VerySadAmerican is either a master satirist or really a depressed and disturbed individual.
    Really, read his posts ... if there is anyone for whom it seems suicide is the only answer, it's him.

    1. "I beg God’s forgiveness for what I think about abortion lovers."

      ...Abortion lovers?

    2. Morning ay-nony.

      He is a weird sod. I was thinking troll initially, but if you go through his comments - he's inconsistent. Way more likely to be real - people are irrational, characters are not. If he is real - well, he's frightening.

  2. "In his efforts to socialize medicine, he has shown the utter failure of every one of the socialist programs..." If anything, he has shown just how much people hate having to pay for private health insurance -- something that's been a right-wing idea all along, and not socialist in the least. Maybe now, people will wise up and actually be willing to take a look at how other countries have solved this problem -- single payer -- without giving a big handout to the insurance industry.

  3. "I think it would be funny, but they certainly wouldn’t publish it, of a student who wrote that when he entered school he was an atheist, but *despite* their efforts to reinforce his atheism, he became a Christian.

    Such a letter would bug the heck out of them."

    Too bad for you that such a letter doesn't fucking exist. Probably because the scenario you've described literally never happens.

  4. Can we make a request for a Spotlight Friday? I want to see Cripplecreek or Diogenes. Diogenes is hilarious! He's probably the creepiest FReeper there is!

    1. I swear Diogenes already had one. I'd have to check that

    2. I did a Google site search and it looks like neither one of them have had a spotlight.

    3. I just found that Diogenesis has had a spotlight, but not Diogenes Lamp. That might be who you were thinking of, packman_jon.

  5. "the time Obama was Detained for a few hours in Russia when Obama was a senator"


  6. Here's a helpful little link -

    Claim: President Bill Clinton issued an executive order disarming soldiers on military bases.



    1. Freepers would never believe anything posted at Snopes. After all, right-wing internet detectives discovered the real names of the people running the site (despite the fact their names had been public for years), and determined that they were raging liberals who couldn't be trusted to be unbiased since they had a habit of debunking the most reliable source of information out there -- forwarded e-mails.

    2. Do you know how much I want this to be wrong? Up front - I dislike Obama's policies and am not wildly fond of him as a person - from what I have seen. Make no bones about that. But I would actually like to respect the office he holds, at least, you know? Guess what - I do.

      Now - it's not Obama doing the orders here. His security detail do it, and they can get a bit over-protective at times. But yes - it does happen. Empty mags, firing pins pulled. saves on a bit of "workplace violence."

      Happened in 2003 in Basra. GWB showed up for a Thanksgiving thing, and his detail had fucking kittens at not being able to disarm us or move us (our orders were slightly different - one in the spout and a full mag at all times. We were positioning through and mainly baffled at the existence of edible food in mess hall!) He was cool with it though - sat and talked to us for about 20 minutes. With us, not at us. Rather liked him, to be honest. No side to him at all. Nice guy, talked about where we were heading and a bit about the state of the war. He wanted to know our opinions. Not one of us was ever going to vote for him - mix of Brits and Kiwis.

      I am willing to state that Obama would probably be the same in the same situation - politics is the local interactions writ large and he can be a charming sod at times.

      I'll put you a four course meal to a dollar menu burger though, that, not only does it happen from time to time under every President, but that the President has absolutely no knowledge of it. If it does, he'd be ashamed of it.

      Now pass me the soap - I defended Obama in public. ;)

    3. Of course you can't be against everything someone you disagree with does. I supported Bush going into Afghanistan at the time, and his AIDS relief in Africa. If you are, then you end up twisting your beliefs up into knots like the Freepers you see here.

    4. If they had an app to high five over the net - it would be used right now. Because you are one of the reasons. Most people are just that. People. Decent enough. :)

      I supported Afghanistan, totally. Iraq - meh, not so much (well, not at all, but the all seeing eye says go, you go abd you got no choice) . Lost a couple decent people there and no one knew what the hell was going on or what the fuck we were supposed to be doing. Sort of makes it up close and personal, that. And you know something? I hope you never, ever, ever, have to fucking learn that.

      A fixed date for withdrawal - hey - paint targets on the backs of the BDUs, It is more efficient. Really not appreciated, that. Saves on Vet's benefits though.

      It's been a long night, I am bitter and slightly sarcastic right now (sorry) and rather wishing I still drank. There is an acronym that silly little girls use. BFF. It's kind of sweet, til it comes through on orders. Then it stands for Box, Flag, Fly..

      We don't get the choice, Remember that?

    5. I'm of the thought that you should be able to say at least one good thing about someone you disagree with, and not in a backhanded compliment way, either. If you think every action a person takes is to destroy everything you hold dear, then it's probably time to reevaluate your position.

      I always felt sorry for the troops that were in Iraq but didn't want to be. But at the time, anyone who expressed doubts about going to Iraq was accused of hating the troops and wanting the terrorists to win. FOX News would bring up the words "traitor" and "treason" a lot when describing dissenters and mention that the penalty for such a crime was death. That's one of the (admittedly many) reasons I will not watch that channel.

      Have a good night, and I hope you feel better in the morning.

    6. Thanks! A good nights sleep works wonders on a bad mood!

      All the news channels were really odd in their reporting of Iraq - at least when I were there. It got to the stage where people there were watching the news and asking if there were two places called Iraq, since the reports matched reality about as well as Walk the Line match Johnny Cash's life!

      Spin happens. Anyone has to accept that. News is not really news, it is now more entertainment than anything else, and works to it's audience. Revenue demands that.

      Very few of us wanted to be there, it's true. Ask any grunt what his dearest wish is and "Not being shot at" is high on the list. But it's part of the job, you know? We complained about everything, that is a soldiers inalienable right, and then just got on with it.

      I still get letters and emails from a few Iraqis - civs, not just soldiers. Those are precious and sort of make the whole thing worth while on a personal level.

    7. That's really nice to hear that you keep in touch with them like that. And it's good that you made it out alive. As for the news coverage, can you give me a couple of examples of things that they would report that were different than what you experienced? I'm curious.

      I hardly ever watch the news on TV at all. The one serious show I do watch is The Rachel Maddow Show. Say what you will about her politics, but you can tell she does research and tries to get her facts straight. And she corrects herself when she gets things wrong.

    8. I do like Rachel Maddow - for the same reason. She's actually a decent journalist. Michelle Malkin is easy on the eyes and mind, but doesn't have quite the same integrity. Christiana Amanpour - I love her in depth stuff, but her day to day reporting is pretty shallow and biased, though she does get up close and personal when TSHTF. Credit for that.

      As for examples - we are going back to '03, '04 kk? So I am pulling this stuff from my memory, usual caveats apply.

      It was (broadly) painted as an unpopular war. If you watch news casts from the time, yes, you get the patriotic thing you mentioned up thread, but all of them painted it as an uphill struggle. Valiant soldiers fighting a bitter enemy to the end and constantly having to watch everyone in the process.

      It wasn't like that. Our squad once took a surrender. 8 of us. Over 100 of them. They didn't want to fight, they just wanted to go home. No dramatic bangs in the night, no bullets flying. Just a bunch of scared kids with guns. Honestly, the bloody paperwork took longer than anything else!
      Or the people - there is a general tone of hate and resentment from the local population at the time. We'd slip out on patrol and some one would walk past and warn us of an ambush or an IED ahead. Usually a kid, but it could be any one. They actually wanted us there. That never comes through if you look back at the news reports.

      You see reports of soldiers bashing through a door and terrorizing a family. We'd usually knock, be invited in and have a cup of tea with them after a quick search. Hell, they'd bring us tea or water in the street during patrols. We couldn't accept food and they understood that. There is always the risk of poison, or Delhi belly. Finding a place to pee was often a serious concern!

      Like I say - what you saw is not how it was. It was actually pretty boring, most times, and interesting a lot of the time. We'd go in to a neighborhood on a sweep, and our main weapon was butterscotch candy. Kept my stash in my right thigh pocket (I'm left handed, but using your left to offer anything is Haraam.)

    9. Interesting. Would you say that the "we will be greeted as liberators" turned out to be true? Not that I'm saying that excuses lying us into war, but were they at least glad that they were rid of Saddam Hussein? And if so, do you think they're still appreciative of what we did?

    10. I got a retail outlook on it. We went in, did the job, left. So don't be asking me about the grand sweep of global power :)

      At the time I were there - it seemed true. I can not in all honesty comment since I were there. Shit changes, you know? We were welcomed. Into homes, into communities, and, judging by the letters, into hearts.

      Not saying that has not been pissed away, It seems to have been, but it's a friend of a friend story, so not putting it up. Direct experience, sure. Friend of a fiend shit - anyone can do it.

    11. Understood. I remember hearing terrible things about Saddam during the first Gulf War, and I can't imagine the Iraqis would be too broken up about getting him out of there. It's just nice to think that maybe among the over-the-top hyping of the war the Bush administration did, some good may have come of it.

    12. The country is going to break up - much the same as Afghanistan will. That is pretty much inevitable at this stage in the game. Some will join Iran. A big chunk will join to Syria, which itself will fragment. The Kurds will carve out their own homeland from Iraq, Syria and possibly a chunk of Eastern Turkey. (I like Kurds - wonderful people. Friendly as hell and they do hospitality the old school way.)

      Was it right to invade? This grunt says no. It wasn't like GW1, where there was clear aggression against an ally.. Did they appreciate it? Yes. Has it made a lasting change? Not yet, still ongoing.

      Like I say - just one person's take on it, and no one important. Eraydat Allah, right?

    13. You think so, huh? Well, I guess we'll see. I'm no expert on whether or not a country will break up or not, so I won't second guess you on that.

      Like I said before, I could tell that Bush was lying about WMDs back in 2003. I don't know if he thought it was still 1991 or if he thought he had to show up his dad. But even still, I'd like to see some good come out of it, even if it is down the road a bit.

      No idea what Eraydat Allah means, and Google asked me if I meant Iradat Allah, so I'll assume it means something good and you didn't just declare a fatwa or something on me. ;)

    14. :D

      It means "If it is what God wants" (speak Arabic a hell of a lot better than I can write it - never got the hang of the scribbles, and using latin letters to try get the tone right is a bitch!) Sort of a dance mix of Inshallah, just a touch more formal.

      We all knew he were lying at the time, but you go where you are sent. Politicians always lie. Doesn't matter their stripe - they lie.

      Still- on balance I think something good came out of it.

    15. Ah, ok. :)

      That's why I felt sorry for people who had no choice but to go. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, serious debate was effectively shut down in this country. It's one thing for politicians to lie, but quite another when they and/or their surrogates imply treason on the part of those who disagree.

      Anyway, always a silver lining, can't change the past, etc.

  7. What a bunch of humorless crybabies. Oh, poor Sarah. Poor, poor misunderstood I-don't-know-what-a-newspaper-is evil Katie Couric Sarah...poor victim Sarah. I would just love to see one successful Freeper-approved comedian in my life, but the fact is, they're both too angry and too dumb to appreciate humor.

    1. It's why they'll never amount to much. They are so correct all the time they can't laugh at the situation.

      You have done it. Sometimes when things pile down on you, you have to laugh, right? It's that or break, and laughing is better. Find the absurd in the shit pile.

  8. Madonna says she was raped when she was 19. Freepers express their sympathy.

    1. rustyboots says, "...a fatigue can develop when every famous woman claims this".

      So, all of you ladies just shut up about it Just shut up. Is that it, rustyboots?

      The world will be a better place when these old bastards are dead in the ground.

    2. I liked the one who said she should have used her physical fitness to fight off the attacker. You idiot, she was 19, with a knife in her back, and she's about 5 feet tall. Has he ever actually seen Madonna??