Thursday, April 10, 2014


As society shifts, Freeper's views on homosexuals are beginning to be sufficiently controversial that businesses are avoiding people who are against gay marriage. Regardless of what you think about ideological boycotts, it's the cruelty of the market.

And as the hits keep coming, Freepers move from crying oppression to plotting theocratic revolution:

I'm not sure what consequences Louis Foxwell is talking about...
Listen to the pigs squeal when they are required to suffer the consequences of their intolerance. Queerdom is, after all, a demonic force of cowards.
bert is pretty sure the market is gay now.
Stroking the Queer culture is more important than profit.

Profit is a sin for queer, moonbat anti capitalists.
Watch out for that invisible hand!

Jim Noble appears to be some sort of atavistic, angry polygamist.
Traditional Marriage has been illegal in the United States since 1969. Louisiana attempted to permit (not to require) couples to choose Traditional Marriage, and their law was ruled unconstitutional.

Traditional marriage is a very, very poor choice of words to describe at-will coupling that begins with a pretty dress for opposite-sex couples.

Traditional marriage is 1) Permanent, 2) Sexually exclusive, and 3) Involves a man and at least one woman.

Advocates for what they call "traditional marriage" don't support any of the three.
yefragetuwrabrumuy quotes some other guy keeping his Christian powder dry:
If atheists truly want a power struggle for the right to be intolerant, Christians will eventually engage and win. Because we will die before we will give up our beliefs and you will not. We invented the Crusade and the Inquisition, two institutions so historically intimidating that atheists still shiver and tell each other scary stories about them centuries after the event.

We will revive them before we will abandon our faith. And while we would prefer to live with both Christian and traditional Constitutional values, if we are forced to choose between the two, we will choose the former without even thinking twice.”
GladesGuru - oppress lest ye be oppressed.
The present day behavior of queers illustrates why they were considered “an abomination” by G*d.

Moses got it right.

Yeah, I know. He had a “reliable source”.
thirst4truth is really ready to be oppressed, and be forced into violence.
Thank you, they have no idea what we believing Christians will do for our faith. I have thought for over 40 years of being a believing Christian that some day if the Lord were to tarry, I may have to be jailed or die for being a Christian. I do not believe in man made global warming, abortion or homosexual relations or marriage. I am a secular denier, yes!

I am ready, the unbelievers have no idea.
BeadCounter - Soros?
I don’t know about George Soros owned in this case, but it sounds plausible you could have this organization see this and say, telling firefox users to leave, no, too big of a risk, Daily Beast saying it? Still too big of a risk. The same owners of OKCupid own these two companies.

Then, they might say, maybe we’ll do it with OKCupid.
ROCKLOBSTER has the best idea ever:
Time to shame and shun gays/gay sympathisers and their business...Be sure to ridicule their demands you approve of the gay lifestyle

Start by refusing to use their "PC" propaganda terms:

Time to shame and shun faggots/rump ranger sympathizers and their business.

Be sure to ridicule their demands you approve of the gay lifestyle queer deathstyle.


  1. Queer Deathstyle is the best band name I've heard in a long, long fucking time.

    1. Either that, or it would be a swell name for a new typeface.

  2. Glad they're finally admitting their crazy theology trumps actual Constitutional provisions in their minds.

    1. Gotta love Freepers! While many fear Shaira law, only Freepers would want the Christian version!

    2. Jim Robbington IIIApril 10, 2014 at 11:34 AM

      When Freepers are confronted with that similarity they collectively respond, "...but our religion is the correct one!". Their failure to see the double irony is even more amusing!

  3. Even Jesus weeps when he sees his Armageddon army is going to be made up of fat old smokers who can't even walk a city block carrying a rifle and a bag of ammo without suffering heart palpitations.

    Being bitchy is the only offensive weaponry they have left, and they're not even very good at that.

    1. Evening Ay.

      I trust our Lord. Totally. Just wish the sod would speak clearer at times. He can be a touch on the quiet side.

      I am going to correct you, very slightly. The Lord knows his own, and a lot of the ones who feel self righteous are going to be left puzzled.

    2. Assuming he comes back as he does looks in paintings, not as a short middle eastern dude as he probably looked like

    3. Even Jesus weeps when he sees his Armageddon army is going to be made up of fat old smokers who can't even walk a city block carrying a rifle and a bag of ammo without suffering heart palpitations
      Will stick kick the asses of the metrosexual fags wimps the liberal men are comprised of today.

    4. anon1,
      I see you left off the part about "bitchy being the only offensive weapon they have left".

      You are the living example of conservatives having nothing but "bitchy" in their ammo bags anymore.